The Gospel Cinderella Once upon a time There was a singing Cinderella Yes with a voice as flavorful as licorice There was also a Crooked Foster Mother and two evil sisters A Queen Mother Rhythm and a Prince of Music And

  • Title: The Gospel Cinderella
  • Author: Joyce Carol Thomas David Díaz
  • ISBN: 9780060253875
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time .There was a singing Cinderella Yes, with a voice as flavorful as licorice.There was also a Crooked Foster Mother and two evil sisters A Queen Mother Rhythm and a Prince of Music.And while there s no glass slipper to leave behind at the Great Gospel Convention, there is an enchanted melody for the Prince to search for and to find.Award winning aOnce upon a time .There was a singing Cinderella Yes, with a voice as flavorful as licorice.There was also a Crooked Foster Mother and two evil sisters A Queen Mother Rhythm and a Prince of Music.And while there s no glass slipper to leave behind at the Great Gospel Convention, there is an enchanted melody for the Prince to search for and to find.Award winning author and poet Joyce Carol Thomas and Caldecott Medal winning artist David Diaz have infused the classic Cinderella tale with a soulful twist.

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    One thought on “The Gospel Cinderella”

    1. One day Queen Mother Rhythm took her baby down to the river to take a nap. Unfortunately, a hurricane swept her daughter away and she was lost from her mother. Queen Mother Rhythm led the Great Gospel Choir throughout many years but she always missed her daughter. During this time, Crooked Foster Mother and her two daughters Hennie and Minnie found the young girl and named her Cinderella. They made her do all of the work around their cottage without giving her any respect. All the time Cinderell [...]

    2. This classical fairytale mixed with a modern twist of music was a perfect combination. I thought this was a very creative book from the story line to the names of each character. It really pulls the reader into the gospel culture it pursues. The illustrations make it even better with all its bright colors and how it makes the step mother ugly so that you know who she is immediately looking at the pictures. It even had a bit of humor involved with the step sisters who failed in singing. The story [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this.  This was a really fun retelling, and one that I'm sure not many people have thought of--especially in terms of there not  being a prince, and not having a glass slipper.  Maybe there are some that are along similar terms, maybe not.  Either way, I'm glad this was my first Cinderella retelling that I found truly unique!  I absolutely loved the mother/daughter relationship, and the fact that it was because of her beautiful voice that she was found.  There's no Grimm [...]

    4. Interesting twist focusing on the mother-daughter relationship, while not entirely ignoring the handsome prince.

    5. (Fairytale Comparison Review)This version of Cinderella changes portions of the traditional story and yet maintains the same lessons and big idea. In this book, rather than the traditional story where Cinderella is adopted by a stepmother following the death of her biological father, Cinderella is seperated from her biological mother during a storm. She drifts down the river in a bassentte and is found and adopted by a cruel woman with two equally unpleasant daughters. As she grows, her biologic [...]

    6. The front cover of this book made me smile upon looking at it. I love that Cinderella is portrayed with someone of color. This reminds of when Anne the movie came out a year ago and portrayed a girl that was of color. People were in uproar about it because they said that the original Anne wasn't' of color and that it isn't' the same. I feel we have these perceptions because of the world we live in. We think that if people are not white they are different. Yes they are different in their own uniq [...]

    7. This is retelling of Cinderella that deviates a bit more from the original story more than others. In this story Cinderella isn't going to a ball to meet the prince, but is instead auditioning singing in front of what turns out to be her real mother. The resolution is both getting the prince and getting back her real mother. Very prevalent in this story is the idea of Gospel music. This story doesn't explicitly state it, so the first discussion of students would be about where this story is from [...]

    8. In this non-traditional telling of Cinderella, a young girl is separated from her mother and lives her life with a stepmother and her two daughters. Forced to complete all of the chores and keep up with the demands of her new family, she wishes to attend a Gospel Music Convention in which Cinderella's real mother is looking for someone to replace her. The feelings associated with Gospel music appear throughout this book and they are similar to the feeling of reading the original tale. Although t [...]

    9. The Gospel Cinderella it is a fairy and folklore version of Cinderella. Where Cinderella has a beautiful voice. However, this version has a twist of the original version, which keep the reading attention. This version is a variation on the traditional Cinderella, this story is set in Southern swap and with a Great Gospel Conversation instead of a fancy ball. The patterns the author uses in Almost the same Cinderella has a stepmom and two stepsisters. In fact, the actor retell the story using com [...]

    10. This classic tale is once again transformed in this gospel version of Cinderella. Queen Mother Rhythm loses her baby during a hurricane that sweeps the child downstream in a basket. She is taken by a cruel foster mother, who is accompanied by her two daughters, that follows the usual storyline of making Cinderella miserable. However, instead of a prince, it is Queen Mother Rhythm in search for her daughter as her successor and the usual shoe storyline is replaced by a song.I really liked the mus [...]

    11. A twist on the traditional Cinderella story set in a Southern swamp. The Queen Mother of Rhythm's daughter floats away during a hurricane and she is a sorrowful singer ever after. Eventually she wants someone to take over her place in the Great Gospel Choir and they hold a convention to find the best new singer. Cinderella's step sisters are going even though they are awful singers. Cinderella goes (without the help of a fairy godmother) and wows the crowd. She runs away so as not to be recogniz [...]

    12. Surprise, surprise, we found another Cinderella story! I happened upon this one while browsing the shelves (although I've heard of it before), and I grabbed it for M. It was a perfectly fine retelling, with a unique "bayou" setting, and both girls seemed to enjoy it when we read it at the library. The downside (as with many fairy tale retellings I've come across) is that it was long--long enough that one reading was all we got to. M. also critiqued the fact that Cinderella had a white dress inst [...]

    13. Joyce Carol Thomas creates a completely different take on the classic tale in this version. Here, Cinderella is separated from her mother, Queen Mother Rhythm, after a hurricane and is taken in by the mean Crooked Foster Mother who wants a kitchen hand. Years later, the Great Gospel Choir is looking for a new lead singer. Cinderella has her mother's voice, but of course is not allowed to audition. She is drawn to the gospel convention anyway and wows everyone, then disappears. In the end, she is [...]

    14. i loved this form of cinderella because it didnt deal with a slipper or a prince in search of his princess but a child that was withdran from her daughter but yet reunited with her off an audition that she tried out for in which matched her mothers very intridged melody toned voice that captivated everyone. so after having to leave the audition they ended up finding her by going door to door having people sing and recite the song she performed at the audition and when they found her she joined t [...]

    15. An adaptation of the Cinderella story that takes place along the swamps. Poor Cinderella gets washed away from her loving mother during a storm, raised by a very mean woman with two other daughters. Her mother, a wonderful gospel singer, decides it is time to find someone to replace her so they hold auditions. No one is quite rightexcept of course Cinderella. This was definitely a unique version of Cinderella. Loved the illustrations. Liked the story but wasn't wowed by it.

    16. Retelling of the classic tale, with African-American elements woven in. After a hurricane, Queen Mother Rhythm cannot find her baby, but she is found and adopted by a foster mother who names her “Cinderella.” Cinderella’s singing talent soon shines through when Queen Mother Rhythm has auditions for the Great Gospel Choir. Ages 8-10.

    17. It unsettled me but I really don't know why. It might be because of the child being lost in the storm and the Crooked Foster Mom instead of the evil stepmother. I like the concept of the story on most levels and the illustrations were colorful and enjoyable. Just didn't like this particular rendition.

    18. This book is a great example of how to incorporate songs into stories. The authors change the traditional Cinderella story to fit the theme of music. This book can be used to compare to other Cinderella stories. It also has some rhyming. It also is a great example for learning how to fast forward through time within a story to more exciting and meaningful events within the story.

    19. This story took a very creative approach with Cinderella and added an extremely unique flavor. It was captivating because of its peculiar differences. I certainly wanted to keep reading in order to see the outcome. It was an enjoyable book.

    20. A Cinderella story with a gospel twist. A hurricane carried Cinderella away while her mother, Queen Mother Rhythm was working. Similar sotry line. Instead of a ball, a new lead singer of the Great Gospel Chior was needed. At the tryouts, mother and daughter are reunited.

    21. Joyce Carol Thomas also wrote, "When the Nightingale Sings" which tells the same story as "The Gospel Cinderella" to an older audience.

    22. My oldest daughter loves all things Cinderella. This is a wonderful regional retelling of the timeless tale.

    23. this book is written by Joyce Carol Thomas so you Know the writing is among the best - but the art!David Diaz' illustrations sing as well (this is the guy that did smoky night?)

    24. AR LG 5.4 -- .5 ptsVery unique American twist with Southern themes. Baby of Queen Rhythm is swept away during a hurricane and found on the other side of the swamp by Crooked Foster Mother.

    25. The Gospel Cinderella is Joyce Carol Thomas' unique version of the Cinderella story gorgeously paired with the vibrant illustrations of David Diaz. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this to my niece!!!!!

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