The Fracking King A striking debut novel about boarding school hardcore Scrabble and fracking a new kind of environmental novel by an important voice in the debate about fracking in America When the tap water at the

  • Title: The Fracking King
  • Author: James Browning
  • ISBN: 9780544262997
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A striking debut novel about boarding school, hardcore Scrabble, and fracking a new kind of environmental novel by an important voice in the debate about fracking in America When the tap water at the Hale Boarding School for Boys bursts into flames, people blame fracking Life at Hale has always been fraught the swim test consists of being thrown into the pool with wristsA striking debut novel about boarding school, hardcore Scrabble, and fracking a new kind of environmental novel by an important voice in the debate about fracking in America When the tap water at the Hale Boarding School for Boys bursts into flames, people blame fracking Life at Hale has always been fraught the swim test consists of being thrown into the pool with wrists and ankles tied, and a boy can be expelled if he and a girl keep fewer than three feet on the floor But the sight of combustible drinking water and the possibility that fracking is making Hale kids sick turn one student into an unlikely hero in the fight to stop the controversial drilling practice.Winston Crwth, a Scrabble prodigy whose baffling last name rhymes with truth, knows what it s like to be fractured, having grown up with his father in Philadelphia and his mother in California On Winston s comic journey to the Pennsylvania State Scrabble Championship, where he hopes to win an audience with beauty queen turned governor Linda King LaRue, he matches wits with Thomasina Wodtke Weir, the headmaster s prematurely gray daughter and the most popular read only girl at school the state poet laureate, whose verse consists of copying out dictionary entries and restroom graffiti and David Dark, son of the CEO of Dark Oil Gas, the source of Winston s scholarship money.The Fracking King is a fantastically inventive debut about rowing crew, using all your tiles, and trying to save the world.

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    One thought on “The Fracking King”

    1. I am honest when I say that I am a bit torn with this book review. I have seen other reviews that weren't so pleasant and I don't think that this book was horrible at allI have read bad books and they didn't keep my interest in the least, unlike this one.Basically this book is about a teenager, Winston Crwth (rhymes with truth), who is attending a boarding school on a scholarship provided to him by a gas company that is responsible for local hydraulic fracturing also known as "fracking". Luckily [...]

    2. Scrabble and fracking. An esoteric pairing to form the basis of a novel, and one that did not work for me at all. Another reviewer used the word 'underdeveloped' and in my opinion, that is the perfect word to describe the plot and characterization found here. Sorry, this was a complete miss for me, but will give a extra star for the Scrabble portions. Other than that, it was just reading words. This was a Kindle First selection.

    3. Terrible. Completely disjointed. I turned each page hoping to figure out what I had missed and only ended up more confused. Was this about fracking? Scrabble? A young boy trying to find his place in the world? Was the author aiming for satire? Who knows. It was a miss all over. I know what fracking is and still felt the book didn't meet any of its possible plots.

    4. This started strong and I was pulled in and engaged. About a third of the way in, it started getting rocky but could have been saved by a strong ending. By the end, it felt as though I was reading a completely different book by a completely different author. Entire threads of plot and character felt missing and pieces felt as though they were tossed in just to either move something along or provide a comment for something later, but often these didn't materialize into anything. For the last thir [...]

    5. I loved The Fracking King. However, I must caveat that by saying that I am a Scrabble fanatic, I love bizarrely funny, bold satire, and I am a died-in the wool environmentalist who knew a lot about fracking and its devastating environmental effects before I read the book. I think you need a sort of warped sense of humor to truly enjoy this book. If you are unable to suspend disbelief and just go with the flow of this unusal story, this book will not appeal to you.The two parallel stories, one of [...]

    6. I had no idea what fracking was before moving to South Dakota. It turns out North Dakota is a fracking state and once I learned what fracking was I was understandably concerned. Here is the quick overview from my understanding. Fracking is removing natural gas from the earth. Frackers dig a really deep hole, pump water and other fracking fluids in to said hole and miraculously natural gas comes out. The problem is this contaminated water can leach in to underground waterways and then make the wa [...]

    7. With Fracking mentioned so often where I currently live in North Carolina, the timing seemed right for this ARC, thanks to Netgalley. I will never look at Scrabble the same either, particularly after the suicide of one student mentioned in the book. This is a story about a Scrabble prodigy living in a boarding school who is on a quest to win the scrabble tournament so he can meet the governor and save Pennsylvania from the horrors of fracking. It isn't just an Environmentalist story, it is also [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. I'm a huge nerd and I love Scrabble, and I'm also from PA, so I understand the whole 'fracking'(which is, of course, underlined by the little red line of spell-check) controversy. After the first few chapters, I thought maybe Winston was Philly's answer to Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I was really excited for that, but it was a pretty short-lived hope. My debate at the end of the book was if I should give it 2 or 3 stars. Th [...]

    9. I was reeled in by the description but ultimately very disappointed by The Fracking King. Scrabble championships and a boarding school setting were what piqued my interest. Also, I live not too far from the Endless Mountains region of PA, just ten minutes over the border in the southern tier of NYS, where fracking is hotly debated. The premise of this novel sounded fantastic, but I thought the author tried too hard to be clever and quirky, and I did not like the results. The writing at times cou [...]

    10. So, I don't know what to say about this one. Browning can write. He's invented an interesting character in Winston Crwth, a boy who, for unexplained reasons, keeps choosing high schools poorly and is on his third in three years. He's also a Scrabble champ, and is the recipient of a hefty scholarship that's bestowed by what he comes to realize is a pretty much evil fracking outfit. Over the course of the story, Winston's political consciousness is raised (a little). Scrabble is talked about but p [...]

    11. I'm struggling to understand the poor reviews on this book - I feel like I must have read something completely different. This is a really good portrait of a mainstream teen getting caught up in a political quagmire while still trying to get the girl and figure out who he is. I can only assume that we are so used to reading about the dysfunctional kids, the sick kids, the genius kids, that when the fairly normal kid comes along in literature, we don't know what to make of him. I also think, at 1 [...]

    12. Fracking: “The process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.” We do love our oil. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, James Browning manages to present us with a new literary hero. Win Crwth (rhymes with “truth”) is a more sociable Holden Caulfield: A Scrabble player extraordinaire attending private school after being awarded a scholarship from Dark Oil & Gas, frackers extr [...]

    13. This book took place primarily at a boarding school for boys in Pennsylvania, and is about competitive Scrabble and fracking. I know, it sounds implausible, but there it is. I enjoyed the story and characters up until the last 10% or so, and then the story fell apart. Disappointing, because I thought it was headed somewhere. The scene near the end with the governor was so anti-climactic that the rest of it made no sense. A good editor should have looked at that scene and made sure it had some su [...]

    14. I haven't touched this book in several months, and I just can't find it in me to finish. Normally I will finish things no matter what, just so I can say I read/watched/did it. The writing was poor, the story jumped around a lot and didn't seem to finish a scene or a characters thoughts. I was intrigued by the idea of a book dealing with scrabble, but this just didn't pull me in at all. I would not recommend this to anyone.

    15. This book started strong. Win is a good character and I liked him. I feel like nearly every other character was underdeveloped though. About halfway through I started losing interest but held out to see how it ended. It ended abruptly. There were so many side plots that were hinted at but never came to light. And I'm left with this want to know many of the secondary characters better.

    16. Reading about hapless Scrabble genius, who also rows eights and decides to wage war on fracking seems like it should be more fun. While all the elements of the school and the protagonist's environment seem too odd to be true, they're on par for the lunacy hidden in Pennsylvania, but that's maybe the problem. It didn't really go far enough to be funny, or stay close enough to truth either.

    17. I read this a while ago, but my recollection is that it started fairly slowly (though compellingly), and then kinda dragged toward the end with a vaguely unsatisfying ending. That said, I do recall enjoying that it was a fairly quick read with characters that I got invested in.

    18. What a perfect book for summer. I was a little concerned given the title that it would be more like a PSA by AdCouncil than an enjoyable novel, but right from the first pages my fears were allayed. The book is very funny, very thought provoking, accessible and intellectual, and was a joy to read.Just on the basis of its exploration of Scrabble and its devotees, this book is truly great, in the clever and very humorous way that this subculture is brought to life. The evocation of life in a rural [...]

    19. Excited as I was to see contemporary environmental themes permeating the entertainment industry, I was disappointed by this particular novel’s execution. The main problem I had reading this story was clarity. Part of the trouble was the narrator’s foreshadowing. Because so much of the action in the story was summarized, in some places it was hard to tell what was foreshadowing for later; what had already happened; and what was happening “now.” Other times, the narrator would skip ahead, [...]

    20. This is definitely the work of a skilled writer: we’ve got a clear and confident voice, distinct and fully realized characters and settings, and a firm grasp of things like timing and absurdity (the fact that these boarding school students are obsessed with a video game that exactly replicates their existing lives is some next-level surrealism). That said, my Kindle app tells me that I made through 34% of the book without ever feeling like it was about something. I mean, sure, there are plot s [...]

    21. "The Fracking King" is the story of Winston Crwth (rhymes with ‘truth’), a gifted high school junior who has been bouncing around a different school each year trying to find a fit. He eventually lands in Hale Boarding School, set deep in the woodlands of Pennsylvania, surrounded by land leased out to the local gas provider; who just happens to be fracking the land to ruin. Finding a few new friends in the school through his prodigious Scrabble ability, Winston ends up learning more about fra [...]

    22. This wildly insane novel with a point of view celebrates the life of Scrabble champion Winston Crwth (read “cruth) has been kicked out of several boarding schools and somehow ends up at Hale Boarding School for boys that has one girl attending: Thomasina Wodtke-Weir, the grey-haired daughter of the headmaster. She is unattainable to Winston even though she is also a Scrabble champion because of a previous relationship with Winston’s roommate, Rich. The school is located in Pennsylvania, on a [...]

    23. I really don't know what to make of The Fracking King. It is obviously penned by a talented author. I found it fascinating and wanted to keep reading. It was very engaging. It just was kind of a hot mess.The protagonist, Winston Crwth is a teen Scrabble prodigy. I was completely unaware such things existed. The entire book is very focused on Scrabble - obsessively so. While I can't claim to have been misled - the synopsis clearly talks about "hardcore Scrabble" - I never expected that something [...]

    24. A slang term for hydraulic fracturing, “fracking” is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. It is a technology that the energy industry hopes to use to expand natural gas production in the United States.With such a serious subject as an essential element of a debut novel, environmentalist James Browning has taken upon himself an onerous task. Yet, The Fracking King is not just about hydrau [...]

    25. Well, Mrs. Lincoln, Apart From That, How Was the Play?As you can tell from many of the agitated early reviews, comments, and review votes on the site this book touches upon the matter of fracking. It's about teenagers at school and fracking. There's one girl at this boys school, (the headmaster's daughter), and there has been a rule change that allows girl(s) into boys' rooms. So, of course, everyone is obsessed with fracking. Where to frack, how to frack, and of course the terrible dangers of [...]

    26. This short, first novel by the chief strategist for the organization, Common Cause,is a quirky combination of teenage angst, the game Scrabble and fracking, the process of extracting gas and oil by injecting chemicals into the fractures in rocks. The main character, Win Crwth, receives a scholarship to attend Hale, a boarding school in Pa. where the Dark Oil & Gas Company uses fracking to get to the energy deposits. He thinks in Scrabble terms and hopes to win the state Scrabble tournament - [...]

    27. This story is about Scrabble Champion Winston Crwth, and the title could have easily been about Scrabble instead of Fracking. In fact, I think they talked more about Scrabble. The story starts with Winston's roommate setting the water on fire, and then the book builds up to that event. The boarding school part made me think of A Separate Peace, one of those books I was forced to read in high school. There is a bit of jealousy and betrayal on Win's part.In some ways the characters all seemed very [...]

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