Batman Li l Gotham Vol The critically acclaimed all ages series returns in this second volume of Batman L il Gotham During Japan s Month of Waters Aquaman calls upon the Bat family to face off against all manor of sea crea

  • Title: Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 2
  • Author: Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
  • ISBN: 9781401247232
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • The critically acclaimed all ages series returns in this second volume of Batman L il Gotham During Japan s Month of Waters, Aquaman calls upon the Bat family to face off against all manor of sea creatures And when Uncle Sam steals all of the fireworks on Independence Day, Batman must stop him before he can detonate one explosive celebration

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      380 Dustin Nguyen Derek Fridolfs
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    One thought on “Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 2”

    1. The word “seasonal” needs to be somewhere in the title of this series because for whatever reason Li’l Gotham’s mostly centred around public holidays! I read the first volume a couple years ago and thought it was novel to mix in seasonal comics with chibi versions of Batman and his world. The stories were fun too and I quite liked that first book. The second one though? Not at all. Maybe it’s because writers Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs have gone the usual sequel route and unimagin [...]

    2. It's just too adorable the lil stories are so cute and funny, and the artwork is amazing. I really love how harley and joker are portrayed in this, he's always helping harley out and it's sweet especially the lil ivy story where he's helping ivy out just to keep harley happy i mean that is a lot for joker to deal with so ya gotta give him some credit.It just makes a nice change from the usual depressing, 'it is perpetually night' DC comics for these adorable little tales, i mean where else you g [...]

    3. Overall, it's mostly cute and silly, and the art is quite pretty. There are a few stories that are really good. I especially liked the last one, with Alfred showing Damian the Batfamily album, but there were other good stories, too. Like Poison Ivy's seasonal depression, or the Carpenter trying to have a day off. Oh, and Anne? Aquaman guest stars in the first story. Where it is revealed that he sometimes can't communicate with ocean life because he has an accent. A few of the stories were dull, [...]

    4. I liked this one even better than the first because of a few reasons:1) Bruce and Selina are a couple and took a vacation together!2) Harley, Selina, and Ivy are all best friends and Harley and Selina tried to cheer Ivy up when she was depressed because it was Autumn.3) Joke and Harley are NOT in an abusive relationship and they are actually SUPER CUTE together!4) Nightwing and Oracle are also a couple and IT'S DELIGHTFUL.5) I just skipped the Damian Wayne focused things.Super super cute.

    5. Dustin Nguyen continues to be an important voice in the Batman universe when the main storyline (unfortunately canon) seems to be making a lot of choices that have removed the core elements of the character and its plethora of sidekicks and villains—which could be enough to allow Gotham to stand on its own without the rest of DC to tell any sort of story—, thus rendering it completely foreign to what I've enjoyed for many years. If anything, my favorite eras of Batman and all the Robins are [...]

    6. I can't help but love this series. It really puts the "family" in Bat Family, and while it's rather cutesy, it is also undeniably enjoyable. It might have some rather out-of-character moments, but the core of it is a pretty decent understanding of the comic book canon--which is what makes so many of the laughs work so well. It does for comic books what "The Lego Batman Movie" did for pop culture. It takes what we love about Batman and softens it a bit, making for a rather sweet look into some wh [...]

    7. Didn't enjoy Volume two of Li'l Gotham as much as volume one, but still a light afternoon read. I'd chalk up to the feelings of sameness among the storylines but it still largely captures the spirit that makes it such a different but enjoyable read.

    8. The good:*This is kids oriented.-More protagonism for Damian.-More characters in this stories.-A lot of cameos and easter eggs for Batman Lore.-The art is gorgeous.-Funny at times.The bad:-The dialogues, some times were very cheesy and corny.

    9. Volume 2 continues the fun and silly trivial adventures.I liked that this volume branched out a bit from the Holiday format and introduced more characters outside of Batman with members from the Justice League. Not just short cameos, either [really liked the one with the Flash.] We have a story with Aquaman and one with Hawk and Dove who make a significant contribution to the plot in their short stories [but obviously don't steal the show.] This one gets one less star than Batman Li'l Gotham Vol [...]

    10. While not as enjoyable as the first, Batman: Li'l Gotham, Volume 2 is still a solid, fun ride with adorable, lovable art and innocent stories.All of the Gotham cast are still done in a vibrant, cute display that warms the heart, but doesn't really dig deep into any storytelling. As with the first volume, the entirety of the stories are clean, fun, and silly, so some actions shown by Batman or Damian would not be executed by Batman or Damian in any other comic. But, really, would you have it any [...]

    11. While not as great as Volume 1, this one was still a favorite of mine. The artwork is phenomenal and jokes made were too good!My favorite was the All Souls Day issue with all of the Robins hanging around. In walks Jason Todd carrying a tire rim (homage to his first Batman appearance!) and the phone rings. Alfred says that it's something about a 1-900 number to vote if someone lives or not. Panicked, Jason tells him to hang up. Too funny!Seeing a cute side of the Joker was also a funny change. CU [...]

    12. Holy mackerel they pulled out some ringers for this one: The Gray Ghost, Azrael, Condiment King, Vampire Batman, old man Wayne from Batman Beyond and a reference to the old # you could call to either save or kill Jason Todd!This was very vibrant, cute, clever, and surprisingly intelligent! Easily as good as the first one and I'll absolutely admit that I did not want to like this but ended up enjoying it! Lots of Easter Eggs that a Batfanboy will enjoy!

    13. I liked this volume more than the first. It seemed to rely less on the holiday format, though it was just as goofy. It was also less-focused on the villains this time around. While it's aimed at the younger Batman fans, older and long term fans will find lots of homages to enjoy. The chibi-style art is adorable and I love the watercolors.

    14. Full of funny little gags and every single character ever even mentioned in the Batverse. Dustin Nguyen’s art is beyond adorable, and he fills his panels with awesome details that make it a joy to pour over the art in search of them.Love it!

    15. If you could distill joy down into a comic book, it would be Li'l Gotham. Beautiful art, stories that are both laugh out loud funny and full of heart, references to all manner of Batman lore, and an ending that will make you shed a tear. Perfection.

    16. 3.5 Stars Great book! I would recommend it for all ages. It features most of Batman's villains so it's helpful if you are just getting into reading the character. The artwork is pretty awesome too.

    17. The watercolor art is very charming, but the writing is terrible. Almost every frame includes a bad pun or a pointless gag that doesn't add to the story. At times you feel that the stories were created merely as vehicles for the jokes. Not recommended.

    18. A breezy lark, with very charming watercolor artwork. The storytelling can get pretty muddy, and it relies a bit too much on a working knowledge of the Batman universe as it currently stands (three different ex-Robins, etc.), but overall a pleasant diversion.

    19. This was pretty fun. But I don't really remember it. So it didn't really have high spots like the last book. I think continuing to do holidays probably didn't make sense. They need to either go where their sense of humor drive them or tell longer stories.

    20. Not quite as good as the first volume, but still silly and fun. And the puns! So. many. puns. I also adored the watercolor-style art.

    21. this series is so adorable and light-hearted! the last chapter of this volume was adorable and almost made me cry! i love it

    22. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH! Especially since it's not a part the new 52, all the stories are adorable and they all have a little edge to them! I love this series so so so so much!

    23. It's made for the younger set. It's a cute why to start off lil' Bat fans and the younger set who are still starting off reading comic books.

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