This Shrinking World Book of book series years ago in a nameless world a prophecy passed unfulfilled A secret society that formed to prevent its occurrence believed it was their doing while the secret society c

  • Title: This Shrinking World
  • Author: H.L. Cherryholmes
  • ISBN: 9781500727840
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 of 9 book series 300 years ago, in a nameless world, a prophecy passed unfulfilled A secret society that formed to prevent its occurrence believed it was their doing, while the secret society created to ensure that the prophecy came to pass wasn t certain it had been stopped at all Eventually, along with the mythology of time prior to the great Lizard Queen s expBook 1 of 9 book series 300 years ago, in a nameless world, a prophecy passed unfulfilled A secret society that formed to prevent its occurrence believed it was their doing, while the secret society created to ensure that the prophecy came to pass wasn t certain it had been stopped at all Eventually, along with the mythology of time prior to the great Lizard Queen s expansion of this world, the prophecy of Lac runa fell into legend Split among three nations, nine ancient books hold the key to this world s creation but no one has the ability to read them And many have come to believe the world is shrinking The indications are there nations leaders falling ill, swamps drying, militaries gathering that is, if those signs are being interpreted correctly No one knows because the prophesied Lac runa, a female from another realm and the only being who can read the Lizard Queen s language, never arrived What they don t realize is that Amy Darlidale is just a tad late Taking a break from a stressful workweek, Amy, recently divorced CEO, drives out to her desert getaway While on a morning jog she crosses paths with an orange lizard and, on a whim, chases it into a field Suddenly, she finds herself under a starless sky confronted by oddly marked and strangely colored people who claim she s there to rescue the world from evil s grasp and expand it once again But not everyone wants that to happen so there s a price on her head This is far from the relaxing weekend Amy had intended.

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    • Unlimited [Cookbooks Book] Æ This Shrinking World - by H.L. Cherryholmes ✓
      266 H.L. Cherryholmes
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    One thought on “This Shrinking World”

    1. Note: This work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Also, this is the abbreviated review--full one can be found on The Review Board website.I liked the dedication the author gave to the building of the world and the presentation of the characters. I even like the funny interactions between the main character Amy and the two steadfast traveling companions Licha and Jandro. I cannot take too much away from the syntax or the storytelling air of the author.However, while rea [...]

    2. From jbgarner58.wordpress:Some literary cooks delight in the art of recipe-making. They are filled with the passion for creating entirely new literary worlds, whipping up brand-new recipes, and painstakingly picking out and detailing every ingredient of that new recipe. It can turn into a wondrous meal, filled with startling new flavors, or turn into a mushy, half-baked mess with some ingredients over-used and others half-baked. This Shrinking World is the first of nine books in a series dedicat [...]

    3. Reviewed on behalf of The Review Board by Harmony Kent.I received a free PDF copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Amy is a nearly-forty-year-old, recently divorced CEO looking for a quick weekend break. What with impossibly-orange lizards running through her office, and a mysterious golden bangle turning up out of nowhere, not to mention her waking up beneath a starless yet clear night sky after going out for a morning jog, a quiet weekend looks set to be the last thing that our h [...]

    4. This Shrinking World introduces the reader to an intriguing new world, one with a rather unique connection to our own. Amy, a successful CEO on the eve of her 40th birthday, has been seeing and experiencing some odd things and not all of them are in her head. Sure, perhaps the shadowy figure in her room could be from that place between waking and dreaming, but what about the orange lizard that scampers across her office and elsewhere? Those might be in her head, but her assistant had no trouble [...]

    5. I almost loved this book. The first part, when Amy wakes up in another world is fascinating. The discovery of this new place is quite interesting too.What bothered me two things, which ae closely related.From the middle of the book til the end, they go on a quest to find more about the prophecy. The problem is that except them walking, eating, washing themselves, etc, nothing much happens and it sadly gets to be boring.Then you finish the book, and you have not learned anything new. You -or I ho [...]

    6. I was “supposed” to write a review of the entire volume one for this post, but this review is just for book one, This Shrinking World. You see, I thought this was going to be a trilogy but each volume has three full books included… not novellas, but full length, regular sized novels. Fine, I’m a great speed reader. I can handle it, right? Nope. The problem is that these books are good. I wanted to really delve into it and not just skim. So, I only ended up finishing one by the deadline! [...]

    7. A great start to an intriguing and complex saga. The book introduces an entire world, which is detailed and rich. It promises more to be revealed in future books in the 9-book series. There's a story within a story, a unique philosophy, and a mysterious prophecy. Our world is clearly connected to this other world (is it the past? future? another dimension?) but how and why is unknown yet. A mystery I want to keep reading to solve.

    8. The best part of This Shrinking World is the world-building. It's just great. It's wonderful to encounter high fantasy that's not just another medieval England Tolkien clone, and there are tantalizing hints dropped throughout of a deeper mystery going on. The only downside is that this is nearly all setup. If this were a standalone, I might be mad, but as the keystone to a 9 book series? I'm definitely coming back for the rest.

    9. I always finish a book once I start reading, but this is not going to be one of those books I finish. Got my reasons. I read some of the other reviews and it seems the book is a 4 to 5 star. Not for me, I'm sorry. I'll be kind and give it a 2 star.

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