Next Year I ll Be Perfect Sarah always thought her life was on track that is until her th birthday party The discovery of a list her younger self put together outlining what she wanted to achieve by the age of turns Sara

  • Title: Next Year I'll Be Perfect
  • Author: Laura Kilmartin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sarah always thought her life was on track, that is until her 29th birthday party The discovery of a list her younger self put together outlining what she wanted to achieve by the age of 30 turns Sarah s world upside down Suddenly her seemingly happy life and career look lackluster and Sarah sets off on a journey to transform her life On her quest to achieve perfectionSarah always thought her life was on track, that is until her 29th birthday party The discovery of a list her younger self put together outlining what she wanted to achieve by the age of 30 turns Sarah s world upside down Suddenly her seemingly happy life and career look lackluster and Sarah sets off on a journey to transform her life On her quest to achieve perfection one month at a time a happy marriage, partnership in a law firm and being able to fit in a size six purple suede miniskirt Sarah learns to challenge society s ideals of achievement Filled with harsh reality, humor, and romance, Next Year I ll Be Perfect explores what true happiness and success is all about.

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    One thought on “Next Year I'll Be Perfect”

    1. Review and author interview posted on Kindles & WineSarah Bennett doesn’t write a bucket list, but a list of what her life should look like by the time she turns thirty. Four years earlier when she wrote this list, it all seemed very reasonable. So when her best friend Olivia DiMarco (Livvie) reminds her of it on her 29th birthday, she is disappointed to find how little she has accomplished to get there. Written in Sarah’s voice, Laura Kilmartin lets us experience the tailspin this list [...]

    2. Laura Kilmartin is on tour now with CLP Blog Tours and Next Year I’ll be Perfect. This novel is a breath of fresh, realistic, and sometimes harsh air. Sarah is feeling good about her life – until her 29th birthday and the discovery of the list. The list is something Sarah wrote at 25, outlining all the goals and expectations she expected herself to achieve by thirty. Now that the deadline is 365 days away and counting, Sarah is feeling the pressure to check things off her list – including [...]

    3. Nevermind becoming perfect. Laura Kilmartin’s "Next Year I’ll Be Perfect" is perfect in every way, from stem to stern. It’s the story of one talented young professional woman with a sympathetic past who embarks on a journey of self-exploration and self-actualization between her 29th and 30th birthdays after she finds a years' old bucket list. Kilmartin’s own hometown of Portland, Maine makes a scenic and refreshingly different backdrop for this coming of thirty-something tale. Her viewpo [...]

    4. I received a copy of Next Year I'll Be Perfectby Laura Kilmartin as part of a blog tour.Next Year I'll Be Perfect began with Sarah’s 29th birthday. Livvie, her friend gave her a list of goals on her birthday. It was a list of things Sarah wish to achieve before she turn 30 which she made on her 25th birthday resulting from too much drinks. Now Sarah had only one year before she turned 30 to accomplish her goals.The book was written in Sarah's voice and I really like her voice and character. I [...]

    5. Real life not just made up.Enjoyed the story and characters. The bases of the story was very reality based and moved along well. Laughter and tears easily fell when reading as you could easily identify with the choices that people make in their life. Enjoyed.

    6. good book about how sometimes we just need to let life take its course. light but entertaining read.

    7. Laura Kilmartin's, Next Year I'll Be Perfect, is a hilarious, fast-paced novel that fits nicely into the Chick Lit genre. At the age of 29 Sarah is a lawyer with a small, tight-knit group of friends. Livvie is her partner in crime while Sarah's 'brothers' David and Eddie are her go-to boys whom she leans on for advice, venting, and encouragement. Sarah lives in an apartment above the diner she is partner in and while she does not have a significant other, life is good.This all changes on the nig [...]

    8. Sarah Bennett has just turned twenty-nine when her best friend Livvie gives her a letter from the past that will send Sarah on a twelve month journey to transform everything in her life before her thirtieth birthday. The letter that Livvie gave Sarah was one that Sarah had written four years earlier on her twenty-fifth birthday. The letter contained a naive and optimistic list of goals that she wanted to accomplish by her thirtieth birthday. Looking at the list, Sarah realizes that she has only [...]

    9. Sarah Bennet is eating leftover cake from her 29th birthday party when her best friend Livvie delivers the list Sarah wrote at the age of 25 of all of the things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turned the big 30, including sleeping with George Clooney, getting married, buying a house and fitting into a size 6 suede mini skirt. Next Year I'll Be Perfect is the heartwarming story of Sarah's journey towards crossing the items off of her list and in the process learning a lot about what tru [...]

    10. I really enjoyed read this Chick-Lit Romantic Comedy Novel: Next Year I'll Be Perfect. I think the story, in ways, seemed realistic. The concept of making a list, things to do before a certain age, seems like a real life situation, and how Sarah goes about it, just seemed believable. I think just that feeling, of rereading that list, when your close to that age that you said you would have all your goals completed by, can be a scary feeling, because then you realize, crap, I really have not done [...]

    11. From the opening pages I knew I was going to love this book. The book starts off on the end of Sarah's 29th birthday. Her friend Livvie gives her a list as a joke that she made when she was 25 and had drank too much. It's a list of goals that Sarah wished to accomplish by the time she was 30. Now that she is already 29, Sarah starts to feel the pressure immediately. She decides to take the necessary action in order to complete her list of goals in the next 12 months. Through laughter, tears, mis [...]

    12. The novel begins with Sarah Bennet, the main character, celebrating her 29th birthday. When her guests depart, her best friend, Livvie, gives her a list containing a number of goals written by Sarah when she was 25. These goals are something Sarah thought she'd have accomplished by 30, but realizes she's far from having the life she thought she would. Despite the objections from her support system, Livvie and the Thornton men, Sarah sets her sights on the life she wishes she had. During this jou [...]

    13. On her 29th birthday, Sarah was handed a 5-yr old list of things she wanted for herself which she herself wrote when she turned 25. Pressure is on since most of the important things in the list are still not fulfilled, like get married, be partner in a law firm, be a size 8, etc.Where storyline goes, nothing really bad that I can say. It's actually very realistic. I had thought it will end one way, but it did not. I was disappointed, but giving it a thought, I shouldn't be, because if it had, th [...]

    14. This was a good idea for a book, but the execution was off. Why is it so hard to find a chick lit book with women who don't act like immature teenagers? I don't believe this girl would be a successful lawyer. The writing was poor, and the word choice in places was really strange. Why would you write "I gifted her with a glare?" So weird. I also found some pretty obvious typos. Have all of the editors in the publishing industry been laid off?

    15. I got this book practically for free and being the type of person that judges a book by its price (just as I do with wine) I figured this would be nothing short of average. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun read. I enjoyed the story line and related well to a woman about to turn thirty wondering if she's really where she wants to be in life.

    16. As a single woman in her 30's I can definitely relate to the main character Sarah Bennett. Laura Kilmartin's book was a great read, I was able to escape into the book - which is my main purpose for reading. I found the writing to be witty, smart and fast-paced. A definite winner in my books. I think any one who enjoys books by Sophie Kinsella will enjoy this book.

    17. Cute first chick lit novel by a Maine woman I know. Book hits its stride as it goes along. Set in Portland, so fun to know all the local references. It is clear, from use of some older cultural references, that the author is older than the main character, but I found that endearing. Nice beach/plane read.

    18. This was a nice light-hearted read. Didn't require much thought.just simply went through it. I enjoyed it but I didn't feel any connection to the characters. I didn't walk away wishing I knew more about them. Read on my Nook in the bathtub at night. :)

    19. The story was cute and relatable even as I'm hitting the next decade. I was able to connect with the characters. I definitely wanted more. More details about all of the characters. The love story is sweet and the story is G rated and appropriate for all readers.

    20. Cute story, some funny sections and inuendos. A book on lessons in making some very large goals by the age of 30.

    21. This book was an easy read with a quaint story. The characters were likable, even if the story was a bit predictable.

    22. Okay.Good amateur story. Nothing impressive not witty or funny like it claims to be. I could leave it but not horrible just not good

    23. Funny sweet and well writtenI really liked the characters in here. I feel for David though :(. This was my first Laura Kilmartin book but it definitely will not be my last.

    24. Great story and not what I expectedThis was a quick light read with quite a few laughs. The female lead was bright and was fun to see grow. I will look for more from this author.

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