The Truth An ingeniously plotted beautifully written and hugely enjoyable book that raises tricky questions about our need for heroes and the price of personal compromise The Daily TelegraphFor the first time

  • Title: The Truth
  • Author: Michael Palin
  • ISBN: 9781250028242
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ingeniously plotted, beautifully written and hugely enjoyable book that raises tricky questions about our need for heroes and the price of personal compromise The Daily TelegraphFor the first time since his much beloved tale Hemingway s Chair was published in 1998, Michael Palin pens a new novel featuring the warm and witty story of an everyman, a tantalizing o An ingeniously plotted, beautifully written and hugely enjoyable book that raises tricky questions about our need for heroes and the price of personal compromise The Daily TelegraphFor the first time since his much beloved tale Hemingway s Chair was published in 1998, Michael Palin pens a new novel featuring the warm and witty story of an everyman, a tantalizing offer, a journey to India, and the search for the truth.Keith Mabbut is at a crossroads in his life A professional writer of some repute, he has reached the age of fifty six with nothing resembling the success of his two great literary heroes, George Orwell and Albert Camus When he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to write the biography of the elusive Hamish Melville, a widely respected and highly influential activist and humanitarian he seizes the chance to write something meaningful His search to find out the real story behind the legend takes Mabbut to the lush landscapes and environmental hotspots of India.The he discovers about Melville, the he admires him and the he connects with an idealist who wanted to make a difference But is his quarry really who he claims to be As Keith discovers, the truth can be whatever we make it In this wonderful, heartwarming novel, Michael Palin turns his considerable skills to fiction in the story of an ordinary man on an extraordinary adventure Palin s book is well paced, his prose, carefully hewn, his characters fully developed and convincingly human And his comic timing is impeccable The Washington Post on Hemingway s Chair This book s strengths are its dry, deftly, understated wit, its careful plot and character construction it s clever, on the money dialogue Those pleasures carry you a long way The New York Times Book Review on Hemingway s Chair

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    One thought on “The Truth”

    1. Not at all what I was expecting when I started reading - or in a book from Michael Palin. I'm not sure what I was expecting; something closer to his travel books, something more overtly comic, or earnest, I suppose (it is a book, in part, about a renowned environmentalist). What I found was a beautifully understated mystery about a well-meaning, investigative journo who has sold out, mainly, it seems, to finance the demands of a failing marriage. Failing marriage aside, it feels like there's a l [...]

    2. Omy! Thank goodness that's over. A very dull book with dull characters who were mislead from the start by many people but I could see it immediately. Sorry Mr Palin apart from the bits in India and the descriptions of the places this just wasn't for me.

    3. BABTblurb - Written by Michael Palin.Keith Mabbut has completed his book on the Sullom Voe oil terminal but feels decidedly unfulfilled. Returning home to London he is determined to embark on a novel.Keith is at a crossroads in his life. When he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime - to write the biography of the elusive Hamish Melville, a highly influential activist and humanitarian - he seizes the chance to write something meaningful.His search to find out the real story behind the legend [...]

    4. Kniha odráží Palinovu zkušenost s cestováním (trefné popisy cizích míst, například Indie nebo Karlových Varů), médii (hlavní hrdina musí mediálně překrucovat pravdu), imigrací (manželka hrdiny je Polka, jeho dcera se zamiluje do Íránce) a osobním životem. Pakliže hledáte pythonovskou komedii, nenajdete jí. Najdete zkušeně sepsaný příběh o tom, že neexistuje objektivní pravda, vše se dá vykládat různými způsoby, ale i tak se zlé v dobré obrátí a i př [...]

    5. Poor writing.Terrible plot.This is about an 'investigative reporter' who couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag.Don't waste your time reading it.I want to go to a book club meeting - cos havent seen the people for ages. Tried to start this Pile of Palin several times: my whole being balked at reading it - when I got a reminder saying the book was short and could be read fast, I took them at their word and gulped it down very quickly - like nasty medicine. Sadly, unlike the nastiest of m [...]

    6. This is not Palin's best writing endeavor. It isn't even his best novel, as this is far less colorful and engaging than his 1990s's novel, Hemingway's Chair. This is an oddly unemotional, almost drab, novel about very important subjects, and that may be the problem. In an effort to craft a book about multinational destruction of ecosystems, while also casting a critical eye on the publishing world, the problems of middle age, the nature of the British family, the true meaning of integrity just a [...]

    7. Keith Mabbut is a middle-aged, London-based, environmental journalist who is going through a separation from his Polish wife. He’s been offered a book deal to write the biography of an influential and reclusive environmental activist but is wary about putting aside his dream of writing his own first novel. His daughter has fallen in love with an Iranian political asylum seeker and Mabbut is estranged from his son, an aspiring actor. At age fifty-six, Mabbut had imagined his life as something e [...]

    8. Expecting a clever comedy from renowned ex-Python Michael Palin, what I got instead was a thought-provoking treatise on progress, family, and passion, all encompassed in the adventures of an everyman called Keith Mabbut. It might be easy enough to sum him up simply as a middle-aged man, what with the implied unfulfilled goals, sense of life passing by with a whimper instead of a shout, frayed relationships between ex-wives and adult children, compromises made, integrity cheated, and fleeting sen [...]

    9. Begin with a confession first. I'm a huge Palin fan. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I feel like I should be wearing a blue shirt and beige chinos to write this review!This is the first Michael Palin fiction I've read. It's about a writer, who used to write to defend his beliefs as an angry young man but who has slowly been sucked into writing books for The Man and covering up shady events by rewriting or omitting facts from history.When he receives an offer to write about his hero, the elusive a [...]

    10. For most part the book reads like it was written for tree huggers / green peace / environmentalists. The twist at the end wasn't unexpected, but rather contrived. The bigger question I had was how could someone with a legacy like Michael Palin write a book do devoid of humour and charm?

    11. I wanted to love this book so badly, but in the end i found it underwhelming. It's neatly written but i just found the plot and the characters lacklustre. I'm sorry Mr Palin, I'm so sorry.

    12. 42 WORD REVIEW:Michael Palin, having made a career observing all parts of the world, crafts fiction that feels very real. The Truth flows like a river, slow but deep, its protagonist (captured perfectly by Alex Jennings) gradually breaking free from passivity and cosmic irony.

    13. Keith Mabbut wants to be a good bloke. He supports the right causes. He donates to the right charities. He gives his daughter's Iranian boyfriend a huge sum of money to help him get some family members out of trouble. He wants to be friends with his estranged wife, if that's possible. And mostly, he wants to write a novel, but ends up working on books about other good people, altruistic, brave champions of the little guy, like infamous raconteur Hamish Melville, a man he's long admired. When we [...]

    14. É um livro extremamente agradável de se ler. Um livro que nos transporta para outros países, para outras culturas e que, portanto, nos faz viajar.O livro fala-nos de Keith Mabbut, um jornalista de meia-idade, dedicado nos últimos anos a escrever livros "ambientalistas", onde, no fundo, lhe pagavam para que as empresas (nada ambientalistas) ficassem sempre bem na figura. O que o desmotivava, já que o grande impulso da sua carreira foi precisamente uma peça jornalística que escreveu onde de [...]

    15. A sad gentle tale about a man passing middle age and realizing that he's not fulfilled the promise that he thought he had when he was younger. Kieth Mabbut who once had been an award winning investigative journalist finally wakes up while writing a book paid for by an oil corporation about said oil corporation and realizes that he's really going nowhere fast. A rather late midlife crises occurs as he loses his wife and is losing his kids and ends his contract and he decides to do something about [...]

    16. Depois de ter visto algumas opiniões de livros deste autor fiquei curiosa com este último romance do autor Michael Palin. Cada vez que via o nome do autor tinha a sensação que o nome não me era totalmente desconhecido. Após uma breve pesquisa percebi a razão desta minha desconfiança. Michael Palin além de escritor, é actor, comediante, apresentador de tv e fez parte dos Monty Python. Um grupo de comédia que muito aprecio. Logo, fiquei ainda mais entusiasmada com esta leitura.Neste liv [...]

    17. The book started out very slow and flat, I didn't enjoy part one very much at all. However it really picked up with parts two and three, once Mabbut travels to India. Although very well written, the first part of the story is about feeling stuck, disillusioned and discouraged, which I have experienced enough in my own life that I didn't need eighty pages to describe it for me. It wasn't really the kind of story that pulls you along in the beginning, but something you have to push through reading [...]

    18. As a Monty Python fan, it was Michael Palin, the entertainer, that drew me to this book.A middle aged, award winning journalist, Keith Mabbut, somehow lost his way from the young, investigative, pro-environment writer he was to become a corporate hack whose latest work extols the virtues of an oil refinery. When a slick publishing firm offers him a plum assignment to write a biography on one of the world's most notorious and successful crusaders against corporate injustices, Mabbut sees an oppor [...]

    19. I bought this book at Stafford's book store while on vacation in London. On the heals of reading Rachel Joyce's "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry," I found myself again in the neighborhoods and Underground stations I'd just visited, in the company of yet another older Baby Boomer working his way through the last tangles of a messy mid-life. Don't get me wrong--I love their company. And I love that both these books took time to smell the roses along the way. In "The Truth" the roses are inst [...]

    20. Hey, I am a Python fan and I participate on Mr. Palin's site Palin's Travels. Some may find this review slightly biased, but there you have it. No question, I wouldn't have read the book were it not for Mr. Palin being the author.The protagonist, Keith Mabbut reminded me a little of John Mortimer's Rumpole of the Bailey when Rumpole calls himself a Bailey hack. Keith Mabbut in his writing career might also be described the same way.Keith Mabbut's agent gets him a deal to write a book about elusi [...]

    21. This novel deals with an intriguing theme of great contemporary relevance: a publisher hires a once well-regarded journalist to investigate the life of a highly successful environmental activist whose means and methods are a closely-garded secret. The journalist, who is at a crossroads in his personal and professional life, is initially most reluctant to take up this suspiciously lucrative offer, but finally embraces the challenge and finds out a lot more than he bargained for. Although the pace [...]

    22. I loved Palin's first novel, Hemingway's Chair, & he has finally gotten around to a second. Can't imagine what he's been up to in between. Lazy bastard. Palin is a born story teller with a lovely feel for character. Keith Mabbat's roller coaster ride as he attempts to complete a biography of famous environmentalist, Hamish Melville, is chronicled adeptly & provides the author with opportunities to shine a light on the nefarious activities of multi-national corporations as they spread lik [...]

    23. For those expecting Python-esque hilarity, this isn't the book for you. A quietly thoughtful, and profound allegorical view of the world and media today, The Truth highlights what is wrong with people, the media, the news; it shows that nothing should get in the way of a good headline.Why read about difficult subjects that actually will an impact on everyone's day to day lives, when you can keep up with the Kardashians?Well done Mr Palin, well done. I finished the book with a grin on my face, as [...]

    24. I can usually read a Michael Palin book in less than a week. He is a terrifically lyrical writer. Because of life's circumstances, finishing this book took a lot longer than usual. However, I stayed with it and am glad I did. This is a contemporary plot with intersecting storylines - each a great story on its own. For the first time in a long time, I found myself casting the characters for what would eventually be a thrilling movie.

    25. I would have rated this a 4 until the final revelation at the end, which was both contrived and a letdown. But still an enjoyable read.

    26. "I'm a journalist (). I look for information that will lead me to the truth. That's what journalists do."Keith Mabbut is 56 en heeft een vrij kleurloze loopbaan als journalist achter de rug. Zijn huwelijk is gestrand, het contact met de kinderen lijkt verwaterd en bovendien heeft zijn ex-vrouw een niet onaardige nieuwe partner (Rex) aan de haak geslagen. Wanneer Mabbut in het licht van deze gebeurtenissen de kans krijgt om tegen een forse vergoeding een biografie te schrijven over eco-activist H [...]

    27. Fiktiivistä elämäkertaa palvotusta eko-soturisankarista kirjoittava keski-ikäinen mies saa uuden mahdollisuuden elttaantuneen elämänsä piristämiseen. Vaikka vaimo jätti, pojan kanssa menee heikosti, työura on ollut henkistä pepunmyyntiä eniten maksavalle ja ideologisuus jäänyt sanaksi tekojen sijaan, nyt on mahdollista muuttaa kaikki!Peribrittiläinen kyyninen synkkyys ja epäilevyys väistyy hetkeksi - mutta vain hetkeksi. Intiaan mennään ja sieltä tullaan yhtä vähän voittaj [...]

    28. É um livro de leitura fluída e enredo interessante. Para mim, mais do que uma história é um livro que nos coloca o desafio que temos diariamente quando vemos o telejornal, quando ouvimos uma história dos nossos amigos ou conhecidos, quando entramos em contacto com opiniões, factos e relatos.Em quem acreditar? Quem diz a verdade? Em quem podemos confiar? Como encontrar o equilíbrio entre o dogmatismo e o entrar em teorias da conspiração? Há várias verdades ou uma só que poucos atingem [...]

    29. The story is about a journalist and his attempts to track down a legendary environmental campaigner in India. There are a number of interesting twists throughout, reflections on the protagonist's failed relationship and attempts at starting a new one, and some interesting descriptions of India, presumably partially based on Palin's own experiences there. It's an easy, enjoyable and pleasant read, and well-written too: if you've seen the author on TV, as I have a few times, you can almost hear hi [...]

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