Insecure at Last Why has all this focus on security made me feel so much insecure Nothing is secure And this is the good news But only if you are not seeking security as the point of your life Eve EnslerWhen her stage

  • Title: Insecure at Last
  • Author: Eve Ensler
  • ISBN: 9781400063345
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why has all this focus on security made me feel so much insecure Nothing is secure And this is the good news But only if you are not seeking security as the point of your life Eve EnslerWhen her stage play The Vagina Monologues became a runaway hit and an international sensation, Eve Ensler emerged as a powerful voice and champion for women everywhere Now the b Why has all this focus on security made me feel so much insecure Nothing is secure And this is the good news But only if you are not seeking security as the point of your life Eve EnslerWhen her stage play The Vagina Monologues became a runaway hit and an international sensation, Eve Ensler emerged as a powerful voice and champion for women everywhere Now the brilliant playwright gives us her first major work written exclusively for the printed page Insecure at Last is a timely and urgent look at our security obsessed world, the drastic measures taken to keep us safe, and how we can truly experience freedom by letting go of the deceptive notion of vigilant protection Ensler draws on personal experiences and candid interviews with burka clad women in Afghanistan female prisoners in upstate New York survivors at the Superdome after Katrina and anti war activist Cindy Sheehan sharing unforgettable snapshots that chronicle a post 9 11 existence in which hyped obsession for safety and security has undermined our humanity The us versus them mentality, Ensler explains, has closed our minds and hardened our compassionate hearts Provocative, illuminating, inspiring, and boldly envisioned, Insecure at Last challenges us to reconsider what it means to be free, to discover that our strength is not born out of that which protects us Ensler offers us the opportunity to reevaluate our everyday lives, expose our vulnerability, and, in doing so, experience true freedom and fulfillment.

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    One thought on “Insecure at Last”

    1. When I picked this book up randomly at the library, I was expecting to read something about a woman and her struggles with her body image and then her just saying the hell with it and liberating herself and getting to a point where she says: fuck you all. You know, first world problems. Boy was I so wrong. This book kicked my ass. it knocked me off of my center. it will be a book that will change me for a long time, and hopefully forever. And it's not even a bible, go figure. Well most fiction I [...]

    2. This book has a terrible title and a terrible cover (in my opinion, obviously). But, I picked it up because of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologue fame. I completely misread what this was going to be about. I thought it was about living in an increasingly insecure world - and what to do when the fear of terrorists and WMDs and incomprehensible world-ending catastrophes overtake us. I assumed it would be only of these hysterical threats are all around us viewpoints, with the ultimate conclusion that we [...]

    3. To be honest, I didn't finish the book. I'd picked it up hoping to find in-depth studies on women in war zones, but instead found a bunch of hyper-self-awareness in the first few pages. I think it's crap to say that you 'understand' what someone's been through when you haven't actually experienced it, especially things as horrifying as what these women have lived through. But what do I know; I haven't actually been to those places.

    4. Si bien me esperaba una historia completamente distinta, no me gusto lo que encontre. Muchas historias me hicieron derramar una lagrimita y odiar el mundo en el que vivimos pero no me hizo querer hacer algo. No me senti tan apelada ni me llamó tanto lo que estaba leyendo.

    5. This book is part memoir and part political manifesto. The parts of the books that described the author's experiences around the world working with women to end violence and create community were moving and beautiful. Interwoven with these stories were the author's own story of putting her life together after having been abused by her stepfather when she was a child and having been a heavy drinker/meth addict as a young adult. These personal memoirs were compelling, but much less interesting tha [...]

    6. This book tore my heart apart and put so much into perspective. In a world where women are being gang raped by their husbands and friends, where children walk the riverbanks looking for dead siblings, and women face public execution for eating ice cream, it is Americans who are paralyzed by their fears and insecurities. Eve Ensler has the amazing ability to poetically slap you in the face with the reality of matters.

    7. Eve Ensler gets to the heart of issues of insecurity and unhappiness in the world today. She explores how fear, hatread, and discontent often stem from our own striving for security and prefection. OF course, no matter how rich we are or how big our house, or how loving our family, we are never, ever completely secure, and our striving just leads to misunderstanding and hate.

    8. I really petered out on this one. It had some interesting ideas about people feeling unsafe and insecure but then just went into typical feminist blah blah don't get me wrong, I consider myself a feminist, but the party line can get a bit repetitive

    9. I finished it, but only because it was so short. I'm sick of Eve Ensler somehow becoming the star of her book when it shouldn't be about her at all. There's a line between self-awareness and complete self-obsession, and she's definitely crossed it. (And I cried through the entire thing.)

    10. At a certain point, you have to wonder if Ensler really has anything to say or if she's being published because people think she's relevant. For more:satiasreviews/201

    11. i think it's a pretty awesome book, that everyone should read. it's a memoir but not just about her. it's about women, it's about being an american, it's a memoir about humans.

    12. Excellent book, but it's disheartening that the personal journey Ensler experiences seems possible mostly because of her financial resources.

    13. One of the most important books I’ve ever read. It touches the intense beating heart of life and asks us to unclench our fingers of death, these walls we think protect us but are the cages we live in. The stories of the black folk about Katrina are enough to make a person lose their own mind. And yet here we go again in Houston, in the Virgin Islands, and yes in Puerto Rico. I’m tired of the pain and the sorrow and the injustice and the cruelty and the disrespect. A change is gonna come. Quo [...]

    14. The power of insecurity and power itselfI started this book thinking it was something else entirely. What I found were heart wrenching stories, insights on power, and glimpses to where insecurity/security plays out in my own little world.

    15. Обожавам Ева Енслър и всичко, което пише! От жена за жена. Лично, естествено. Без захар и консерванти.

    16. Titled her political memoir, Ensler shares thoughts and feelings about the world tragedies she travels towards; the tsunami in Sri Lanka, Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans, the women’s camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, Kosovo. She hypothesizes that the hunt for security has instead led to a failure to protect people. I would recommend reading this book as both enlightenment of how other people live outside of our often isolationsist American lives, and how our fears of security only [...]

    17. From pp. 165-167 -“Each night that I stood onstage, I stood in the center of this storm. I stood in the center of a country that had been sold a lie about security and had, since September 11, allowed our government to destroy our environment, our democracy, our education, our health care, our morality, our standing in the world, our freedom, and our idea of ourselves for this illusion. I stood on a platform and felt how deeply distracted Americans were by their corporate-rigged self hatred, b [...]

    18. I'm always a fan of Eve Ensler's books. Her writing style is beautiful, and her message is always powerful. This book is no exception, despite the fact that I'm a bit late to the party in reading it, so it's a bit dated at this point. Nonetheless, the sections where Eve discusses her conversations and experiences with women in war-torn (or to put it in the terms of this book, insecure) places are poignant and inspiring. She has encountered such amazing women around the world, doing unbelievable [...]

    19. Each of the stories that Eve Ensler retold about women in these various locations was an eye-opener for me. You hear about the political turmoil, killings, and bombings on the news but oftentimes it just comes across as facts and numbers, and it's difficult to really comprehend the horrors that are taking place in these countries. I admittedly was - and still am - rather ignorant of the situations of the countries, so it definitely helped to put a human face to them so that I could actually get [...]

    20. I am proposing that we reconceive the dream. That we consider what would happen if security were not the point of our existence. That we find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates, or protects us but from what dissolves, reveals, and expands us. (Introduction)[return]Theater insists that we inhabit the present tense-not the virtual tense or the politically correct tense. Theater demands that we truly be where we are. By being there together, we are able to confront the se [...]

    21. Much of it is disturbing, the way in which woman are mistreated and abused throughout the world, but, also, inspirational. She makes a strong argument how we are NOT safer, in our security-obsessed post 9-11 world, and counter-intuitively, the safest she ever felt was among hardcore female prisoners, in a writing class she gave them. I wish there were more woman like Eve Ensler in the world.She has a new book out, and I missed her at Sixth & I last night. Here is a summary:From the bestselli [...]

    22. This book made me think, it made me cry and it made me so proud. It was a very hard book to get through because every time I picked it up, I was in tears. Eve Ensler doesn't spare you anything, which was why I felt that it HAD to continue reading. I couldn't put it down just because the words were painful, because her words were true. Eve beautifully weaves together stories from her life with the stories of women all over the world. These stories are such amazing stories of strength. Eve talks a [...]

    23. Eve Ensler is a little much at times, but I think it's the right kind of "much"-- much outrage at the injustices of the world, much compassion for fellow human beings, much need to change it. This is her first book book, and it tells the story of her own activism and how she found herself and her beliefs in the world. Although the passion she feels has always been evident in her work, it's fantastic to really get to see what would motivate someone to live at such extremes and do so much good.Mos [...]

    24. Eve Ensler is probably best known for her Vagina Monologues and her promotion of V-day. In this book she talks of travels throughout the world facing both her fears and the continued violence of women. This is NOT a downbeat book, however. It shows the strength and resilience of these women as well as their beatings, rapes, humiliations. She herself suffered from a violent, alcoholic father and a non-supportive mother. She dismisses the idea of national security as practiced by George W. Bush's [...]

    25. I read most of this book while riding a stationary bike at the gym, tears rolling down my face. I kept feeling like I was going to black out while reading the accounts of women who were raped and oppressed and beaten in Bosnia and Afghanistan; I've read about these things before, but I find it impossible to acclimatize myself to the violence of it. I kept looking up and around at the artificial light of the gym, feeling disoriented and confused about where I was and who I was. I kept remembering [...]

    26. If we are willing to sacrifice anything in favor of this concept of security we'll stay in jobs that make us miserable but have good benefits, we'll stand for international policy guidelines that isolate us but don't actually make us any safer. I don't necessarily agree with Ensler's point that personal security lies in the utter chaos of things- I do appreciate the bit of normalcy I can manage in my life. But there are precious few things in life that we have control over and there is a huge am [...]

    27. This book is powerful. Have you felt an increasing need for SECURITY and SAFETY in the last 10 years? Remember hurricane Katrina? WHERE WAS THE HELP? WHERE WAS THE SECURITY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WERE PROMISED?Paranoia and isolation is escalating. And it's not our fault. We're all going through this, together. We all are fighting for security that is falsely promised and advertised. The result is that we hate ourselves and feel like losers, stupid, etc. Eve celebrates the LACK of security in this w [...]

    28. A memoir of places of torture and terror that she has visited in the course of her professional work and also about the place of terror that her own home was as she was growing up. she makes a strong case that our relentless pursuit of "security" comes at a great price for our souls. She advocates that we should pursue kindness far more than security. A powerful last chapter where she makes recommendations on what the US should pursue "If we are truly interested in security, let's begin by secur [...]

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