La biblioteca secreta Murakami construye a trav s de su habitual estilo una historia sutil acompa ada por las turbadoras ilustraciones de Kat Menschik El muchacho en apariencia solo quiere devolver dos libros y rebuscar

  • Title: La biblioteca secreta
  • Author: Haruki Murakami Kat Menschik Lourdes Porta
  • ISBN: 9788494291807
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murakami construye a trav s de su habitual estilo una historia sutil acompa ada por las turbadoras ilustraciones de Kat Menschik El muchacho, en apariencia, solo quiere devolver dos libros y rebuscar un poco entre las estanter as Pero en la sala de lectura se topa con el extra o bibliotecario, un anciano furibundo que lo introduce en el laberinto de la biblioteca y all ,Murakami construye a trav s de su habitual estilo una historia sutil acompa ada por las turbadoras ilustraciones de Kat Menschik El muchacho, en apariencia, solo quiere devolver dos libros y rebuscar un poco entre las estanter as Pero en la sala de lectura se topa con el extra o bibliotecario, un anciano furibundo que lo introduce en el laberinto de la biblioteca y all , lo encierra Una pesadilla kafkiana y al mismo tiempo una sensible historia sobre la p rdida y la soledad.

    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ☆ La biblioteca secreta - by Haruki Murakami Kat Menschik Lourdes Porta ë
      212 Haruki Murakami Kat Menschik Lourdes Porta
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ☆ La biblioteca secreta - by Haruki Murakami Kat Menschik Lourdes Porta ë
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    1. لا لا لا✖ كلمة قصيرة لابد ان تهتف بها في وقتها و مكانها لا"لقد فقدت حذائي. .و لن أتمكن من رؤية امي مجددا "وكم تختلط اولويتنا عند وقوعنا في فخ لا فكاك منهقصة خياليةساخرةرمزيةمجنونة عن تلك المباني الحبيبة الماضية في طريق الانقراض المكتبات📚هل ترقد كل مخاوفنا تحت احب الأماكن إلى [...]

    2. في عدد من الصفحات لا يتخطّي الثلاثين، يلخص موراكامي اسوأ كوابيس القراء و يضعها حيز التنفيذماذا إن كان عشقك قاتِلك؟ماذا إن فُرضت عليك القراءة فرضًا و صار إتقانك لما تقرأه سبيلًا لنجاتك؟ماذا إن وجدت نفسك -بعد زيارة اعتيادية للمكتبة- مُحتجزًا تحت إمرة عجوز رهيب مختل يطلب منك أ [...]

    3. A rich and delicious snack that defies categorisation.It has elements of Kafka, Borges, Roald Dahl, Hillaire Belloc and Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, with a dash of Orwell (but one digit out). It looks like a beautifully designed and illustrated children's book, though it's rather dark for small children, and YA feels wrong as well. I think it's a book for adults who like slightly sinister tales and want to recapture a taste of the frisson of fear they relished when young.StoryThe story is a fairly s [...]

    4. ‘Why did something like this have to happen to me? All I did was go to the library to borrow some books.’Haruki Murakami has a fascinating ability to break open the natural world and let loose all the magic that we hope and suspect is lurking right under the surface. The Strange Library is a cause for celebration in the Murakami ouveur, even just for the simple fact that its existence signals that the well-respected novelist has achieved a superstar status in the world of reading; even more [...]

    5. لكل عشاق الكتبهذه قصة ستمنحكم الكوابيس‎-------------------هذه هي اللعبةمكتبة أم متاهة أم سجن؟أنت كعاشق كتب ‏تتوقع قصة تكمن غرابتها في بديع الأشياء التي ‏ولابد سيصادفها بطل القصةتتوقع جنيات خرافية تملأ الأركان وحراسا لمكتبة الكون ‏يؤدون التحية للقراءمهلا مهلاموراكامي يكتب الوا [...]

    6. Like a blind dolphin, the night of the new moon silently drew nearIS WAS SO WEIRD. BUT I REALLY LIKED IT. This was my first time reading Murakami, and I'm definitely interested in reading more of his works.

    7. Hmmmmmmm.My first Haruki Murakami story turned out to be a really dark and weird reading experience, but the more I think about it, perhaps I do get it.I think a grown man (see shoe illustration) is reliving a sad childhood memory.I think the setting in the bowels of THE STRANGE LIBRARY represents loneliness.I think the nasty ogre with scary eyes means to show us fear.I think the starling represents worry and loss.I think the sheep brings memories of kindness that absorb pain, andI think the bea [...]

    8. "The Strange Library" is the collector's keepsake to add to the library of every Haruki Murakami fan, and a delightful gift to a reader who can appreciate a well-told imaginative short story in a creatively packaged edition.When translation of "The Strange Library" was announced with a release of just mere months after his most recent novel, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, it was like Christmas came early for me. As with most Chip Kidd-designed Murakami covers, "The Strange [...]

    9. This time (unlike the last) the call came in the morning while I was eating a banana. Christmas breaks were over, my partner was back at work and I still had a month before I had to teach again. "Happy New Year Brendon", came the distinctive voice."And to you Moriko", I replied."Oh Brendon, you remembered. I am Moriko. It means 'child of the forest'.""Moriko I haven't even taken 'The Strange Library' out of it's plastic cover yet. Your research skills are still good, but your timing seems to be [...]

    10. Fushigi na toshokan = The strange library, Haruki Murakami تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و یکم ماه سپتامبر سال 2014 میلادیعنوان: کتابخانه عجیب؛ هاروکی موراکامی؛ مترجم: بهرنگ رجبی؛ تهران، نشر چشمه، 1393؛ 90 ص؛ مصور؛ شابک: 9786002294609؛ عنوان: کتابخانه عجیب؛ هاروکی موراکامی؛ مترجم: مهدی غبرایی؛ تهران، کتاب نشر نیکا، 139 [...]

    11. الكتب دى هتاكل لك دماغكالواد فلان الكتب بوظت دماغهشوفتى البنت دى قلعت الحجاب و فسخت خطوبتها بعد ما قرأت كام كتاب بوظولها مخهادائما أمى تقلق على و أنا أقرأ و تناشدنى أن أرحم عينى و كأنى أعذبهما لا أمتعهما بينما لا تقلق على بتاتا و أنا ألعب أو و أنا نائمثم و فى المساء التالى أيض [...]

    12. Es justo el tipo de historia que precisaba leer. Me encantó, un clima completamente siniestro y perturbador, y lo remata con un sórdido final. Les comparto mi video-reseña más completa: youtube/watch?v=fEgY0

    13. And ever since I was little my mother had told me, if you don’t know something, go to the library and look it up. OK! That’s sound advice. I should know: I once had four different library cards in my pocket, before I even heard of these things called internet and cable television. But this is Japan (have you seen those super weird game shows they love so much?) and this is a Murakami short story, so a library visit can take you to unexpected and bizarre (dark) places.A young boy interested i [...]

    14. I just did not get what this book is all about. Is this a children's book? Is this to scare children to go to libraries to read? Is this something like Antoine de St. Exupery's The Little Prince? However, I cannot think of any hidden message of the book. While reading, I was waiting for any of the characters to utter endearing lines like those spoken by the Little Prince or the fox in St. Exupery's classic. None.The only good thing about this book is its unique and attractive look. The cover has [...]

    15. أقسم أن قراءة تلك القصة القصيرة _ المتناهية الصغر _ كافية لجعل هؤلاء الصغار بل والكبار يفرون هربًا من أمام المكتبات ويرتعدون لمجرد ذكرهاقراءات الأطفال من أكثر القراءات التي يجب أن تكون على درجة عالية من الانتقائية ذلك أن كل ما يقرؤه يشكل وعيهم ويؤثر في لاوعيهم ونفسيتهمأن تقد [...]

    16. قصة مجنونة بقلم موراكاميحتى المكتبة في عالم موراكامي تبدو ضرباً من الجنون واللامعقول ،هنا حيث حافة الهاوية الضبابية بين الواقع وبين الهبوط نحو الخيال الترجمة كانت سيئة للأسف، لم تُعط للقصة حقها

    17. A very odd little book. What to make of it? I'm not really sure. Is it really about a library? Somehow I doubt it as Murakami is never "about" any single thing. A young boy goes to the library after school looking for specific books (on Turkish tax codes of all things). The librarian offers to find them but then the strangeness begins. There are so many conditions to reading the books that life itself is imperiled. Is this a fable of childhood fears? A fable of fears of institutions with strange [...]

    18. This illustrated "storybook" seems a gift to Murakami fans who may have been disappointed by the realism of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki. Weird and wonderful, it reads something like Hansel & Gretel Get Trapped in The Black Lodge from David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Don't expect a novel or even a novella here though. It's definitely a short story and it can be read in an hour. But what a fun hour! Very "condensed soup Murakami", it's chock full of his trademark surrealism (an underground world, a Jung [...]

    19. عندما تتحول زيارة المكتبة إلى عالمٍ سحري كامل ، وتصبح الأفكار والصور والمخاوف والمصاعب أشخاص ، تتحدث وتنصح وتساعد وتصارع قصة قصيرة لهاروكي موراكامي ،فيها رمزية قويّة جداً وترجمة جيدة فتى صغير ، يذهب إلى المكتبة ليستعير بعض الكتب ، يقابله الرجل العجوز ويعطيه 3 كتب عن جامعي ا [...]

    20. "منذ أن كنت صغيرًا كانت أمي تقول لي، عندما تجهل شيئًا ما اذهب للمكتبة وابحث عنه"يا إلهي هذه قصة الرعب الثانية التي اقرؤها عن المكتبات، بعد قصة "شرطي المكتبة" لستيڤن كينج! والآن عرفت لما لا أحب أمناء المكتبات، لطالما كانوا أناس أشرار في نظري، لا يحبون مساعدة أحد، ولا إعارة الكت [...]

    21. Such an unusual story and presentation. I'd say this is one for fans of Neil Gaiman's work, because it's just enough dark oddness to make you uncomfortable, but with a bit of magic in there too.Dropping in to the library on a whim to find something out on his way home from school, our main character is led to the depths of the dungeon where he's held captive, along with some very usual people. The presentation adds a whole lot to the experience here, with illustrations and reproductions of old b [...]

    22. قصة قصيرة جميييلة مليئة بالرموز تخليك تفكر فيها طول الوقت عشان تفهم المعنى و الفكرة اللي يبغى يوصلها لك الكاتب العبقري هوراكي موراكي

    23. The Garden of Forking CorridorsI had just finished "The Garden of Forking Paths". I was about to start some Kafka, but I wandered into a $10 bookshop to see if there was anything that I could read in between. I looked at the front table. Nothing. Inside I wondered about a book about Heidegger. I went back to it twice, but decided I had enough Heidegger for the moment. I resolved to be virtuous and save my money for another occasion. I had one last look at the front table on the way out, and ther [...]

    24. هذا النص من أكثر النصوص المحيرة التي قرأتها في حياتي لموراكامي نكهته الخالصة وخاصة في قصصه القصيرة التي اكتشفتها مؤخرا والتي أحببتها كثيرا ، وكنت في المكتبة الغريبة لموراكامي حيث دخلت في تلك المتاهة الغريب أن المتاهة هي مكتبة ، مكتبة أصبحت سجنا لولد صغير وعلى الرغم من أن ال [...]

    25. "Indulgent" is the word that critics will use to describe The Strange Library, no doubt. Some readers have expressed their thought that Murakami is now famous enough that he can do whatever the heck he pleases (a'la Peter Jackson's mauling interpretation of The Hobbit), spurning the marketplace and readers who might enjoy his more carefully-crafted fictions.I say "do as you please, Murakami". But I've been accused of being self-indulgent in my own writing, at times, too.If you don't like what Mu [...]

    26. رغم صفحاتها التي لا تتعدى 30 الا انها من اروع القصص القصيرة التي قراءتها

    27. دعني أخبرك: إن ما ستقرؤه الآن هي وجهة نظر لا أكثر:القصة هي عن طفل مراهق يدخل مكتبة عامة لاستعارة كتب عن تاريخ الضرائب في الدولة العثمانية!!! ويواجه في المكتبة عالم خيالي غريب يتكون من رجل عجوز قبيح متسلط يريد أكل دماغ الطفل يساعده رجل وديع يرتدي ملابس خروف وفتاة رقيقة خرساءمور [...]

    28. Aynı anda hem çok müsrif hem de çok tutumlu olabiliyor Murakami. Koca koca romanlarından alışageldiğimiz, artık ona mal olmuş imgeleriyle dolu 'özel' bir dünyası var. Bunu her kitabında görmek mümkün. Bu kısacık öyküde de, herkese farklı tesir edecek ne olduğu belli olmayan bir şeyler dans ediyor. Hikaye yazardan çıkıyor, özgürlüğünü ilan ediyor; zira belki yazarda bir bilinçsizlik haliyle yazıyor. Okuması keyifli bir öyküydü ama nereye koydum/koyarım bilm [...]

    29. This felt really pointless to me. As several other reviewers have commented, it seems like a children's book, and the assumption that it is in fact intended for kids is the only reason my rating isn't one star. A pleasantly sinister set-up about a boy being trapped in a labyrinth beneath a library soon descends into a daft, random story with no satisfying conclusion and no explanation. The illustrations are more artistic touches than images that actually illuminate the story - they look like the [...]

    30. Loved this book. This is the reason that I read Murakami, for all the strange things like how a boy's typical simple trip into the local library turns out into a strange prison that he cannot escape.

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