Beyond Repair When Alice Evans finds a bona fide movie star on the floor of her living room she has no idea what to do Ordinary men are frightening enough never mind someone as famous and frankly gorgeous as Hold

  • Title: Beyond Repair
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: 9781419991141
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • When Alice Evans finds a bona fide movie star on the floor of her living room, she has no idea what to do Ordinary men are frightening enough, never mind someone as famous and frankly gorgeous as Holden Stark.However, once she realizes that Holden is suffering behind that famous facade, she knows she has to help He needs someone like her to give him a taste of sweetnessWhen Alice Evans finds a bona fide movie star on the floor of her living room, she has no idea what to do Ordinary men are frightening enough, never mind someone as famous and frankly gorgeous as Holden Stark.However, once she realizes that Holden is suffering behind that famous facade, she knows she has to help He needs someone like her to give him a taste of sweetness and desire and love He needs normality The only problem is Alice is hiding a secret that is far from normal In fact, her name isn t even Alice at all.And once Holden finds out, the intense connection they are just beginning to build may well be torn apart.

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    One thought on “Beyond Repair”

    1. Holden is a famous star.Alice has a tragic backstory.The story started off with Holden passing out in Alice's living room.Out of four Charlotte Stein’s books I have read so far, I couldn't tune in to the weirdness in this book from the start. The premise and the character development failed to convince me why the MCs were emotionally connected. 98% of the scenes in here happened in Alice’s beach house and the storyline was restrained by some awkward dialogue and Alice’s fantasy POV. Unfort [...]

    2. Oh My God!! Ok first off for me this was just a little short and in all fairness if anyone has woken up to find a movie star passed out in their living room, overcome immense fears and issues to engage with another person and then just happens to find the person they are meant to be with? OMG!! But after that's all said what a brilliant book. The story is so sweet and is written so well you get sucked into the story. You feel with 'Bernie' (lol once you read it you get it) and Al and really rout [...]

    3. No secret if you look at my history of reading this author I can be described as a fangirl. So when I was given a copy for review I may have fist pumped Breakfast Club style. With that said I went in to this story pretty blind, only knowing it was her take on a Movie Star hero. I was BLOWN away.There is no way to describe how ferociously I read this book. From the immediate connection with Alice the heroine, to the banter between Holden and her. I couldn't read fast enough, all the while knowing [...]

    4. I like this book? Novella? Short story? I don't know and I don't care; I liked it.The timeline was screwed up.The characters were both screwed way the frick up (view spoiler)[I'm trying to make my reviews more youngster-friendly though I don't think this book is for youngsters anyway, moving on (hide spoiler)]The conversations were weird.The MC's relationship was interesting to say the least.And you know what? In between all that fricked-up-edness I found something awesome. And I liked it (duh). [...]

    5. “One of the biggest lies out there is the one that says you have to be whole to be loved—that if you’re not it’s a miracle anyone would. But my love for you is not some flimsy miracle based on whether you’re okay or not. Love is something you deserve. More than anything,you deserve love. You deserve it so much I sometimes ache to give it to you.”Oh I so love the broken ones and this one was worth it.

    6. 3.5 starsAlice is a survivor who is still recovering from a trauma and Holden is a famous movie star who has hit a very low point in his life. The way they meet is unique, with Holden passed out in Alice’s living room. There is an immediate connection between them when they both realize they need and understand each other. It seems both Alice and Holden speak the same bizarre language. The book is very character-driven and emotional, and it’s written solely in 3rd person from Alice’s POV. [...]

    7. Loved the banter, storyline, charactersother winner by CS! I just wish there was a little bit more. about how Alice and Bernie handle the next, day, week, year. I just didn't want their story to end.

    8. Rating: 4.5 of 5 starsThis book was billed as New Adult. It's written in 3rd person, but only from Alice's perspective. I agree that it's a bit different than many of Charlotte Stein's other books, which tend to be extra-super filthy. It had a little bit of dirty, filthy sex, but that was mostly an afterthought compared to the emotion and gravity of the characters. Alice and Holden were so, so, so messed up. The way they met was crazy; their time together was sweet and bewitching; and their conc [...]

    9. If you woke up to a suicidal movie star in your living room, what would you do? Okay, imagine that now you're an agoraphobic hermit living in a cabin in the woods. Now what would you do? Leave it to Charlotte Stein to take a premise that really just shouldn't work and turn it into a brilliant book.I mean, if the hero isn't suicidal and the heroine isn't agoraphobic, this is just wish fulfillment, right? They boink, he falls in love (she's loved him from afar for ages) and they ride off into the [...]

    10. Another winner from Charlotte Stein!! This was a very sweet story. It had some scorching hot moments (would it be Charlotte Stein if it didn't?), but even those were emotionally charged. You can really feel the instant connection between the hero and heroine here. There were also some heartbreaking moments, but watching Holden and Alice help each other heal was just wonderful. --Whaaaat? A new Charlotte Stein book?!I would seriously read a recipe for boiling water if Charlotte Stein wrote it. Ca [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. As always, it takes me a minute to become accustomed to CS writing style. It's such an unusual style and I love it. This book just got better and better as it went on. By the end I was so in love with these characters that I wanted more, more, MORE. The sex was hot, as expected, but the character development, dialogue and interactions were even better. A great read!

    12. I kind of feel horrible giving this book a bad review, so I just won't give it a review at all.Never mind, I don't feel that bad at all. This sucked HAD NO PLOT LINE.It genuinely had no plot line.The only reason why I initially felt a little bad writing this review was because Enid was supposed to go through some tough trauma or whatever.WELL, GUESS WHAT??? YOU DON'T EVEN GET TO KNOW HER NAME IS ENID UNTIL THE END OF THE BOOK.This is essentially how the book progressed.Meet this young girl who w [...]

    13. I freaking love this book. I adore Alice, the loveable black-eyed hermit and Holden Stark the nerd hiding in a painfully masculine man-shell was amazing. Their attraction was sweet and painfully hawt and their banter was spot on. I've never read a book like Beyond Repair, nostalgic and weird but intensely sexual at the same time. It's a damn shame because I'd really *like* to see more of these kinds of novels.

    14. Wow. I literally laughed and cried and the same time. It’s so good. It had insta-love, in the sense that I instantly fell in love with both of these lovable, messed up people. I probably need to write this later, when I’m not reeling from the emotional impact. In all the best ways. While I was reading, this book just made me truly happy from the inside out. For me, that says everything.

    15. You know that fantasy about big movie star falling for regular girl?It's not my fantasy and it never was; I am really not into it. I can't exactly explain why nor I gave it some serious thought, but some clumsy, murmured reason would be that I find this premise the most fantastical of all contemporary novel tropes because it's set on an idea of romantic relationship wrapped around the "miracle" - two people are starting from two so monumentally different positions it's a miracle they even met, n [...]

    16. Beyond Repair is the type of story that pulls you into the heroine’s stream of consciousness and won’t let go. And that’s a good thing.The story begins with Alice finding a movie star, yep a bonafide movie star named Holden Stark (classic movie star name) passed out on her living room rug. She is by turns, fascinated, mortified and terrified by the fact that she’s not exactly sure he’s breathing, she has no idea how the hell she’s going to move him and her thoughts reflect that. Hold [...]

    17. I picked this up after reading this blog postarauthor/book-reviews/ovI'm not going to say much about the plot because honestly that's not the important thing here. It's the dialogue and Alice's inner monologue. It's the most fantastically comical surrealistic thing I've read in quite some time.“Can you blame me? Your face is what magic would look like, if it were real. Harry Potter could probably use your jaw to destroy Voldemort.”“Just ignore my voice. There’s a frightened nun living in [...]

    18. I love Charlotte Stein's writing style as well as dark romance stories in general, and Beyond Repair certainly did not disappoint. The story starts right away, with Alice finding an unconsious man on the floor of her house, just inside her door. The man, who has apparently tried to kill himself, turns out to be no other than the famous actor Holden Stark. While Holden tries to find some peace and quiet for once in his busy, crowded life, he and Alice get close and bond over old movies and silly [...]

    19. This was a first time read by this author for me, but I certainly enjoyed it. And it wont be my last read eitherThis is the story of Alice Evans. One night she finds a very passed out, famous actor on her living room floor. ( I mean how many of us would like this *holds hand up*!!!! )Except Alice is not happy to see Holden Stark, or it could just be that she is not happy to see any guy passed out in her house.You see the problem is Alice has demons, and she is not having a good time coping with [...]

    20. A seriously damaged heroine who is truly a Charlotte Stein creation. You have to really like Stein to enjoy this, I think. She has her own brand of quirky weirdness that I can imagine is polarizing. I love it though, and this book comes close to my all time favorite of hers Sheltered, in my esteem. The romantic tension is taut and mesmerizing, the healing that these two bring each other is really beautiful. It took a little while for me to settle into the magnified lens of this voice where each [...]

    21. The characters are damaged, not wounded. With a wounded hero you can see a pathway for repair by Act II. Suicidal Holden's pieces will never truly fit back together again; neither will Alice's with her survivor's guilt. I usually don't like damaged characters. I have trouble buying into their HEA's. Stein does not put these two back together. She rips them apart and leaves them that way and I believed their love story. I cared about the poor, little rich boy and the weird agoraphob. I believed t [...]

    22. I’m kind of at a loss as to how to review this book. It’s Charlotte Stein and I love her writing so, quality is not an issue! There are aspects of this book that are best left to be revealed as you read it. Hell, I’m trying to figure out what I can say that won’t give too much away. So…ar with me, okay?For the rest of my review: Straight Shootin' Book ReviewsCopy for review provided by Ellora's Cave in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    23. I don't like books that make me cry. This book ruined my mascara.I love this book.I love the hope, the fear, the trust, the powerful way that bodies can connect before hearts are ready to. The push/pull between Alice and Holden is beautiful. The way that they discover their desires - both physical and emotional - is thrilling. And Charlotte Stein makes hugging the sweetest, sexiest, most heart-wrenching thing ever.

    24. It was good though kinda confusing to begin with. Loved the banter between the two characters but probably not one i would really recommend. Mostly this was as it was really only good because of the funny comments being thrown around. Definitely not one that is gonna stay in my mindc from NetGalley

    25. I an half way through the book and I just can't go on.I am somewhat interested in knowing what happens on, but there are too much parts about things, weird thing, that she keeps thinking about and fantasying it every other page and in reaction to anything the guy says.It's too much and too long.In the end I finished the book since I was bored at work and couldn't find something to read

    26. Loved! A much sexually tamer book than the last 2 I read but was filled with more feelings. Even had me silently bawling.

    27. Well, it was beyond weird. Writing in terms of emotions and thus telling a story is an interesting choice and I liked this format to some degree. However, when she started to describe detailedsex scenes, she degraded the whole book. Also both characters but especially Holden were described poorly - considering it was about emotions we don't see any motive why he is so smitten with her - if I met such person I would run the opposite way. And yes, it is viewed from her point of view (although the [...]

    28. The very first Charlotte Stein novel I read was Curveball, recommended by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches/Trashy Books. Curveball completely charmed me with its self-conscious, completely incredulous heroine who is baffled, astounded and even a bit frightened by the unexpected advances of her brother’s best-friend and long-time crush when they are thrust together during Mediterranean sailing vacation. Charlotte’s voice is incredibly distinctive, urgent and insistent. I absolutely loved it. I [...]

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