The Major s Daughter Like Snow Falling on Cedars a stirring tale of wartime love April The quiet rural village of Stark New Hampshire is irrevocably changed by the arrival of German prisoners of war And one fa

  • Title: The Major's Daughter
  • Author: J.P. Francis
  • ISBN: 9780452298699
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like Snow Falling on Cedars, a stirring tale of wartime love April, 1944 The quiet rural village of Stark, New Hampshire is irrevocably changed by the arrival of 150 German prisoners of war And one family, unexpectedly divided, must choose between love and country Camp Stark is under the command of Major John Brennan, whose beautiful daughter, Collie, will serve aLike Snow Falling on Cedars, a stirring tale of wartime love April, 1944 The quiet rural village of Stark, New Hampshire is irrevocably changed by the arrival of 150 German prisoners of war And one family, unexpectedly divided, must choose between love and country Camp Stark is under the command of Major John Brennan, whose beautiful daughter, Collie, will serve as translator Educated at Smith and devoted to her widowed father, Collie is immediately drawn to Private August Wahrlich, a peaceful poet jaded by war As international conflict looms on the home front, their passion blinds them to the inevitable dangers ahead Inspired by the little known existence of a real World War II POW camp, The Major s Daughter is a fresh take on the timeless theme of forbidden love.

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    One thought on “The Major's Daughter”

    1. April 1944 Stark, New Hampshire. German prisoners of war arrive and a young American girl is torn between a forbidden love, love of country and family.Francis did a wonderful job with historical references. The two young women serving as main characters - Collie and Estelle along with the time period and war references were very well done. The reader felt the environment of the 1940's and the upheaval and uncertainty of wartime. The feelings of people from both sides were addressed with realism. [...]

    2. Pages read: 34I won this one from Library Thing. I'll basically try anything set in WWII and I thought this premise sounded promising. Unfortunately, by the third chapter, I'm bored by the writing and all of the characters. I've read what reviews are available and the main draw seems to be the writing style, which I find distancing. One of my goals this year is to waste less of my reading time on books that haven't caught my attention one way or another, so I'm done here.

    3. You know, I should just forbid myself from reading historical fiction altogether. I am one of those people who looks for -- and finds -- so many anachronisms and cultural discrepancies that it affects my experience of the book.Point number one, in this entire story that takes place in the US during the later years of World War II, there is not one single reference to coffee, sugar, or fuel rationing. Yet in the novel people drink coffee and lemonade and drive to dances without a second thought. [...]

    4. By Joseph Monninger writing under J. P. Francis Publisher: Plume release (July 29, 2014)Like Snow Falling on Cedars, a stirring tale of wartime loveApril, 1944. The quiet rural village of Stark, New Hampshire is irrevocably changed by the arrival of 150 German prisoners of war. And one family, unexpectedly divided, must choose between love and country.Camp Stark is under the command of Major John Brennan, whose beautiful daughter, Collie, will serve as translator. Educated at Smith and devoted t [...]

    5. I won this book, but I have would have read it anyway…written by Joseph Monninger as J P Francis.This book takes place during WWII at a prisoner camp in NH, German soldiers were sent there to cut trees & such & work for the paper mill. The major in charge of the camp has his lovely daughter with him & she develops a friendship with one of the German soldiers. I loved the gentleness of the story, even in war time there seemed to be such a calm in NH, a gentle way of life, removed fr [...]

    6. I can't wait to read Joseph Monninger's newest book. This will make my 4th one to read!***What a coincidence! The book prior to this one was Snow Falling on Cedars that I read! That book is 20 years old. Crazy sometimes the little synchronicities of life.

    7. I love this book so much. It's the kind of good that makes me hesitant to start reading something else right away because I feel like whatever I read next is going to be a disappointment in comparison.

    8. ***2.5***I'd been so excited to read "The Major's Daughter" based on the cover and the blurb and the idea of forbidden love between a German POW and the daughter of an American Major, and all of it happening on American soil. However, in the end I was disappointed, even upset by the way in which the stories wrapped themselves up. In many ways, there are two separate books within the chapters. We not only follow Collie, the American girl who falls for August, the German POW, but also Estelle, who [...]

    9. This book really pissed me off! Be back to add more to review when I’m done ranting and raving!Okay backFirst of all, why the hell did Joseph Monninger use different name especially female sounding name. By the time I was 4th or 5th chapter, it dawned on me, there is no way it was written by a female. I literally had to look his name up only to find out he has another name.Secondly, I thought it was supposed to be a story about the Major’s daughter? Apparently not. It became three stories, o [...]

    10. I learned about this little known prisoner of war camp in Stark,NH. The story was gripping and held my interest throughout the book. The poignancy of the love between Collie and August was sweet and real and hopeful.Major Brennan was a kind and responsible man, father and camp commandant. He was a living father to Collie.The secondary love story between Estelle and Mr. Kamal and the path that storyline took added to the overall plot. Choices. Both couples make choices that determine the paths th [...]

    11. This book had great well developed characters and an interesting historical perspective of World War Two. I did not think that the conclusion was where this book was headed. I know it's the author's choice but there was no way it should have ended the way it did

    12. Wow. I am so glad I picked up this book. Collie and August had such a beautiful love for each other that grew with every encounter. I noticed a lot of people who reviewed it on here gave it 3 stars, but I personally think it deserves all 5!

    13. Historical fiction, a little piece if American history I was unaware of previous to seeing this book. I enjoyed the story line, good characters. Although it wrapped up Collie's story I felt it left me hanging with Estelle's story. Overall an enjoyable read.

    14. I never knew about Camp Stark in New Hampshire during WWII.I found it to be an interesting story of relationship comparison - Collie following her heart and Estelle doing the "safe thing."

    15. themaineedge/buzz/loveWhen it comes to historical fiction, a delicate balance needs to be struck. Using history solely as a skeleton with which to prop up a narrative can often result in a disconnect between the story and the setting. However, relying too heavily on the historical aspect can result in a dry work that lacks dramatic punch.When an author finds the right combination of “historical” and “fiction,” the end result can be wonderfully compelling work. J.P. Francis seems to have [...]

    16. The Major's Daughter is a powerful story of longing for another set against the backdrop of World War II. Unlike traditional war romance stories, this one takes a vastly new approach in more ways than one.Collie Brennan, the daughter of Camp Stark commandant Major John Brennan, has traveled to New Hampshire to work with her father at the POW camp he is to run. She serves as both a secretary and translator at the voluntary labor camp where the prisoners will do logging work. Private August Wahrli [...]

    17. Collie Brennan and her father, Major John Brennan, are now living in Camp Stark in New Hampshire. They’re getting ready to house German prisoners of war, a new role neither has experienced previously. Major Brennan is not in the best of health as he suffers left-over illness from being gassed in WWI. Now it’s WWII they are dealing with and this is the story of life in the prison camp. At first the anticipation is worse than the reality. Then Collie, who helps her father by translating German [...]

    18. I love reading historical novels, especially those that teach me something new. I had no idea that New Hampshire had a WW II POW camp. The prisoners worked at a lumber camp in the forests around Stark, NH. This was a very light read that had enough history intertwined in it to be interesting. Mildly entertaining love story/historical novel.

    19. A historical novel about the German prison camp based at Stark, New Hampshire in 1944. A young girl has moved to the area because her father, a major in the army has been given the commission to oversee the prison camp. Collie, learned some German because her mother enjoyed German operas. Collie becomes the camp's translator and is drawn to a handsome Austrian prisoner, August. The story tells of how the prisoners were kept busy logging trees while they were in camp. An interesting story from th [...]

    20. The Major's Daughter is a lot of things all rolled up into one -- I learned about POW camps and what life was like for the prisoners in Camp Stark in New Hampshire, got a glimpse into what life was like for women in the 1940s, and was able to follow the story lines of several very interesting characters throughout the book.While I don't consider history a big interest of mine, I DO really enjoy historical fiction as it is a great way for me to get my history lessons in a fun way. I had no idea t [...]

    21. 3.5Thank you, Penguin, for providing this book for review!Very little is known about the POW camp set up in Stark, New Hampshire, in 1944. But it was there, and one can only imagine what sort of fascinations and wonders it induced. Under Major John Brennan, the German prisoners of war are sent out to work for the logging community, treated humanely despite everyone's mistrust. Major Brennan's daughter, Collie, serves as his translator and assistant, which brings her close to another translator a [...]

    22. **I received a free advanced copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review**In three words: Conflicted. Romantic. Tragic.I'm not much of a romance-novel reader, but I am still a sucker for a story about star-crossed love. And what could be more star-crossed than a young American (the titular Major's Daughter) falling for a German prisoner of war?Inspired by a real little-known POW camp in New Hampshire, I was at first taken aback to realize just how close to home this camp was. WWII [...]

    23. I received a copy of The Major’s Daughter by J.P. Francis, from NetGalley for a honest review. When I read the synopsis for this book and saw that it was similar to Summer of my German Soldier, I was excited start reading. My expectations were high because of my love of Summer of my German Soldier. However, I was sadly disappointed. I found this book depressing and blah. It was depressing because I figured either way would end up in heartache for Collie, our heroine. Unfortunately, I was corre [...]

    24. This author evidently knows how to set a scene. His phrasing is lyrical and almost poetic, with phrasing and imagery that evoke all the emotion and symbolism that the poetry medium presents. I’m not usually a fan of over-lyrical description; I find myself lost in the deluge of words. Yet, I didn’t mind in this work. The reader gets an amazing setting of pine-scented New Hampshire mountains, the glitter of the upper-crust Ohio society, and the bustle of a newly launched POW camp.I’m also no [...]

    25. The Major’s Daughter by J.P. Francis is more romance than historical fiction. The main character, Collie, is the daughter of Major John Brennan during World War II. Her father is in charge of a German POW camp in Stark, New Hampshire. The prisoners volunteered to go there to do logging and supplying the paper mills rather than languishing in prisons. Stark was a very small town then and still is. The author notes that at least some of the people in town were frightened by having the work camp [...]

    26. I enjoyed this novel but I have a hard time writing a review of the book without giving away parts of the plot. As the things I like and disliked about the book don't have to do with the wonderful prose and imagery but rather with some elements of plot. The characters take center stage and not the events of historical record at times I found that to be problematic as there was little description of the action which all seemed to happen off stage from the work of the the men in the camp to even t [...]

    27. Forbidden love that never can really bloom, what can be more heartbreaking? This is the story of a POW camp in New Hampshire. German soldiers are put to work in the woods. I had no idea that there were POW camps in the states. I did know about imprisoning their own citizens though, but dragging the Germans from France, nope, new to me.Collie is as the title says the major's daughter and she is going to work at Camp Stark as a camp translator. And when the prisoners come one catches her eye. It's [...]

    28. I found this book while browsing the shelves at Barnes and Noble. I fell in love with the cover, so I bought the book. This book has a refreshing take on what might have happened at POW camps in the United States during WW2. Collie, as the Major's daughter, works as a interpreter for the Germans and vice-versa within the camp. She almost immediately becomes attracted to one of the prisoners within the camp, Austrian Private August Wahrlich. The novel was very slow. It took a couple of chapters f [...]

    29. I got an opportunity to read this arc from Penguin's "First to Read" program, so I'm quite thankful for that.I was drawn into the story because the synopsis promised a forbidden romance between a German prisoner-of-war, August, and a major's daughter, Collie. Since the setting was during World War II, I thought it would be intriguing to read this novel. Also, the cover is very gorgeous.I liked the interaction between Collie and August, though it was rare and stretched out throughout the novel. W [...]

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