Beneath Him Sometimes love can start with a little hate When Sky Hudson first has a run in with tall dark and handsome Nicholas Ruggarson she wants nothing than to throw her coffee at him He is rude and arroga

  • Title: Beneath Him
  • Author: Komal Kant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
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  • Sometimes love can start with a little hate When Sky Hudson first has a run in with tall, dark, and handsome Nicholas Ruggarson, she wants nothing than to throw her coffee at him He is rude and arrogant, and she is glad she never has to set eyes on him ever again Or so she thinks It turns out, not only does she have to see Nick again, she also has to live with himSometimes love can start with a little hate When Sky Hudson first has a run in with tall, dark, and handsome Nicholas Ruggarson, she wants nothing than to throw her coffee at him He is rude and arrogant, and she is glad she never has to set eyes on him ever again Or so she thinks It turns out, not only does she have to see Nick again, she also has to live with him Hired as the new nanny to work for Nick s affluent family, she can t seem to get away from the womanizing jerk With a hot and cold relationship, and an undeniable attraction between them, Sky might finally be the woman to break through Nick s arrogance and discover that there is to him than she ever imagined If she doesn t kill him first Recommended for readers aged 18 due to language and sexual content This novel is a standalone.

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    One thought on “Beneath Him”

    1. That awkward moment when I dislike a book that a friend recommendedI could see the appeal of this book if you like the "jerk" hero I myself don't mind the type from time to time, and when I first started I thought Nicholas could redeem himself. But he never did for me. And there were a few other things that bothered me1. NicholasI didn't like how he treated Sky, but I was able to tolerate him, even those times I knew he was just mean because he was pushing her away. That's fairly common in the j [...]

    2. It's hard to believe that BENEATH HIM will be my 6th release since I first published back in October, 2012! But it is! Crazy!Here is one of my favourite quotes from the book:"Love wasn't a fairy tale; love was something tangible. You just had to reach out and take a hold of it."

    3. Blech!Beyond dramatic and formulaic. Over the top and the "twist" is obvious from the get go. If this book was a person it would be the mayor of Cheesetown. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. DNF.

    4. I found this book by accident an I delighted I did it was so good I luv when that happens I luvd how the book was wrote in both povs an I liked that we got both povs in each chapter it was great I only give the book 4 ⭐️ cause it was a lil predictable but I didn't care I luvd the story it was great The book had a great story 2 it an I luvd the character they were great sky was a great character she didn't let anyone away with givin her shit an she gave nick a run 4 his money which was great [...]

    5. *2.5 Stars*Finished in one sitting. It wasn't bad per se. It was more on the annoying side. Felt as if I was reading about immature high school kids bickering back and forth with Nick and Sky. It just wasn't very appealing. Ended up skimming the last half of the book to find out what Nick's big "secret" was. Can't say I was surprised. Actually kind of saw it coming.

    6. Sassy And SweetI expected this book to be hilariously entertaining, and it did not fail me. I spent a lot of time laughing at the feisty banter between Sky and Nick. What I didn't expect, and was pleasantly surprised by, was the way the way the story transitioned seamlessly into a heartwarming and emotional love story. I loved this story!Sky first meets Nick in a coffee shop on the first day of her new job as a nanny for the niece of a richer-than-rich family. As he is berating the girl at the c [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars!!!“Baby, you should know that about me; I’m a screw up. I’m always going to screw up. Fifty years from now, when we’re old and grey, I will still screw up.” His face was flushing from his own words. “But that doesn’t mean I will love you any less.”Oh Nick,you sweet stupid whorish asshole,you!!!!

    8. Oh my god.I did again. So much unbelievable stuff. That I wanted to give up, many a times for the following reasons. *Writing was juvenile.*Nanny stuff got old or lame.*Hero doesn't seem to have no brain, being a lawyer himself.*And most of all, it was lack of Heroine's silly sulking, and over thinking. If this is what it makes to the top list. No wonder, I'm loosing interest in novels or reading.

    9. Nick is the delicious asshole with a dark and deep past. Sky is the sweet girl with a sassy side. This is a love story, but there is so much more to it. Be sure to have your tissues ready!!! The personalities of the characters were all amazingly written. Komal is a very talented writer and has quickly became one of my favorites. Seriously stop reading my review and go buy and read her bookNow!!!!If your still reading this, I swear to god I'm going to spank you (well I would if I could) :)

    10. The sky above me was beautiful and magical, but it paled in comparison to the Sky beside me.I found this book scrolling through the top kindle book list….I had seen it around and was hearing some good things about it so thought I would give it a try. I was hooked pretty immediately. I mean Nick Ruggarson is a grade A dick, but to be honest he is the gravitational pull that totally engrossed me in Beneath Him by Komal Kant. I am all about that young brooding Alpha male and Nick really fit that [...]

    11. ANOTHER FANTASTIC STORY FROM THE AMAZING KOMAL! OH MY GOSH MY HEART! I suck a writing reviews but seriously people THIS STORY WAS PERFECT! I LAUGHED! I CRIED! I CRIED SOME MORE AND IM STILL CRYING *sobs* Nick and Sky have totally stolen my heart! ESPECIALLY NICK! JERK FACE NICK WHO I WANTED TO PUNCH IN THE EYE ON SOME OCCASIONS BUT WHO I WANTED TO CUDDLE EVEN MORE! Nick's character development was INCREDIBLE! and Sky! She cracked me up! I love her! a girl who ain't afraid to tell it like it is a [...]

    12. THIS BOOK! I'm legit sniffing and crying right now because this story is an emotional rollercoaster that came to break my heart into a million pieces. This love story is one that I have not read in a while. It is indeed the same cliché dark, mysterious, male alpha, jealous type of guy, and nice girl who changes the guy. But the difference about this story is the fact that the build-up towards the BIG SECRET was so intense and suspense that I was holding to my dear life to this book. At first, I [...]

    13. I was seriously blown away by this story. I always enjoy Komal Kant's books but Beneath Him exceeded all of my expectations. It's an incredible journey - both intense and heartbreaking.As Madeline's new nanny, Sky jumped at the chance for a new opportunity to relocate but she had no idea what was waiting for her in Beverly Hills. Sky grew up in a completely different world than the Ruggarsons. She was as an only child, raised by a single parent - she is sassy and real, valuing honesty, family an [...]

    14. OMG…e slow crawl went on and on with this one. Remember when I said I liked boys who put out….well I should have specified for Nick that I meant like quick, first 30%. Also if you’re going to be an asshole be consistent with it. This whole book was weird to me. It unraveled like the slowest day time soap opera ever. The secret (only one who didn’t see it from the start was Sky) was annoying at best. Whole thing was a joke. Just no….

    15. Well with all due respect to the author. I did not like this story at all. It was boring, there were just so many things that did not make sense in the story. Very disappointed to have picked this one for my first audio book. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something to make up for it m.

    16. You mean, why was the book so bad? Because the plot is cheesy and the characters are stupid. Okay, I write my list but only because I want to learn from it, now I paid good money for it.1) It starts in a coffee shop. That alone is a cliché. But I cannot get over the fact that poor little Sky, orphaned and out-of-money, buys coffee in the same establishment as estate-rich arrogant Nick. Latter could grab a chef-produced drink at home.2) Nanny? Really? Is that such a fabulous, new idea? Come on, [...]

    17. I'm sad to say this but "Beneath Him" was beneath me. This book was just bad. It wasn't the worst thing I've read, because for the most part it was tolerable, but it most certainly wasn't good. This book is about a girl named Sky, who gets hired to be the nanny to a little girl of a very rich family, the Ruggersons. One of the Ruggersons, Nick is a douche bag, so obviously that's who Sky's love interest was. My issue wasn't that Nick was a douche. There have been many books that I've read with d [...]

    18. Someone has got to be kidding me with this.I though It'd give this a try as it had so many 5* reviews. But it's formulaic cliché Mills & Boon tripe.Poor, sweet girl nanny falls in love with cliché tall dark handsome rich dude who treats her badly because he's rich and has a sad past (so 50 Shades of Grey). The dude needs to man up instead of whinging like a p***y. The tragic tormented Heathcliff-esque hero is sooooo pathetic.I wanted to give them both a slap. The writing style was pathetic [...]

    19. 3.5 starsThe book was interesting.Butmething was missing. I don't knot what. But it wasn't there.It was still an enjoyable read, though. Even though Nick was a complete prick 3/4 of the book.Sky well, she works for Nick's family. And she cuts Nicka lot of slack while still telling him things as they are.It wasn't a bad book. But it wasn't an amazing book either. I really wasn't feeling it today. I needed a shirt that said 'DOn't even look at me until I've had my morining caffeine hit.'

    20. mehThis was just okay. The story took off at a great start, then things just started to slow down. The heroine Skye was a nanny to the Hero's family. However, she spent more time going out than she did actually taking care of the kid. The kid in the story was was thrown in as an afterthought. The time sequence for the story was somewhat jumbled. I was more annoyed than anything else while reading this story.

    21. I didn't have very high expectations for this, but I thought hey, it's the same cover as Unforgiven and that was AMAZING I'll give this a go. I was irritated by some immediate grammatical mistakes and then Sky's friend Erin peeved me off, but really I enjoyed the story and progression. I'm not sure at what percentage I figured out what was going on but I was so eager to keep reading to see Sky's reaction to the truth. Kant really turned it around.

    22. DNF @70%i felt like the story was all about Nick and Sky Bickering Back and Forth, and i saw the Twist coming from the start. I like Nick. Sky not so much. When a person had a dark past it's up to them to tell you, you don't push them to tell you. Sky was like "wow everybody knew but me. Tell me or we're done"

    23. This book doesn't even deserve a one star. Sky the lead female is weak and silly. Nick the lead male is a jerk and man handles sky every chance he gets. They break up/hook up so many times its a joke. This book was a waste of my money and time reading. I was so disappointed as I believe that Komal Kant is one of the good writers. Massive disappointment this books is.

    24. Not the worst book I've read this year but definitely not the best. It was boring, cheesy, predictable and the most unrealistic plot line. I don't mind a little bit of extravagance or *gasp-and-clutch-my-pears* shock factor but this was just utter nonsensical. I had a lot of questions about the book and they went unanswered.Read again? No.

    25. Could've been better if the leads weren't bickering like high schoolers and acted more mature/adult-y.The last twist was sorta expected from the start.The supposedly mysterious "You don't know anything about me" was v annoying.

    26. Lovedddd it! Damaged man hiding behind all his fierce A-holeness. I love those!!! This story moved along at a great pace with no boring parts. Somewhat short but only because I wish is was longer!!

    27. This book was perfection! I have not read a book that was so great! I don't have any words for how amazing this book was! I'm so happy I got to read it :)

    28. Amazing!This book was not at all what I expected. What a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I strongly recommend that you read it.

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