The Fly There s never a dull moment in this funny beautifully illustrated tale depicting a pesky fly in a whole new light The housefly in this story doesn t understand why people won t share their food with

  • Title: The Fly
  • Author: Petr Horáček
  • ISBN: 9780763674809
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s never a dull moment in this funny, beautifully illustrated tale depicting a pesky fly in a whole new light.The housefly in this story doesn t understand why people won t share their food with him or play with him and why do they keep trying to give him a swat He s not doing any harm In a clever, interactive novelty book buzzing with fun, Petr Hor cek may maThere s never a dull moment in this funny, beautifully illustrated tale depicting a pesky fly in a whole new light.The housefly in this story doesn t understand why people won t share their food with him or play with him and why do they keep trying to give him a swat He s not doing any harm In a clever, interactive novelty book buzzing with fun, Petr Hor cek may make readers reluctant to turn the final page.

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ The Fly | by ☆ Petr Horáček
      312 Petr Horáček
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ↠ The Fly | by ☆ Petr Horáček
      Posted by:Petr Horáček
      Published :2018-07-22T10:47:18+00:00

    One thought on “The Fly”

    1. Bright, bold, close up in your face illustrations of the pesky fly and places where he is found doing his activities. For example doing his exercises buzzing around one of your light fixtures. The illustrations of the cows swishing their tails to chase the flies away and I could even hear swooshing sound of the cows tails. Then there is the fly swatter. Spot on look at the pesky fly and how it is just living its life.

    2. A look at the life of a common house fly. The fly speaks to readers as it tries to avoid the flyswatter. The humor is played up as much as possible and the die-cut flyswatters make this an interactive read.Mixed media illustrations. PreK-2.

    3. This fantastic picture book about a fly, has wonderful illustrations! The fly tells you about his day, and wonders why people don't like him. "Before lunch I always visit the cows. I think they smell lovely." Young children will enjoy the fly's eye view of the world.

    4. I really don't like flies, however, this book is great! Finally, the fly's side of the story. I still have no compassion for the little buggers, but I can appreciate that they also have a right to exist.

    5. 2* art5* story/conceptHilarious. Squirt loved the flaps and wanted to read the book over and over. Poor fly - why does everybody hate him?

    6. June 2017 - Ben has been interested in/bothered by insects lately, and particularly liked squashing the fly at the end (plus the spread from the fly's point of view, with the boy upside down).

    7. See the world from the perspective of a fly! Clever and interactive art work well with the humorous text and will make it popular with the preschoolers.

    8. This is a pretty fun book for a story time. Fly-swatter flaps add a fun element to the story, which is told from the p.o.v of a housefly.A splatty-good ending!

    9. Flies are simple creatures who just want to eat, exercise and visit their favorite animals the cows. To a fly, a cow smells lovely. In this interesting tale readers get to see a fly from his very own perspective. He buzzes around a favorite light 156 times to get his exercise. This fly has an agenda. He doesn’t seem to understand why a little boy, the occupant of the house, wants to swat him with his giant blue swatter. Also on the flies agenda is having his meals on time. But of course, that [...]

    10. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumNo one wants to share Fly's food with him. Or play with him. And why do they keep trying to swat him away? He's not doing anything but being a fly.A clever little book concerning the life of an innocent fly, kids might think twice about pulling out the fly swatter. Then again, maybe not.The most intriguing part of this book is in its construction, with cutout pages in the shapes of fly swatters. Perhaps it is because I am in book productionr mind, i [...]

    11. This clever new picture book raises the lowly housefly to great heights. After reading “The Fly,” by Petr Horáček, and hearing what life is like from a fly’s point of view, folks might think twice about flattening them.“Two googly eyes, six hairy legs, two transparent wings…It’s ME! The housefly. But people don’t like me being in the house.”The fly’s archenemy is a red-haired boy, determined to squash the intruder with the “Flap” of a blue swatter. Eventually, the unwelco [...]

    12. Sure to evoke some sympathy for those pesky houseflies that plague us all, this picture book follows one housefly as he goes about his day. No matter where it lands, someone is sure to try to get rid of him. The mixed media illustrations show one determined youngster trying to swat that fly. The book's designer has cleverly cutaways on various pages to highlight the flyswatter, and some of the pages play with perspective, with up close views of the flyswatter and one page even showing the fly's [...]

    13. A housefly introduces himself and talks about his day, and how he spends his time flying laps around a lamp to keep fit, avoiding being eaten by animals, and dodging flyswatters. The books abounds with bright mixed-media illustrations, including several pages that cleverly serve as a flip-the-flap fly swatter, this will be a sure hit with the preschool crowd. There is even a funny surprise at the end SLAM!

    14. Yep, I'll be building an insect-themed storytime with this one (along with Sergio Ruzzier's great Bear and Bee). A little fly just can't understand why people and animals don't want him around. There are two pages cut to resemble swatters, so readers get to swat the fly (but miss--until you close the book on him). Favorite bit: "After breakfast, I do my exercises--156 times around the lamp keeps me fit." Heh.

    15. The narrator in The Fly looks more realistic and tells the reader more facts than Astrid, and he just can’t understand why no one likes him. A fly swatter misses him a couple times, until he shouts to the reader, “HEY, don’t close the book… HELP… HELP…”Original post on mackinbooksinbloom/2015/04

    16. The poor housefly! He is so misunderstood and disliked by all. Everywhere he goes people try to swat him, animals try to swallow him, and all he wants is a little lunch and to do his exercises around the ceiling lamp. This whimsical story is told from the point of view of the fly, and includes some fun fly swatter cut-outs to have fun with. You’ll never look at a fly the same way again!

    17. The pictures really make this book. The story is a somewhat forgettable "no one understands me!" POV from the fly. But he's a fly, so I don't feel too bad for him.But the illustrations are terrific! From the fly on the ceiling looking "up" at the boy, to the cows, to the clever THWAPs of the ever-present flyswatter, the book just stays cute and fun!

    18. No one wants a fly around. People try to hit him with a swatter, the cows swat him with their tails, and both the frog and the bird tried to eat him. The fly swatter in the book flaps as the pages are turned. And in the end even the reader closes the cover and squashes the fly.julianaleewriter/books-ali

    19. An informative story about life from a fly's perspective, punctuated with 'FLAP' as the fly swatter comes down! Loved the fly's panic as the book is about to close on him. This could be an interesting read aloud with a fly swatter prop, plenty of exaggeration and a great pairing with the song 'Shoo fly, don't bother me'!

    20. This mixed media picturebook is fun, and the flyswatter cut-ou pages are very effective. However, flies are ugly creatures and really, I can't feel anything for them, so when you close the book at the end, I cackle in glee, which is probably not the best way to read this to a storytime group.

    21. Actually made me feel a little bit of sympathy towards flies, annoying buggers that they are. I love the style of the illustrations, which include a couple of well-placed lift-the-flaps, but the story didn't do much for me.

    22. I don't think I can ever truly love a fly, but this book might make me empathize a bit more!Humorous look at life through the perspective of a housefly.Clever cut pages add an element of fun to the reading.

    23. Great, now I'm going to feel guilty swatting a fly! Love the humorous illustrations and text. "After breakfast, I do my exercises -- 156 times around the lamp keeps me fit." and "Before lunch, I always visit the cows. I think they smell lovely."

    24. Get a new perspective on the day - follow the view of . . . a fly!Humor, bugs, good for older toddler/preschool, sound effects. May not translate well to a large group read-aloud given the size of the fly, though the story would probably work well

    25. It is tough being a fly, especially when humans always want to flap you with a fly swatter. This fun book shows a day in the life of a fly. The interactive flapping of the swatter makes this book fun for all readers.Reviewer 5

    26. Loved this little story of a day in the life of a flyld through his perspective down to the upside down page because he is on the ceiling! The die cut fly swatted adds some "action" to the story. Going to share this with my fly loving grandson!

    27. Told from the fly's perspective. He can't understand why people and cows dislike him so much they keep swatting at him or why frogs and birds want to eat him. He's just a "simple creature" not wanting to harm anyone. A few fun flap pages with the flyswatter.

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