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  • Title: Новые Люди Икс: "В" значит вымирание
  • Author: Grant Morrison Frank Quitely
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Best Read [Grant Morrison Frank Quitely] ✓ Новые Люди Икс: "В" значит вымирание || [Graphic Novels Book] PDF ☆
      218 Grant Morrison Frank Quitely
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    1. Morrison gets credit for three things: finally committing mutant genocide as X-Men plots are always threatening, in volume 1 no less; not using Magneto; giving Charles Xavier the balls to kill. Frank Quitely is awesome. I love his stuff, but why does everyone look Asian? Seriously. The character design is a bitoff. Wolverine is really husky. And Beast is very feline and Victorian. Basically Beauty and the Beast. Professor X looks like, I dunno, a Bond villain. The plot revolves around Cassandra [...]

    2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The New X-Men: E is for Extinction was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely with Leinil Francis Yu and Ethan Van Sciver helping out. When I picked this one up back in 2002, I was an old time X-Men fan; one who had cut his teeth on mutant madness during the twilight days of Claremont and Byrne’s famous run on the title, retained my fandom for years even with Claremont’s ever more convoluted plots and glorified in the tremendous [...]

    3. This is the beginning of Grant Morrison's reboot of the X-Men, released in 2001. I have never read the original comics (but have seen all the movies and love them). I know some of what happened in the older comics and this is all brand new. Morrison kills sixteen million mutants in like the third issue. So he's pretty much kicking continuity's ass.The villain in this one is Professor X's twin sister, separated at birth. Jean Grey and Cyclops are here, along with Wolverine, Dr. McCoy, and Emma Fr [...]

    4. 3,5 / 5Este primer volumen de los 8 que componen el coleccionable de la etapa se trata una historia divida en tres números, a la que se suma el New X-Men Annual #1 USA acompañados por una interesante introducción de Julián M.Clemente y rematando con el Manifiesto Morrison sobre donde quería llevar a la franquicia, la cual al parecer venia de una época con malas ventas.El volumen nos narra como una bióloga y un dentista viajan a Sudamérica para hacerse con una nueva tecnología con la que [...]

    5. I usually like Grant Morrison's writing, but I wasn't crazy about this. The story didn't flow well, a lot of the time it felt like events just happened haphazardly and randomly. The pacing was strange, too-- in the first chapter, Cassandra Nova monologues about her various evil schemes for like fifteen pages, and then the destruction of an entire country takes one page. Then everyone is kind of like, "well, that happened, let's do something else now." It may very well be that story seems disjoin [...]

    6. Book Info: This collection contains New X-Menissues #114-117.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>I'm sure most serious comic book fans will view E is for Extinction as at least a decent X-Men story for a few pretty obvious reasons. Most notably, it sets the groundwork for certain defining moments that will shape the face of the X-Men and all of mutantkind well into the future. (I know this because most of the X-Men I've read was written after this, and what happens [...]

    7. 3.5 starsOk, so i wanted to start reading the x-men books. I don't wanna read the old and boring stories with boring art i want something more modern Of course i already saw the movies, watch some episodes of the animated tv show, saw a lot of videos about the x-men and also read a lot of things in the internet. I even read some random books of the x-men, so im pretty familiar with the characters and some plots.After a long and intense search i finally made a list of titles to read! So i decided [...]

    8. Meh. I really like the X-men, but I'm afraid this story just didn't do it for me.For one it didn't make a lot of sense with the main protagonist having been around for as long as Professor X, and being as powerful, but never having been heard of before. This is especially true considering the Cerebro and Cerebra mutant detection machines that the X-Men have been using ever since the beginning to detect mutants.There were also a few cheap gimmicks which I thought cheapened the story such as the c [...]

    9. Pretty good! So I have had this for a while but kept putting it down because of Morrison; don't get me wrong the guy writes good stuff but some of his other stuff can give you a serious mental health injury I like to call Morrisoneitas! But luckily this one was Morrisoneitas free! So this one's plot is pretty straight forward there's some really powerful old lady who's causing havoc and the X-men have to stop her, this old lady is trying to rebirth The Sentinel's. The story was short and sweet, [...]

    10. Good butThe cosmic vision of Grant Morrison and the X-men, and Morrison does not pull his normal meta-narrative tricks, so why the low rating. Conceptually,Morrison is doing a lot with X-men but his characterization seems, well, off in ways even Whedon or Bendis or even some of the 90s edgier-than-thou X-books don't feel. Morrison doesn't seem to fully inhabit the characters although he does interesting things with them. We will see where he takes this.

    11. 2 Stars.Aw, man. I really didn't like this story.Interesting ideas with a really bad execution, strange pacing and scenes that felt disjointed and confusing. This volume is the first one in Grant Morrison's reboot. Published in 2001, E is for Extinction collects New X-Men #114-#117 and New X-men Annual.This trade introduces Cassandra Nova, the main powerful villain. At the beginning of the volume, we have her parallel story where she talks about humanity's evolution and how the way to assure the [...]

    12. Not Grant Morrison's best work, but the flaws, I think, are somewhat i nherent in a)the fact that he's been saddled with an awful lot of continuity to make sense of, and b)the fact that he's been saddled with artist's who lack the ability to read into his scripts the necessary movement and pacing. While I haven't read it, I think this is what slowed up Batman R.I.P.Leinel Yu illsutrates the New X-men Annual contained within this book, and the story is a trainwreck. Morrison's wild ideas are give [...]

    13. Been quite awhile since I've read an older X-Men comic that wasn't something I had already read before. Nevertheless, with Grant Morrison coming onto the title (and a friend having copies I could borrow) I thought this might be a good place to start in the era of X that I had skipped.(SPOILERS) Cassandra Nova, a woman who looks A LOT like Xavier, has fired up a Master Mold plant and builds new Sentinels that go and exterminate the lives of more than 16 million mutants as well as lay waste to the [...]

    14. I'm not much of an X-Men fan, but I am a fan of Morrison's work on Batman, so I decided to give this a shot when I found it for cheap at a used book store. It was definitely worth the $5 I paid for it.It is thankfully mostly self-contained, though there are enough things referenced that I am clueless about for me to take off one star (where Cyclops had been, Beast's transformation, etc. etc.) but it wasn't enough to keep me interested or take me out of the story too awful much. That was always m [...]

    15. X-Men clad in leather and looking like they belong more in "The Matrix" rather than comic books? Secondary mutations? Genocidal pieces of Xavier's psyche made manifest and sentient? Grant Morrison brought all of these to our beloved X-Men and did so magicallyNew X-Men (beginning in this very volume) amped up our mutants, made them something that we'd never seen before. It was the predecessor and literary father to the popular series "Astonishing X-Men" which has gotten critical acclaim and trans [...]

    16. Hey, that was really good! I actually have read Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men before this, so many events in this volume weren't as shocking to me as they should have been, but I still enjoyed reading this volume. My only complaint is that the annual didn't make much sense to me. And what is up with Emma Frost's costume? It looks absolutely ridiculous!Anyway, I wanted to read another good X-Men book ever since I finished Whedon's stellar run, and it looks like I have a winner here. Hope the ne [...]

    17. in 40 years of reading comics, only twice have I been interested in the X-Men: The classic Clairemont/Byrne years and Grant Morrison's New X-Men. This series is like a kick to the head. Familiar concepts are twisted, torn down and reinvented. This is classic Morrison at his strangest, quirkiest, super-hero-iest best. The only bummer is that Frank Quietly couldn't draw the entire series.

    18. On the strength of the initial 3-part "E Is For Extinction" story alone does this book merit 5 stars. The Annual & #117 issues are good (though probably "only" get 4 stars). It is in "E" that Morrison does more in 3 issues to make the X-Men relevant again than had been done in a long while. And the art by Quitely is simply icing on the cake.

    19. 17th book read in 2014.Number 169 out of 361 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=ZvPLM

    20. Whoops, that podcast made me wanna read some X-Men comics, so I'm glad I picked one of the good ones.

    21. Continuing my "I'm not sure why I did this" catch-up read of the X-books from the late 90s to todayI'm not sure that the x-books needed a shake-up at this point, but I'm not sure that they didn't, either. Going into this one, I had heard a lot about Morrison's take on the x-mythos. A lot of anger and a lot of love. And now that I've read the first volume? Well, I don't particularly feel either. I am, instead, fairly lukewarm at this point.The characters mostly retain consistency with their past [...]

    22. This is the first X-men book I’ve read. I never seemed a big X-men fan, liked a couple of films, the rest, a mix of ‘meh’ to dislike. So, I’ve never been drawn to pick up one of their comics. This was free in a Geek Box subscription my brother had, and he gave it to me.This was wasn’t too bad. I didn’t feel too lost from not reading any X-men comics before, most was easy to pick up or didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. There seemed to be many plots going on, and I [...]

    23. Grant Morrison's first run on New X-Men started out with a bang. Xavier has a sister? Cassandra Nova's mission to eradicate mutants starts with clearly a bang as she programs Sentinels to destroy Genoshawhoa. And the plan to take her down goes very wrong. Emma is introduced to the team, and she starts making the moves on Cyclops due to the distance between him and Jean.

    24. Definitely my least favorite so far in my disordered read through X-Men. Plot and writing would have been three stars, since I was mostly engaged, though there were a lot of things that fell flat. The biggest problem for me here was the art. Everyone looks pinched, with tiny eyes and pursed lips and giant chins on men.

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