Casa mea b ntuit Aceasta casa nu e de vanzare Araminta Nalucila locuieste intr o minunata casa veche si bantuita insa imbufnata ei matusa Tabby vrea sa se mute Matusa Tabby e hotarata sa vanda casa Araminta trebuie n

  • Title: Casa mea bântuită
  • Author: Angie Sage
  • ISBN: 9731280295
  • Page: 105
  • Format: None
  • Aceasta casa nu e de vanzare.Araminta Nalucila locuieste intr o minunata casa veche si bantuita, insa imbufnata ei matusa Tabby vrea sa se mute Matusa Tabby e hotarata sa vanda casa Araminta trebuie neaparat sa o opreasca Cu ajutorul unei armuri bantuite pe nume Sir Horace, al unei fantome pe nume Edmund si dand dovada de multa imaginatie, Araminta urzeste un plan pentruAceasta casa nu e de vanzare.Araminta Nalucila locuieste intr o minunata casa veche si bantuita, insa imbufnata ei matusa Tabby vrea sa se mute Matusa Tabby e hotarata sa vanda casa Araminta trebuie neaparat sa o opreasca Cu ajutorul unei armuri bantuite pe nume Sir Horace, al unei fantome pe nume Edmund si dand dovada de multa imaginatie, Araminta urzeste un plan pentru o Ingrozitoare Ambuscada, un plan atat de groaznic, incat s ar putea sa functioneze

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      105 Angie Sage
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    1. Through the years, books for pre-teens have been missed by me. I read through a bunch of Hardy Boys when I was in kindergarten, and then I dove straight into mythology and the supernatural. I skipped the books that were meant for late grade school kids, and only now as a father am I really engaging with them. As a family, we've been focusing on the classic kids books -- like Pinnochio, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz etc. -- but Miloš & Brontë are starting to read bigger books, and we've been [...]

    2. Satu hal yang menakjubkan dari para penulis adalah mereka mampu menciptakan karya yang belum pernah kita—para pembaca—memikirkan tentang hal itu sebelumnya, kemudian membuat kita menepuk jidat sendiri sambil berkata, “Ah, sesederhana itu, kenapa tidak terpikirkan sejak dulu!” Sejakseri Septimus Heap, pengarang yang satu ini memang sudah memukau saya dengan caranya sendiri. Angie Sage menulis sebuah novel petualangan sihir yang hampir menyaingi (dan mungkin agak-agak mirip) ke-epik-an Har [...]

    3. A mildly entertaining little novel about precocious Araminta Spookie (love the name!) trying to save her beloved family mansion from being sold. In the process of setting up booby traps, she finds out that her house truly is haunted (hooray! she really hoped it was) and makes some new friends. But her tricks on prospective buyers don't quite go the way she had hopedI found parts of this quite humorous and fun, and while other parts grated on me just a bit. Even if Araminta learned her lesson in [...]

    4. Araminta Spooky spends her days looking for ghosts and secret passages. Until one day she learns that her aunt intends to sell the house without even consulting with Araminta and her uncle “Drac.” She then sets out on a mission to scare away any possible buyers by flinging green slimy gook on their heads, unleashing scary ghosts that make ghoulish screams throughout the house and the like. In the middle of her shenanigans she learns that her house is in fact haunted and she meets up with a r [...]

    5. This is the first book in the Araminta Spookie series by Angie Sage. I discovered this book at our local library and thought it might be a fun, spooky read for our oldest. She loved it and has read through the entire series very quickly. Now I'm just trying to catch up. The story is entertaining and fun, a little silly and an easy read. It tells of scary things, but in such a matter-of-fact manner, that they hardly seem scary at all. In fact, it's quite entertaining, in an Addams family kind of [...]

    6. buku cerita anak2 dr angie sage, yg sblmnya sdh bikin aku jatuh cinta berat pd seri septimus heap-nya. suka tokoh2nya yg msh seunik biasanya, settingnya yg aneh (aneh yg bagus), dan kisahnya yg. syerem syerem lutju ;)di sini, karakter utamanya, si araminta ini, anak kecil manis, penurut, dan tenang *youuu wishh* nooo. araminta ini tipe anak yg unik, selalu ingin tahu, dan parahnya lagi dia pengin punya hantu di rumah tuanya. masalahnya, rumah tua itu terlalu tua dan butuh uang perawatan yg terla [...]

    7. As much as the kidlets and I love the Septimus Heap series, I was surprised to find out that Angie Sage had another series I'd never heard of.It's quite a bit shorter and less complex than Magyk; it's an early chapter book geared toward younger children.The Addams family type characters fascinated my kids, and they thought it was pretty funny. This book (and The Sword in the Grotto) kept them mesmerized for nearly five hours during our road trip from Nevada to Oregon.It was fun to listen to, and [...]

    8. I really loved the artwork throughout this book. It was quirky, humorous and appropriate as well as creative for a chapter book.I have to reserve judgement on the story itself until I read the second installment because I finally warmed up and began to like the characters during the last chapter. Up to that point, the main character came off as bratty and the situations were too opportunistic. For example, she talks about wanting to see a ghost and in one day (after searching for years) she sees [...]

    9. This was a very fun middle grade book, maybe suitable for kids or those who want to celebrate Halloween but not be scared. I read this a few years ago and then saw it at the library yesterday so I decided to pick it up. I think that the main character Araminta is very funny and sarcastic, and her friends (the ghosts that haunt her house) make a great cast of interesting people/things. This series is in very short installments and I don't remember exactly but you might be able to read them at ran [...]

    10. Aku selalu ngiler buat baca seri Septimus Heap-nya Angie Sage, tapi tak pernah langsung menyentuh-membacanya. Tebel banget bukunya, hehehehe.Eh, ternyata ada juga buku fantasi anak-anak karya Angie yang tipis dan cukup menghiburrial Araminta ini. Bintang empat yang kuberikan ini, 2 untuk ceritanyadan 2 lagi khusus buat ilustrasinya. Fiuhhh.trasinya juara, deh! B.A.G.U.S. bangeth! Sumpah!

    11. My "Haunted House" is not a "scary story," but it does entertain you with the antics of Araminta, an orphaned girl living with her aunt and uncle in a huge, cobwebby house with lots of spiders and bats. Araminta doesn't want her aunt to sell the house and tries her best to frighten any prospective buyers. Its 5.0 reading level makes it a great read for the younger students. I'm anxious to read the next book in this Araminta Spookie series to see what she's up to in it.

    12. It's mediocre but at least my curiosity about this book is satisfied. Ceritanya sederhana, kalo ada beberapa hal yg saya bilang plothole, gimana ya Apa pekerjaan Paman Drac? Kalau rumah itu berhantu, kok Araminta baru ketemu Edmund si hantu setelah dia lama tinggal di sana. Sama seperti Paman Horace si baju zirah yg baru bicara setelah rumah Bibi Tabby mau dijual.Tapi sebagai bacaan ringan, gak papa.

    13. Araminta has her house put up for sale by her Aunt Tabitha but she hasn't acheived her ambition of finding a ghost in it, yet; can she stop the sale and proove that the house is haunted?Fun, funny and for youngsters, but nevermind - I enjoyed it, too!

    14. I do love me a haunted house. And I feel like Sage did a marvelous job creating a family that nods to the Addams and the Munsters, without immitating.

    15. Leitura gostosa e divertida. Amei acompanhar as peripécias da pequena Araminta e ver seu espírito aventureiro. <3

    16. Aramita Spookie bor i ett stort slottsliknande hus. Hon har ett sovrum för varje veckodag, en farbror Drac som sover upp och ner bland fladdermössen och en faster Tabby som ständigt bråkar med värmepannan.Samma dag som Aramita lär känna sitt första spöke har faster Tabby fått nog av värmepannan och bestämmer att huset ska säljas. Detta kan förstås inte Aramita gå med på, så tillsammans med det motvilliga spöket Edmund och den gamla rustningen sir Horace rustar de för att ta e [...]

    17. Some lovely touches in this. I found it entertaining, and I'm sure young readers will, too, but it was altogether more predictable than the excellent MAGYK series. Obviously aimed at younger readers and painted on a smaller canvas (the stakes are a proposed move from the castle), it nevertheless had some of the quirkiness I love in Sage's work.

    18. 3.5 stars. This is a cute story for kids about a young female, Araminta, not wanting to move out of her spooky house. Shenanigans ensue to keep the house before everything wraps up predictably well. It's a quick Halloween read, but nothing spectacular. Rips off a lot of other stories.

    19. Micro little story. I don't understand the "as told to Angie Sage" but it is a good little read. Children will enjoy the story, and it's only 1.5 hour audio. A cute little story of a girl that loves her little house. She discovers it is actually haunted.

    20. Enjoyed it! My 1st grade daughter enjoyed this story, both reading it to herself and having us read to her as well. 😁

    21. Каквото и да ви говорят, Хелоуин е празник за децата, не за кървави хорърчета с летящи като весели снежинки карантийки на пъпчиви тийнове, не за извънредно активиране на захарен колапс, не за аматьорско викане на Сатаната с помощта на кокоша кръв, изцедена от сурово пиле от [...]

    22. on a scale of one to five, i'd probably be stretching a bit to give this book a 2.5, but i'd still probably give it that, if only for the vibe that it tries (but fails) to put across. on a scale of what the stars mean when you hold the cursor over them, however, it gets two, just because "it was okay."it's the story of a young girl (araminta) who lives in a big, supposedly spooky house with her aunt (tabby) and her uncle (drac, who sleeps upside-down in a tower with bats during the day, though w [...]

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