The Silk Code Phil D Amato a New York City forensic detective also featured in several of Levinson s popular short stories and two subsequent novels is caught in an ongoing struggle that dates all the way back t

  • Title: The Silk Code
  • Author: Paul Levinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Phil D Amato, a New York City forensic detective also featured in several of Levinson s popular short stories and two subsequent novels , is caught in an ongoing struggle that dates all the way back to the dawn of humanity on Earth and one of his best friends is a recent casualty Unless Phil can unravel the genetic puzzle of the Silk Code, he and his loved ones will sooPhil D Amato, a New York City forensic detective also featured in several of Levinson s popular short stories and two subsequent novels , is caught in an ongoing struggle that dates all the way back to the dawn of humanity on Earth and one of his best friends is a recent casualty Unless Phil can unravel the genetic puzzle of the Silk Code, he and his loved ones will soon be just as dead Winner Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction novel of 1999.

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    One thought on “The Silk Code”

    1. Fooled again. I thought I was picking up a procedural detective mystery and ended up with far more. If I tried to describe its maze of modern day Neanderthals, Amish gangs, & an ancient silk cure for what ails our DNA many would think I was joking. In structure it's almost like it's 2 or 3 different books. An Amish murder mystery, an ancient chronicle, and a scifi world jaunt in search of the modern Neanderthals. Yet they are somehow all tied together. I've got a feeling that no matter what [...]

    2. After an argument with myself, I am settling on a 3* review. I found this book to be exceedingly frustrating. I just felt like it could have been so much better.The story is about a genetic virus on a DNA level and it discusses DNA based technology used by the Amish. I found the concept fascinating. I did struggle to find a character to connect with emotionally, but settled on Phil and Jenna's relationship to relate with. Phil is a forensic examiner. He and his friends/cohorts/colleagues discove [...]

    3. This well, it's not open to the accusation of being the same-old same-old. Amish bioengineers help protect a New York forensic scientist from a kind of retrovirus created by Neanderthals. Who are still around, and still fighting us. In the middle of the book, we go back to the 7th century, where a Tocharian druid, a Jew, a Byzantine Greek and a Moslem walk into a bar sorry, I mean, circumnavigate Africa in search of the Singers, another name for the Neanderthals. Silk is all over the place, and [...]

    4. This is a book whose beauty emerged for me in its later stages. It's a fairly contemporary (1980s setting?) SF thriller with more than a touch of horror. It's difficult to do justice to the Silk Code's greatest merits without revealing elements I'd consider spoilers. In avoidance of spoilers, this review is mostly my reading experience of this book.The plot hook caught me from the beginning and I let myself go with the seemingly wild extremes of selective evolution what ifs. That was fun to do; [...]

    5. The cover caught my eye in the Mystery section of the library and I couldn't just leave it there so I picked it up and scanned the back. The book was full of the mysteriousness of ancient bio warfare and murder mixed with modern day forensics. The plot was intriguing and full of twists and turns. I had to bring it home. The story was set in New York and ancient times constantly switching back and forth explaining the plot and introducing the science and philosophy behind it. In the first few pa [...]

    6. So far, a delight! Imaginative, clever, smooth writing. Who can ask for more? Alas! I have to put it aside to read a book related to my research on the book I'm writing: Dogs and Civilization. As soon as I finish that book--and get my next chapter written, I'll finish The Silk CodeAs the above indicates, the first third of the book is excellent. It starts in the present day with fireflies bred to burn down houses. The entire book explores the possibilities of invention without using machinery, a [...]

    7. My second audio book, and a very compelling story.I was let down by the ending. It seemed rushed, as though the author decided "that's enough", and wrapped everything up in a few brief pages as quickly as he could. Yes, all the loose ends were wrapped up, but it was jarring.Or perhaps the reason I was let down was because I simply did not want this novel to end. It was literally fascinating. Each of the 3 sections had me scratching my head saying "this author cannot be serious", but he was. If I [...]

    8. The Silk Code left me with mixed feelings. I am generally fascinated by anything featuring Neanderthals, especially living ones in a modern setting. That was inventive but I didn't like the ending of the story and the final portrayal of the Neanderthal(s).Some reviewers didn't care for the Tocharian interlude/sub-plot in the second part of the book. In my view, the rest of the story would have been meaningless without that part. Plus, it was a fascinating story in itself. I don't know how to add [...]

    9. The Silk Code is certainly an intriguing story. I enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed by the amount of research that must have gone into this story. I am not a particular fan of science fiction. However, I noted that there are two more books in this series: The Consciousness Plague and The Pixel Eye. I am adding them to my "to be read" list for future reading.

    10. Another wonderful, sprawling, exotic read from Mr. Levinson!Neanderthals still walk among us. Silk has powers unknown to modern science. The Amish have been bio engineering for hundreds of years.These and other insightful, marvelous concepts keep this story moving forward at a steady pace.Mr. Levinson's forensic detective Phil D'Amato is carried along on a wild ride through history and science.It's fun ride, hop on and hang on!

    11. Fascinating and confusing thriller that picks up on the the possibility that Neanderthal communities have survived to the present day, combined with the theory that before there was language there was the "hum" - a way of communicating feelings and social bonding. In other words, song preceded language. If you love music, you should also take a look at "The Singing Neanderthal" for an inspiring and detailed explication of this theory.

    12. This entertaining book sounds like a train wreck. A cop's investigations land him in the middle of an ancient Amish versus Neanderthal high-low-tech war about genetic engineering(firefly bombs, anybody?) and silk as a cure to flaws in Neanderthal DNA. It is the perfect pulp novel and it is impossible to put down.

    13. Ideas were really interesting, but way too much material for one book, there were enough in the way of story-lines to have made this 2-3 separate novels in a series - sometimes smaller bites to chew are easier to swallow.

    14. Wow! I was really surprised by how much I liked this book. It was a wonderful concept, and the intertwining of different cultures and time periods was fantastic. It wasn't perfect and I'm still a little confused about how it all worked, but still very good.

    15. This starts off as a police procedural. It ends as a police procedural. Along the way, there's this section set in the eighth century, without which it would still be science fiction, but you could still shelve it in the mystery section and probably no one would claim they'd been the victim of false advertising.And I cannot dissuade myself from the notion that that eighth-century section, for all its inherent attractions as a section of a different novel entirely, in this novel is simply an unus [...]

    16. The Silk Code has the dubious distinction of being the worst-written book I've read in some time.I blame my undergraduate training in English Literature, but I can read a book and address the workmanship of a book or story separate from how I experienced it as a reader. (I've read books that were well-written, even if I personally didn't *like* it. And I've read books that I enjoyed, even loved, that had serious stylistic or grammatical issues.) So it wasn't that I didn't like The Silk Code, alt [...]

    17. While I liked the story and the characters, I felt disoriented when I was reading this. The first part is alright, the second one changes time and appears completely unrelated to the first part, to the point I though it was a short story book and not a novel. Then the third part takes us back to present day and about the middle of it there are some references to the second part. I think if after that references are done we are introduced to the second part story it would have made complete sense [...]

    18. This book was equal parts fascinating and bewildering. I enjoyed the absurdity of it and the story clicked along at a fair pace, apart from the part which was set in the distant past, which I don't think added that much and was quite laborious to read compared to the rest.So you have (view spoiler)[ bio-tech Amish, silk and DNA interaction, and Neanderthals.(hide spoiler)] Archaeology and Sci-fi: two of my favourite subjects! My main criticism is that the female characters didn't seem as fleshed [...]

    19. I listened to the audio-book version of this several years ago because my husband said I should listen to it. I like reading better than listening because I can understand it better. At the time I listened to it I just thought it was OK, however, this is a book that I have thought about over and over. When I make my next order, I will probably be purchasing it so I can sit and read it through again. A cup of tea, lightning bugs, and seeing an Amish carriage all make me think of this book. There [...]

    20. Signed this petition, displaying (along with everyone else on it) a startling lack of understanding of censorship, freedom of speech, and how asking others to behave like decent human beings is not, in fact, censoring them.

    21. An imaginative take on genetic engineering and the fate of the Neanderthals is spoiled by poor plotting, awkward writing and stunted character development.I really never got into this book, but slogged through 300 pages because I hate to start a book and not finish it.I won't waste my time with another book by this author.

    22. Interesting plot structure and characters. Easy and interesting to read. Thought it ended a bit abruptly.

    23. Rather poor science fiction. Not very logical. A dumb read, but somehow I finished it. I'll return the book to the recycle center where I got it but the garbage might be a better place to deposit it.

    24. Well developed plot with engaging characters. Fast paced and decent dialouge. While the premises is a little out there it is no more fantastic then any of Dan Brown or James Rollins works.

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