• Title: Падането на Хиперион
  • Author: Dan Simmons Дан Симънс Крум Бъчваров
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Падането на Хиперион”

    1. "Nurse, this patient’s chart is very confusing.”“Which patient, Doctor?”“UhMr. Kemper. He’s the one in the vegetative state.”“Oh, that’s a very sad and odd case.”“According to the patient history, he was admitted a few weeks ago with cerebrospinal fluid leaking from his nose and ears, but it seemed like he should recover. But yesterday he was brought in again, barely conscious and then he lapsed into a coma. The really odd thing is that I see no signs of injury or disease. [...]

    2. As the pilgrims prepare to enter the Time Tombs, the war between the Ousters and the Hegemony is just hours from breaking out. Can they enter the Time Tombs quickly enough to prevent intergalactic war and the deaths of billions?Here we are, the second half of the epic Dan Simmons started in Hyperion. Kassad, Brawne, and the other pilgrims introduced in the previous book meet their destinies. However, the bigger story is the war between the Hegemony and its enemies.During my initial read, I didn' [...]

    3. The trouble with reading a book like The Fall of Hyperion is that whatever book I read next will likely seem like a load of ol' crap. In fact, in a Shrike-like manner this book traveled back in time and slashed my opinion of the book I read prior to this one which now looks shabby by comparison.The first Hyperion book ends on a (musical) cliff hanger, The Fall of Hyperion carries on from there though the first chapter is narrated in the first person by a "new" cybrid protagonist Joseph Severn. W [...]

    4. Buddy read with Athena, Desinka, Gavin & Kaora"The Final Days are here, priest. The prophecies given to us by the Avatar centuries ago are unfolding before our eyes. What you call riots are the first death throes of a society which deserves to die. The Days of Atonement are upon us and the Lord of Pain soon will walk among us."The shadow of war has fallen on the Web. The Ousters are initiating a full-scale invasion of the central planets of the Hegemony of Man. Chaos rules in the corridors o [...]

    5. The Fall of Hyperion is a sequel. I swear. It says so right there on the cover of my mass market paperback, right above the cheesy artist’s rendering of Sol Weintraub presenting Rachel to a rather unimpressive Shrike. But I’ll tell you, it sure doesn’t feel like a sequel. It feels more like the first book, the main book, of a series, and it makes Hyperion feel like a prequel -- a superior prequel, but a prequel nonetheless. And I really wish I had read The Fall of Hyperion before I read it [...]

    6. As the pilgrims seek the Shrike, the ominous thing, in the eerie Valley of the Time Tombs, avoided by the frightened inhabitants, here, on the planet Hyperion, it does not appear, what to do? Days pass but still the creature has remained hidden, the letdown effects them, they expected to be killed The six seekers, the dying priest Hoyt, disillusioned soldier Kassad, sad scholar Weintraub ( and infant daughter, Rachel, who becomes dangerously younger, daily), unstable poet Silenus, heartbroken de [...]

    7. While somewhat uneven at the start this book developed into an awesome story with some of the most distinct, memorable and well developed world-building I've ever read, interesting and sympathetic characters, a strong central plot, cool literary references (mostly stemming from Simmons' serious man-crush on John Keats) and some thought provoking philosophy (although Simmons loses marks for incorporating philosophy into the plot and world in an organic and interesting way rather than through a se [...]

    8. The sequel to Simmons' classic Hyperion is every bit as engaging and mind-blowing as the first book. The book picks up just where Hyperion leaves off, with the pilgrims at the Time Tombs and war with the Ousters imminent. We are presented with a few new characters - a cybrid named Joseph Severn who is far more than he appears and the CEO of the Web Meina Gladstone. Severn is capable of dreaming the dreams of the pilgrims and we follow their adventures primarily through his connection to them. Th [...]

    9. I’m a visual person. With me, things have to be neat, aesthetically pleasing, and in some sort of discernible order (even if that order is nothing but visually appealing chaos), otherwise I get cranky. I like charts and graphics and brightly colored pictures. This probably has something to do with the fact that I have synesthesia, specifically grapheme → color synesthesia. For me, everything has a color, and in turn, colors provoke emotions. My brain also automatically attempts to visualize [...]

    10. Christmas 2010: I realised that I had got stuck in a rut. I was re-reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works. Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci-Fi award. That’s 35 books, 6 of which I’d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and beca [...]

    11. The narrator, Victor Bevine, is one of my favorites. He narrates all the other audio versions of the Hyperion Cantos, including the first, dramatized version of Hyperion itself. I gave five stars to the underlying written work. I only subtract a star for this audiobook because Mr. Bevine isn't quite up to the task of doing all the characters--particularly all the Shrike Pilgrims--by himself. Still, this audiobook is a great way to re-read Fall of Hyperion.Merged review:Having read Hyperion and F [...]

    12. Nutshell: how-to manual that recommends radical luddite social restructuring in order to defeat slave uprising.Abandons chaucerian structure of first installment and instead alternates between first-person and third person bits. Opening places narration at center of setting (barf) by popping first person narrator adjacent to president. This centralizing of narration is raised to an affirmative law of science fiction here, via repeated quotation of Yeats, and through the proclamation that “righ [...]

    13. The Fall of Hyperion, a sequel to Hyperion, although it doesn't feel like it. The first book was mainly about the history of the pilgrims, and this one has a new protagonist named Joseph Severn, who dreams of the pilgrims. As a result I struggled to get into this one, as I was more interested in the fates of the pilgrims than this new character. There were long sections of dialogue as Joseph sits in on war briefings, which I found uninteresting.However I feel about halfway through the tides chan [...]

    14. 6.0 stars. On my list of All Time Favorites. Viewed as one novel, the Hyperion Cantos (including Hyperion, this novel and the two subsequent novels) comprise, in my opinion, one of the GREATEST works of Science Fiction EVER WRITTEN. Space Opera on a epic scale. Detailed, original and incredibly imaginative world building and a dense, mind-blowing plot. Oh yeah, and it has one of the coolest characters/creatures ever devisedTHE SHRIKE!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDWinner: British Science Fiction Award for [...]

    15. Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion are two halves of an extraordinarily complex science fiction masterpiece. There are subsequently two more books that appear to follow this series (Endymion and Rise of Endymion), but they aren’t necessary to feel you’ve gotten a complete story. I will absolutely read them in the future. With elements of horror woven through, it’s an extremely twisted vision that takes you to the farthest reaches of science fiction.The plot is elaborate and multifaceted yet [...]

    16. The Fall of Hyperion picks up directly after the cliffhanger ending to Hyperion. The pilgrims have reached the fabled Time Tombs, which are opening, and await their confrontation with the mysterious Shrike. The confrontations, when they came, made for compelling reading. I was fairly happy with the way Simmons concluded each of the pilgrims tales. The pilgrims were as likable, or unlikable, as they were in the first book. Brawne Lamia and Colonel Kassad benefited from the most interesting story [...]

    17. Concludes the Hyperion Duology with Big Canvas Pyrotechnics, Mind-Expanding IdeaThis is the concluding half of the story begun in Hyperion, so for those who complained that the former book didn't have a proper conclusion, they've only read half the tale. This time Simmons abandons the Canterbury Tales format of the former book, which told the back stories of the seven pilgrims to Hyperion in distinct stories, in favor of a linear story that needs all its considerable length to cover the massive [...]

    18. There are few words that strike more fear in the hearts of Über-Intellectuals (as defined in my review of The Da Vinci Code, of all places) than the word “sequel”. Adored by Hollywood producers and publishing moguls alike for its low-risk, high profit profile, this extension of plot and character guarantees your presence for at least another act. Uber-Intellectuals, however, shun The Sequel for those same reasons; often rightfully so. If you can tell a story in one book, don’t tell it in [...]

    19. 4,5 / 5Recogiendo el testigo del final de Hyperion, La Caída de Hyperion nos sitúa instantes después de los últimos sucesos, cuando nuestros peregrinos ya han alcanzado las Tumbas de Tiempo. En esta segunda parte de este primer ciclo de Los Cantos de Hyperion, conoceremos el final de la aventura de nuestros peregrinos, tendremos la aparición de nuevos personajes con mucho más protagonismo y descubriremos que una gran amenaza asola a la Hegemonía, el gobierno de la Red. A través del cibri [...]

    20. Una obra maestra de la ciencia ficción ¡LÉANLA! Lo único que puedo escribir en este momento es hagstwagqystshjwh, así que en cuanto logre recuperarme de esta maravilla que acabo de leer, intentaré escribir algo coherente.

    21. yNunca debí haber dejado pasar dos años para terminar la duología de Hyperion. Si bien nunca olvidé el tamaño de la joya que es la primera parte, sí me olvidé de muchos detalles que bien pudieron haber estado más frescos. De cualquier modo mi temor principal al leer la secuela no era ése, sino el hacer caso a las voces que decían que ésta decaía mucho al iniciar la secuela.He de decir que sí decae al perder la estructura narrativa de los cuentos. Esas historias enmarcadas de Hyperio [...]

    22. Τελείωσα την διλογία του Υπερίωνα και το πρώτο μου σχόλιο είναι:Ουάου!Tι έπος!Και δεν ξέρω πως να συνεχίσω.Oυάου!Έχω εντυπωσιαστεί με τη γραφή του Σίμμονς,με τη φαντασία του και με τον τρόπο που καταφέρνει να δέσει στο τέλος μια τόσο πολύπλοκη και πολυεπίπεδη ιστορία.Με μπέρ [...]

    23. A chaotic mess sprinkled with rubiesThis continuation of the Hyperion saga seems to have been written by Dan Simmon's agent, pushing for more pages, using a neural whip on him for more cash. Ugh.Very long-winded and dull chapters, repetition, clumsy interaction between the pilgrims and other players, religious claptrap flowing endlessly.Simmons is clearly very (very) literate, hurray. We know that, and his inclusion of endless references to famous works and people sadly seem to be only a means t [...]

    24. Wow. So different from the first book, but every bit as great, maybe even greater.The time tombs are opening, and the universe will never be the same. Our Pilgrims, each with their own agenda, are standing between the destruction of humanity or its rebirth.Can the CEO save the world? Is the info she's acting on correct? Are John Keats dreams enough? Do the Shrike really want a now newborn baby Rachel? How is the Catholic Church involved? Are the Ousters our enemy or our friend? Are the AI's real [...]

    25. Spoiler-free recenzija:DEFINIRANJE VARIJABLE HYPERIONPrva knjiga je odlična uvertira u svemir Dana Simmonsa, ima sporiji tempo i služi za postavljanje određenih bazičnih stvari poput definiranja misterija i tehnologije, detaljnog i opširnog uvođenja likova i slično. Sve te priče imaju svoju svrhu i sve misterije koje prva knjiga donijela u ovoj dobivaju zadovoljavajući kraj, a opet ostavljeno je sasvim dovoljno prostora za nove nastavke. Doduše, neke stvari su objašnjenja načelno i v [...]

    26. WOW. I read Hyperion a few years ago, and I always intended to pick up this book. Where Hyperion was a collection of several impactful yet self-contained stories, The Fall escalates everything into a much grander scale. I've never read a book that dives so deeply into religion, morals, the meaning and core of humankind, the implications that AI could have on future human developmentAlso, Meina Gladstone. She's is one of the most formidable badasses in the history of fiction. Atlas had the weight [...]

    27. Hyperion won the contest for my favourite book of last year. How could anything possibly live up to that? The Fall of Hyperion is even more a straightforward science fiction book, without the literary experimentation of the Canterbury-Tales-style first book. It's got to be a lesser book, right? Right?Wrong. This is one of those very rare few sequels that almost equals the first book. And when the first book is the kind of masterpiece that I would argue Hyperion is, it's mind-boggling.Note: The r [...]

    28. Bueno esto ha sido una pasada Aunque es un poco mas pesado que el primero en un inicio, el desarrollo y conclusión es mucho mejor que el primer volumen. No tiene perdida. Pocas veces me sucede que una lectura se me haga tan pesada debido a la cantidad de información que tiene pero que a la vez no puedo parar de leerla. Es una genialidad sinceramente. Lo único malo es que puede terminar de ser muy complejo y que toma elementos de fantasía para resolver la trama, pero no es para menos.Recogien [...]

    29. Executive Summary: While the ending was satisfying the book as a whole wasn't nearly as enjoyable for me as Hyperion. 3.5 stars, rounded down because it was just too slow at times.Audiobook: After how great the audiobook for Hyperion was, this one was a bit of a letdown. Victor Bevine does a good job, but to go from an ensemble to a single narrator was hard. Given the structure of this book compared to the last, it makes sense to only have 1 narrator, but I wouldn't have missed it if they had on [...]

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