Anomaly Becoming Milla Blaire Anomaly Book IWhat if you learned that everything you ve ever believed was a LIE But what if the TRUTH could destroy the entire world Milla Blaire a stunning beauty recovering from the scorn of a hig

  • Title: Anomaly (Becoming Milla Blaire, #1)
  • Author: Candice Stockstell
  • ISBN: 9781478168348
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anomaly Book IWhat if you learned that everything you ve ever believed was a LIE But what if the TRUTH could destroy the entire world Milla Blaire, a stunning beauty recovering from the scorn of a high profile lifestyle learns an unfathomable truth about life when she sets off cross country for a VIP event, but instead ends up in another world There she uncovers the shAnomaly Book IWhat if you learned that everything you ve ever believed was a LIE But what if the TRUTH could destroy the entire world Milla Blaire, a stunning beauty recovering from the scorn of a high profile lifestyle learns an unfathomable truth about life when she sets off cross country for a VIP event, but instead ends up in another world There she uncovers the shocking truth of existence when she comes face to face with the unknown.Take a walk with Milla Blaire in the LIMELIGHT, live the glamorous life, dodge the paparazzi, fall into the seduction of the mysterious and alluring Aden DileesBut prepare yourself for gripping suspense and unforseen twists as he leads the unexpected beauty into the world of the UNKNOWN Buckle your seatbelts, get ready for one heck of a rollercoaster ride through a world where NORMAL no longer exists Find out what happens when the limelight interferes with the UNKNOWN.

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    • ✓ Anomaly (Becoming Milla Blaire, #1) || ↠ PDF Read by ¸ Candice Stockstell
      456 Candice Stockstell
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    One thought on “Anomaly (Becoming Milla Blaire, #1)”

    1. Candice takes you on a wonderful magical and wildly unexpected adventure in this intriguing novel. I was astounded with questions upon questions about what was happening to this girl as I was drawn in, deeper and deeper, the more I read. The author presents situations to her characters which makes you think about the situations. She makes you think how you would react in those situations. I can’t help but think that the list of adjectives you could use to accurately describe this novel could t [...]

    2. I've just finished reading my copy of “Becoming Milla Blaire: Anomaly” and I must say, it was a great story. New author, Candice Stockstell, has done a wonderful job with the writing of this fictional novel plus, she has set the stage nicely for the next book in the series: “Transcend.” (Which, just for the record, I’m very much looking forward to reading…)The plot/storyline found within “Finding Milla Blaire: Anomaly” was interesting/captivating, the character development was go [...]

    3. I totally loved this book! Candice Stockstell did a great job of building the story-line. This book surprised me, and as an avid reader of fiction, paranormal fiction, romance, mystery and suspense, that takes a lot. I did not see certain twists coming even though I knew that they would be coming. I enjoyed the journey of discovery of Milla Blaire and am so looking forward to where the story goes from here. Candice Stockstell did a wonderful job and I will add her to my list of favorite authors! [...]

    4. Normally I do not write reviews for the books I read, books usually stand on stars alone for me, everyone's opinions about plots and characters vary. But this book is profound, its thought provoking, it challenges the ideas you might have about religion,life, and humanity itself. The heroine was hilarious, the love story was refreshing, the plot was original, and the suspense was almost unbearable but done perfectly. I fell in love with the characters, and I cannot wait for the second installmen [...]

    5. I've just finished reading "Anomaly" and was pleasantly surprised at how good a story it was and one which kept my interest throughout. Anomaly is the tale of Milla Blaire, celebrity and socialite, who finds her lifestyle and the world around her changing as she encounters a series of events which she cannot explain. This is Candice Stockstell's debut novel which has an original plot and elements of fantasy, suspense and a good measure of romance. Hopefully we will soon be seeing more of Milla i [...]

    6. At first glance this book may be a little intimidating because of the thickness BUT once i began reading, Milla pulled me into the story. I was so into the story that i didn't even realize how fast i was reading the book the time I realized itI was done. Candice keeps you involved throughout the book with her vivid imagery-its like reading in HD!!! I can TOTALLY see this book as a movie because of all the action throughout. KUDOS to the author for her first book!!!

    7. Nothing short of gripping and engaging. You are suddenly immersed into Milla's world and relating to her at an instant. It is a story of what is drastically norm with some surprising twists. Anomaly is engaging, conversational yet surreal in questioning mind, body and soul. Unlike most science fiction novels with a philosophical spin, this one speaks like we do and grabs you from start to finish. Anomaly is only the beginning for Milla Blaire. Must have read now!

    8. The hero is the kind of girl you'd like to slap and then cuddle. She's a product of her families affluent lifestyle and in spite of many appearances to the contrary, she still has a good heart and a sense of right from wrong. Milla needs a sense of belonging and somewhere other than her own family. The plot twists this way and that, dropping clues in all the right places so you expect the conclusion to be the usual kind of contemporary genre.hCan Milla Blaire save us?I hope so

    9. Pleasantly surprised by how good this book is. Very intriguing and well-thought out storyline with interesting characters. A little rough around the edges at times and in need of some more editing. But other than that, this is a fun book and worth diving into. I will definitely check out the sequel.

    10. What a story!! Can't wait for the 2nd Book. Wonder why is taken so long. (Lol)Eliza's character was one of my favorites. Her love story with Callie was heartwarming. But whatever happened to Michelle?And what's up with the bro and sis relationship esa situacion esta loco. Milla abilities are nuts. Books reading out loud. She hasn't yet reached her full potential, can't wait to see what Candice has planned. Yum yum Aden with that long drk hair. Let's see if he can actually take a brake to actuall [...]

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