Gateway Tyler Stone has always been a loyal soldier a good soldier for the Xen Empire and based upon recent events in his life it seems as though the world in which he s always lived has finally started to

  • Title: Gateway
  • Author: BrianDorsey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tyler Stone has always been a loyal soldier, a good soldier, for the Xen Empire and based upon recent events in his life it seems as though the world in which he s always lived has finally started to pay him back A promotion, an engagement to a beautiful and powerful woman, and the restoration of his family s honor But this newfound prestige comes with a price, and StoTyler Stone has always been a loyal soldier, a good soldier, for the Xen Empire and based upon recent events in his life it seems as though the world in which he s always lived has finally started to pay him back A promotion, an engagement to a beautiful and powerful woman, and the restoration of his family s honor But this newfound prestige comes with a price, and Stone is soon ordered to carry out a fool s mission by a commander who is unfit to lead Amidst the decimation of his battalion, his eyes are opened to the truth via a most unlikely source, a woman, from the same people who are his sworn enemies As he struggles to understand the nature of the war his home planet has been waging for so many generations, Stone must accept that his fate is his responsibility alone He is willing to die for his country is he willing to kill for it too

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    • Best Read [BrianDorsey] ✓ Gateway || [Children's Book] PDF ✓
      121 BrianDorsey
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    One thought on “Gateway”

    1. Very impressive first book in a new science fiction series. Not specifically space opera and not necessarily pure military scifi, I have read that Mr. Dorsey refers to it as military space opera. This is a perfect description. Gritty and real, Brian is able to bring a sense of realism to his story, I'm sure due to the fact that he is a Navy veteran and has "been there and done that".I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more!

    2. Brian Dorsey is a new author of excellent space opera. His hero, a member of the nobility, and the heroine, not a member of the First Families nobility, are elite soldiers in long war. Each has to face problems of class (and gender, too, for Lt. Emily Martine) which staying alive. Dorsey writes ferocious hand to hand combat, tactics and small battle scenes. Why I marked it down a star is my perception that he could do more with character development. However, I've read a successor book by the ti [...]

    3. Nice start to what promises to be an excellent space opera story. This one features three women playing leading roles, (two action-happening women and the third is excellent at making men do her deeds for her), along with a male protagonist and a few characters of other species. Book 1 resolves the main plot put forth, while setting up possible future plots, so no cliff-hanger.

    4. Great book! After reading a couple of chapters you begin to believe you know the characters and world yourself. I recommend you start reading during the weekend, because Gateway is hard to put down -- you will want to stay up past your normal bedtime to read "just one more chapter."

    5. Excellent read. I really enjoyed the ground warfare and the political subterfuge in this book. Everything has been set up perfectly for the second book. Definitely worth the read, for anyone on the fence.

    6. I downloaded "Gateway" completely on a whim. I love military sci-fi and am always looking for new books in the genre. This book popped up on a list of recommendations and I thought the blurb sounded fascinating, so I figured "why not?" I'm so glad I took that chance. This is easily one of the best books I've read in the genre fact, I'd even say it's the best book I've read in a while. It succeeds in all aspects and provides an entertaining, satisfying reading experience. Spoilers follow.Tyler St [...]

    7. Really, Really Wanted to Like, But Couldn't"Gateway," is an eBook I really, really wanted to like. It's military SciFi, written by a vet, and has a heart wrenching dedication. Sadly, the eBook just didn't meet any basic expectations of entertainment.The storyline slogged through, until I bailed-DNF at 15%-is about a far future human, stilted, suffocating, aristocratic empire modeled on the Roman Empire, about to resume a war, after an uneasy peace treaty with an adjoining human civilization. The [...]

    8. I was not so keen at the start of the book. I thought it was a bit Romans in Space, and the female characters annoyed me. Why are all three of the female characters stunningly beautiful? And why does the woman in the military have a trademark ponytail when that would make her vulnerable while fighting? But by halfway through, I was gripped by the plot, and really wanted to know what happened next. Tyler Stone and the female characters develop and become more interesting and complex. Tyler finds [...]

    9. I loved the military part of this story as well as the characters. There was an interesting balance between earned rank and privilege due to family status. The main protagonist had to navigate both these realms and it was interesting to see how the story unfolded and which way the character would lean when these two worlds conflicted. By the end of the book there was quite an interesting array of secondary characters that I can't wait to read more about in subsequent books. I am especially eager [...]

    10. It's nice to see a great author take the framework for a good story and breath life into realistic characters in a way that makes it a great read. The deeper you go the more engrossed you become in the heroes you love and the antagonists you hate. I hope to get more insight into the Terillians in future books. Well thought out and well written!

    11. Great Book! The combination of Political and Military is spot on. Brian does a great job developing interesting characters that draw you in and make you want to know more. The universe that he made is large and complex, it draws you in, but is not so hard to follow that it detracts from the story. I am excited for the next book!

    12. This book caught my attention from the beginning, the more I read the harder it became to set the book down. As I read the book, the story came alive as if I was watching a movie. Now I'm wait for the second book.

    13. Dorsey does an incredible job of transporting us to this world he has created. The characters are developed in a very realistic way and you will find yourself drawn into the atmosphere of the story that Dorsey unfolds. You will NOT be disappointed!!!!

    14. I think this is an excellent first novel. I enjoy the political versus military struggle. You quickly become attached to Tyler Stone and his internal fight. I am looking forward to the sequel!

    15. Enjoyed this one. It's a military, space, sci-fi novel packed with action and intriguing characters. Thanks for the copy, Brian!

    16. InterestingBut not finished. I wonder what will happen to the so-called traitor and his whore but we can suspect. Only the next book will tell.

    17. Gateway was a fun read. Character and world development were decent. I'm sorry, but the editing was annoying. I noticed numerous typos and errors throughout the book. So many in fact that I actually became angry. Angry because the story premise was interesting, but chock full of mistakes which made reading difficult. I put the book aside twice for a few days each time because I was so annoyed. I guess if you don't mind (or don't even notice) all the errors, it's a good book.

    18. A good start to a new seriesA good plot with some solid character development. Could do with a wee bit more proofreading, there were some obvious grammatical moments. That being said, it was a good read.

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