Every Broken Trust A party to celebrate the arrival of George Mel Melvin a Kansas City politician accompanied by his troubled teenage daughter wealthy wife even wealthier backer and mysterious employee rapidly turn

  • Title: Every Broken Trust
  • Author: Linda Rodriguez
  • ISBN: 9781250030368
  • Page: 290
  • Format: ebook
  • A party to celebrate the arrival of George Mel Melvin, a Kansas City politician accompanied by his troubled teenage daughter, wealthy wife, even wealthier backer, and mysterious employee, rapidly turns into disaster when Skeet s best friend, Karen Wise, stumbles on a body in Chouteau University s storage caves and is attacked herself Skeet gets to Karen in time, but sheA party to celebrate the arrival of George Mel Melvin, a Kansas City politician accompanied by his troubled teenage daughter, wealthy wife, even wealthier backer, and mysterious employee, rapidly turns into disaster when Skeet s best friend, Karen Wise, stumbles on a body in Chouteau University s storage caves and is attacked herself Skeet gets to Karen in time, but she s still worried by Karen s increasing obsession with the dead man s drunken claim that her husband s accidental death years earlier was actually murder.Skeet already has her hands full, serving as chief of campus police and also as the guardian of fifteen year old Brian Brian s emotional entanglement with Mel s rebellious daughter, as well as Karen s fixation on who she believes to be her husband s murderer, frustrates Skeet s efforts to keep them both safe and out of trouble Skeet must struggle against the clock to solve a series of linked murders before she loses Brian forever, and before her best friend winds up in jail or worse.

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      290 Linda Rodriguez
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    One thought on “Every Broken Trust”

    1. Every promise that Linda Rodriguez' debut mystery, Every Last Secret, hinted at comes to fruition in the second book to feature Marquitta"Skeet" Bannion. Every Broken Trust is an outstanding mystery with wonderful characters, a complex plot, and a world thrown out of balance by murder. Readers of traditional mysteries should grab up these books. Skeet Bannion, Chief of Police at Chouteau University in Brewster, Missouri, deserves to be a star.Skeet was a reluctant hostess at the party at her hou [...]

    2. Skeet Banion is chief of the campus police at Chouteau University, having come there from the Kansas City Police Department where she had been a rising star in the homicide division. When one of her best friends, Karen, asks to have a welcome party for a former boss of her late husband at Skeet's house, Skeet reluctantly agrees. At the party a drunk former co-worker of Karen's late husband tells her that her husband did not die of an accidental fall as everyone thought, but was deliberately push [...]

    3. Every Broken Trust is a very enjoyable read. Rodriguez uses language effectively to bring her characters and scenes to life. Her debut novel, Every Last Secret, which won the St. Martin's Award was very good, but this one is even better!

    4. “’Just remember. No criminal has the power those with wealth and political clout have. The ultra criminals use politics to thrive unmolested.’” ( Page 231)If chief of campus police Skeet Bannion liked politics she could have stayed with the Kansas City Police Department where she just might have been their first female police chief. Instead, she bailed out on the politics and more when she left for the calmer setting of nearby Chouteau University. At least that was the plan though things [...]

    5. I really really wanted to like this book. She is a local KC author, and one of the local yarn stores which has a summer book club had selected this book for July. The author is to participate in the discussion and I was wanting to attend.Unfortantely this is just not for me. I found it kind of difficult warm up to the main character, Skeet, or to get into the story. Maybe it would have helped if I had read the first book. After the first two or three chapters I knew I didn't care to finish it. I [...]

    6. Part cozy, part police procedural this is a very good mystery. The MC is chief of police of a college in a small town, a former homicide detective from the nearby city. The victim, a retired prosecutor, is murdered after he reveals that a colleague's death years earlier was murder, not an accident. There are lots of suspects, guests at a party in the police chief's home, a surprising number of whom have licensed firearms. I had two issues with this story: Sometimes it was confusing to figure out [...]

    7. A party to celebrate the arrival of George "Mel" Melvin, a Kansas City politician accompanied by his troubled teenage daughter, wealthy wife, even wealthier backer, and mysterious employee, rapidly turns into disaster when Skeet's best friend, Karen Wise, stumbles on a body in Chouteau University’s storage caves and is attacked herself. Skeet gets to Karen in time, but she's still worried by Karen's increasing obsession with the dead man’s drunken claim that her husband’s accidental death [...]

    8. Linda Rodriguez' second Skeet Bannion novel accomplished what I had hoped. While I enjoyed the first novel, Every Broken Trust offers greater depth of plot, more satisfying development of the characters, and drew me even more intimately into the story. The city of Brewster grows, along with the characters, and fulfills its own role in the story which is satisfyingly full of plot twists, flawed individuals, and suspense. As a resident in the Kansas City metro, an alumna of a liberal arts college [...]

    9. I would have liked to enjoy this book more than I did. I read this for a book club whose monthly selection was this book -- a mystery, crime and police investigation thriller. If you like solving mysteries and investigating crime, perhaps this is the book for you. This is not my typical choice in reading. It had an over abundance of characters -- too many to give much depth. Plus a lot of referrals to a previous and unsolved crime which seemed to not have been investigated thoroughly. This added [...]

    10. I like some light mysteries (Sue Grafton, Diane Mott Davidson, Janet Evanovich) so I had high hopes for this book. I was also curious to see how the issue of human trafficking would be addressed since it was part of the plot. Unfortunately I was greatly disappointed. There were so many characters that I was confused as to who was who, and the characters were barely developed. The issue of human trafficking was barely covered, and then it was all neatly wrapped up in the end.I probably wouldn't h [...]

    11. There's a lot going on in the book, a lot of characters and references to the previous book in the series, which I didn't read. I've always felt that a book should stand alone without the need of other books by the author. This one needs more tightness, more something, to make it work better than it does to draw in the reader.Overall it's well written, but the first few chapters introduces at least 20 characters or more and it's a bit hard to follow. It does get better, but it takes until the ma [...]

    12. I really enjoy this author! This is her second book. She has a series going. It is set in the Kansas City area so that gives it a special twist. IN this book, she introduces Human Trafficking which is a serious issue in our world, our country and our communitybut one that gets very little publicity or attention. I look forward to her next book where I suspect she will continue to develop that theme. Her format is similar in both books .when I enjoya good mystery writer!

    13. This is the second of a new series and it's pretty good, though I preferred the first book to this one. Some things seemed a little to contrived, all the connections between people who live and work in two different, though geographically close, communities. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I hope she has a third in the works.

    14. Tried to keep reading. Got past page 75, and started skipping. Difficult to follow, cause I get too distracted by the choppy writing and disconnected things the protagonist says or does. Finally, I'm giving up.Update Dec 2016 - Didn't remember reading this before. Read it all the way through. Keep most of my original review. The writing is just odd.

    15. I'm always looking for a new mystery series, but this didn't do it for me. It felt like the author (a competent writer) gathered all of the ingredients, with a dose of creativity for the detective and setting, but something was missing. The "lighter" mysteries don't always grab me. Elizabeth George and Louise Penny's next books can't come soon enough!

    16. This was a did-not-finish for me. I was very disappointed with a lot of the dumb moves so many of the main characters made. I was frustrated with all the anger throughout the book. And I didn't like the ending at all.

    17. This is the 2nd book in the series and I've grown to really like it. It's light, different and the classic mystery formula that is sometimes so comforting. I enjoy the characters and how they are evolving.

    18. I really enjoyed this book, not sure if I liked it as well as the first one in the series, Every Last Secret, but I will definitely continue the series when the next one comes out. I enjoy the setting and the characters - really an interesting mix of people.

    19. good characters. It took me a bit to really get into this book but it was due to vacation and worry about getting it back on time.

    20. I have read this series before and was disappointed--too much "this is what happen before" and too many story threads. Hope the next one is better

    21. While the essence of the plot is acceptable, there are too many leaps of faith one must accept for the ending to be logical, and I guess I'm just not that gullible.

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