Low Down Dirty Bonds Fate Ain t always fair but it s always exactly what it s supposed to be words of the highs the lows the Dirty So can you help get me out he asked me somewhat in an irritable tone I eyed the

  • Title: Low Down Dirty Bonds
  • Author: B.M. Hardin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fate Ain t always fair but it s always exactly what it s supposed to be 30,000 words of the highs, the lows the Dirty So, can you help get me out he asked me, somewhat in an irritable tone I eyed the piece of eye candy that sat in front of me He was sexy as hell, but something about him turned me off He just wasn t exactly my type And besides, I had ot Fate Ain t always fair but it s always exactly what it s supposed to be 30,000 words of the highs, the lows the Dirty So, can you help get me out he asked me, somewhat in an irritable tone I eyed the piece of eye candy that sat in front of me He was sexy as hell, but something about him turned me off He just wasn t exactly my type And besides, I had other plans in mind Yes, I think I might be able to get them to lower your bail and get the ball rolling to get you out, I answered him He was quiet for a while He was actually quite strange Though he was only in on drug charges, he definitely gave off the vibe of a murderer or something of that sort Oh, so I m not good enough to get under one of your little dirty bond contracts he asked What How the hell did he know about that What are you talking about I asked him innocently The streets talk hell what you think I called you for was all he said Book starts exactly where Book One leaves off

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    One thought on “Low Down Dirty Bonds”

    1. Didn't see that coming!Wow I would have never expected it to end the way it do! I had to reread the last chapter to make sure I didn't miss anything!

    2. Well let me just say this, the book picked up where part 1 left off. The twists in the book just kept coming and it had my mind blown away. The book had me wanting to skip to the end just to see who was doing everything, but then it took a turn at around 61% that I was like Oh HECK NO let me finish to see what is going to happen next. I need more of this story. If not this story then let it run over into someone else's story. This stuff with Trina and her so called Dirty Bonds got my mind just r [...]

    3. Twists and TurnsI don't know where to start!!! Definitely a 5 star page Turner from beginning to end. Full of twists and turns, had me questioning some of the characters and their actions. Had me gone there for a minute and was feeling sorry for Trina then you dropped the bomb on me at the end B.M. Hardin.

    4. This series was so "out of the box", so engorged with "over the top" adult drama filled situationshipsat I was constantly saying WTH. And I felt so in touch with the main character e as things unfoldede would stop and sayWAITWHAT. That being said, it was refreshing to have a drama filled book with sooo many unexpected twists. There are a few grammar and editing issuesbut nothing that would deter you from the storyLoved it.

    5. Wow! This was truly a book that kept my mind spinning! BM Hardin did an excellent job connecting the dots! Trina's mind was out of control! Well written & I had no clue the ending would be so spectacular! I must say after reading the ending, I had to take a deep breath. I loved reading this book! This was an excellent read that I highly recommend!

    6. ok, i have seen some nice plot twists, this has to take the cake. Great story, great speed, and the drama, please believe, Jerry Springer ain't got nothing on B.M. And to top it all off, the story had continued where it left off. Not a lot of series does that. This is one of the best dramas that i have ever read.

    7. Excellent Part 1 & 2Excellent Part 1 & 2Boy didn't these two take me on an adventure. They flowed very smoothly together continuing the story. But what an ending, one I am going to have to sit back and think about. I really enjoyed this series, kept me hooked & hated that it ended like it did, left me wanting more.

    8. I really enjoyed this book from start to end!!! The twists and turns in this book had me like HUH!!!! WHAT!!! I really didnt see the end coming, but great storyline and looking forward to reading more of the authors work!

    9. I needed to take notes to keep up with the DRAMA!Compared to Book 1, Book 2 started off a little slow, but baby the authors made up for that. By the end of this story,so much had been going on that I needed to take notes just to keep up. Great job authors. BV

    10. Great ReadI finished this book so quick. The twist and turns will have you. it will get you with a very different ending.

    11. AMAZING!!!I cannot form the words, but this book is something else. I expected none of what happened. Trina The names I wanted to call her for her Dirty Bonds, And then Carter, Devon . I'm speechless. This was so unexpected. A very good read

    12. WowI've read both installments and you ma'am have gained a new fan for life! This like a few others that you've written was excellent. The suspense drama twists and turns yet again a page Turner thank you

    13. WOW!!!!!This series was definitely one of the best I've ever read. It was not at all what I expected it to be, and to think none of it actually happened. You really did your thing with this one and I look toward to reading more of your books.

    14. Hated the ending of this series. It was otherwise interesting and psychologically draining as most B.M. Hardin books are. When they finally revealed what was REALLY going on ugh

    15. ShameThis is a very well written book. The way the author wove all the twist and turns was seemless. How ever i was not pleased with the endings

    16. Omg I wasn't expecting that ending!!!Wow is all I can say! Even though this was short, the drama that unfolded had me all in. It contained a few errors but not too many. I was looking sideways at a lot of people because there was always something going on. I was mad with Trina because it seemed as she was using every excuse possible to continue her dirty bonds. Come on Kareem! He was moving a bit fast and was questionable. With Devon I was thinking he was a good dude until everything came out in [...]

    17. WhoaThis book was amazing! I couldn't put it down and read it within the first couple hours. I didn't see what happened in the end, but loved it. Bring on some more of these books!!!!

    18. OMG.I LOVED THIS BOOKWhen I tell you this book had so much going on, that had my mind about to explode. I read this book in 2 hours top. I couldn't put it down. The ending blew me away. If I talk about it I'm going to give it away, but TRUST ME IS BOOK IS A MUST READ.

    19. WowThis book was really good. Trina was going through it. Love the twists that happens in this book. Just when you thought you knew you find out you don't. Great job B.M. Hardin and Lola J.

    20. Part 1 & 2Thank goodness it ended the way it did because I was ready to give this series a zero! I was hating Trina with a passion and wanted someone to take her out because her life just didn't make sense.

    21. Oh my God!I was so into this book that my kids were looking at me like "What the heck is wrong with her?" I absolutely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you for an awesome read!

    22. OMG… I can't believe it ended the way it did! I'm glad that nothing is never as it seems. Great read!

    23. . Both books were every confusing and it was too many twists and turns without a real ending. Very very confusing.

    24. OMG This book was so good!! It will have your attention from the beginning to the end. Make sure you close your mouth at the end.!

    25. Unbelievable!BM Hardin did her thing once again. This one had me so into it that it didn't take me but a few hours to finish. This was fire.

    26. Upset That The Book Was So Short !!I would've never thought the plot had so many twist and turns , all around great book ! It's a must read series

    27. Now, that was dirtyThis was soon good. It was suspenseful. I would definitely recommend this book to friends, family, and co-workers. Good writing.

    28. I read this book in about 2 hours. the story had so many turns and unbelievable twist that it had to be something was wrong, bit definitely the end made this story epic. the author did a great job

    29. Just when I thought I had everything figured out the author played the readers, but what a surprise!

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