Battling the Best Man On the cusp of a brilliant Chicago medical career Dr Kory Flemming rarely gets a vacation from her demanding brain injury fellowship but she can t say no to maid of honor duties in her best friend s

  • Title: Battling the Best Man
  • Author: Elley Arden
  • ISBN: 9781440572340
  • Page: 187
  • Format: ebook
  • On the cusp of a brilliant Chicago medical career, Dr Kory Flemming rarely gets a vacation from her demanding brain injury fellowship, but she can t say no to maid of honor duties in her best friend s wedding Hometown or not, being in Harmony Falls, Pennsylvania, isn t easy, especially when the only man smart enough to trump Kory s high school academic achievements turnsOn the cusp of a brilliant Chicago medical career, Dr Kory Flemming rarely gets a vacation from her demanding brain injury fellowship, but she can t say no to maid of honor duties in her best friend s wedding Hometown or not, being in Harmony Falls, Pennsylvania, isn t easy, especially when the only man smart enough to trump Kory s high school academic achievements turns out to be a sexy, accomplished adult up to his old, flirtatious tricks.Will Mitchell has been destined for success since the day he was born After spending his formative years racking up academic honors, it was only natural for him to be named the chief operating officer of his family s thriving company He has it all or less so when the target of his high school infatuation turns up hot and haughty at his brother s wedding, Will decides he wants her, too.An innocent dance at the wedding reception leads Kory and Will to an illicit tryst in the coat checkroom, and the game they ve been playing since high school changes into something serious The new attraction takes Will and Kory by surprise, until a failed merger and family tragedy threaten both their professional goals Now, Will s struggling to preserve his reputation as the successful one and Kory s stuck in Harmony Falls watching her illustrious medical career slip away Worse yet, maybe the only way to get things back on track is to work together Can they put aside their rocky past and ignore their titillating present in order to secure the future for the people they adore

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    1. 3.5 Home Versus Big City StarsAs children we see and watch all kinds of things we see how our parents work and interact with others… we learn how to please them and in turn they make us feel like we did good…But what if wanting to please our family and them being proud of us becomes a burden… what if we are not able to develop all of the interests we wished to…. because a path has already been laid out. Or if you found your path, what if the push to succeed is so strong it blinds us from [...]

    2. I absolutely love how Arden combines an up and coming relationship with the realities of everyday life to create such a touching yet exciting read. I also appreciated the fact that the characters had a history with one another. They weren’t strangers who ran into each other on the street one day and magically fell head over heels in love, but rather had gone to high school together. This intriguing storyline is brought together by Arden’s brilliant skills as a storyteller. Everything melds t [...]

    3. Upgraded to 3.5 for bacon.Will and Kory have been competing since their teen years. Kory is finally a doctor in Chicago and escaped Harmony Falls. She's back to be maid of honor in her best friend's wedding and spends the weekend avoiding Will, the best man. Then bad things happen and Kory decides to stay in town for a bit to help her family.The relationship between these two is tumultuous and hot. They each have intense family pressures. There's also the personal history. I was a bit surprised [...]

    4. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakThey were childhood nemesis – competing for everything during their younger days. Will Mitchell may have been the valedictorian, but Kory was considered to be the most awarded girl in the history of their school. Now, she was a brilliant doctor finishing her fellowship in Chicago, and Will was still in their town, CEO of their company.They were bound to meet again her best friend and his brother’s wedding. It all started with an innocent dance, a little [...]

    5. ** 3.5 Stars **After the bombshell that was dropped in the first book I had hoped book 2 would have been about the characters involved in that drama. Alice and Justin got their happy ending in Crashing The Congressman's Wedding so now it's Kory and Will's turn this go round.An old high school rivalry/crush/hatred has been going on between Will and Kory for years. They were very competitive throughout school trying to prove which one was smarter with Will seeming to always squeak out ahead of Kor [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsKory is in town for her best friend’s wedding and is hit on by her childhood nemesis and bully. Lifelong competitors, they team up when tragedy strikes and discover each other in an opposites attract sort of way, except they are not so different.A light-hearted romance, I enjoyed from cover to cover. This was the kind of book I like to read to just lazily pass an afternoon. Of course, I am a slow reader so I would never be able to read a book like this in one afternoon, but I did fini [...]

    7. Kory was back in her hometown to be a bridesmaid for her friend Alice and as soon as that was finished she was back to Chicago and her fellowship. All she wanted was to get out of town without dealing with Will. Her nemesis from high school. Anything she did he had to do better and vice versa. Between the two of them they hold all of the records academically, but Kory left and has become a doctor, she feels like she's bested him at the top level. She got out and he stayed there. Now she's stayin [...]

    8. Battling the Best Man is a refreshing story of Will and Kory. Childhood rivals that turn to each other, though part of their need for each other is selfish they find happiness along the way.I didn't read book one of the series Crashing the Congressman's Wedding and was able to follow along so i will say Battling the Best Man could be a standalone.Will and Kory were those two overachieving friends who though it was fun to do homework on the weekends. Getting together for Korys best friend and Wil [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars in my Sky!In Battling the Best Man Elley Arden has created a short, sweet and light-hearted contemporary romance which will make you smile. It proves that not all books have to be overly dramatic and angst filled to be entertaining (don't worry there is some drama and tension to keep your interest).The book begins with a wedding, which actually makes a change as more often than not they usually end with one. Kory is home for her bestie's wedding where she is Maid-of-honour and Will, he [...]

    10. 3.5 Lightning Bolts It all started with a wedding.Actually no. I lied. It didn't. It started long ago in their teen years. Kory and Will were always fierce competitors. Didn't have to be sports or a club, they were just both that way with the other. Now, Kory is home for her best friends wedding and runs face to face with the best man. Feelings are a little different, but Kory doesn't belong here anymore. Feelings are heightened that night, but both ignore it. She'll be gone soon.Except she isn' [...]

    11. An intriguing tale of small town, weddings, family, and fate.Battling the Best Man by Elley Arden is her second book in the Harmony Falls series.Kory is back in her small hometown doing her duty as her best friend's maid of honor. Will is best man at his brother's wedding and when Kory and he share one dance together it leads to a secret hookup in the coat closet.This is a much more dangerous dance than they used to do in high school. Things start to develop and then something goes wrong and now [...]

    12. Although this story is mainly about Kory and Will, because it is part of the Harmony Falls series, we see old friends too which is always good.Kory and Will are maid-of-honour and best man at Justin and Alice's wedding although Kory would much sooner avoid Will after everything he put her through at school. The only problem with that is how difficult it is to avoid someone you're supposed to be partnered with AND when you find out that they can't even remember what happened at school. That's a l [...]

    13. In Battling the Best Man by Elley Arden, Dr. Kory Flemming has worked hard to be where she is today. She did her best in school to get honors and get in the advance programs, all to meet her goal of becoming a doctor. Her parents sacrificed much to pay for the science summer camps and any academic advancement programs she could attend. Kory often wondered how they were able to afford it considering her father is a roofer and her mother was fighting a disability. But she had to make every one o [...]

    14. My Review: 4.5 Star Review - Battling The Best ManKory has come to town for a wedding. During the wedding she runs into her high school rival. She is still mad at him for something that happened years ago.Will is attracted to Kory and wants to spend time with her. Only problem is she is only in town for a day or two.When a family tragedy strikes does Will see an opportunity to keep Kory close and lure her into a relationship. He thinks he can get her so involved in things in town that she will s [...]

    15. *Received for an honest opinion.I really enjoyed "Battling The Best Man" by Elley Arden. Although this is your typical love/hate romance between Dr. Kory Flemming Will Mitchell I liked the uniqueness of some aspects of the story. Yes, I thought that they characters had great chemistry and their banter was fun. But I have to say that one of my favorite parts was when Kory expressed her difficulty at achieving her success. Although it was not the biggest part of the story, I enjoyed the authentici [...]

    16. Elley Arden will take you on a great ride to explore the relationship between Kory and Will. I loved this book and can't wait to get started on the 3rd book in the series, "Marrying the Wrong Man".

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