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  • Title: The Fullness of Time
  • Author: Kate Wilhelm Marguerite Gavin
  • ISBN: 9781470845841
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Audio CD
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      315 Kate Wilhelm Marguerite Gavin
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    One thought on “The Fullness of Time”

    1. Mercy investigates the strange Granville family. What she learns makes her question the nature of time. The premiss is interesting, but underdeveloped. The whole book read like an outline. Action spilled forth without clear direction or impetus. The characters were nicely outlined, but lacked any flesh or cohesiveness. I hope someone actually writes this book someday, because I would read it.

    2. I had been looking for something short to listen to while waiting for some holds to come through. The story was ok, though I found myself not really caring about most of the characters, and didn't feel like the resolution really worked; it felt too easy and unearned.

    3. A strange little story about a family, whose members are able to access their future self and bring back information. Everyone seems to have a different time jump and duration and some of them are driven crazy through the process. Their time jumps appear as a form of narcolepsy. A documentary film maker and her crew are hired to do a documentary story about two of the main family members. What they find out and what happens is more than they thought they would ever be involved in.I listened to t [...]

    4. The only crazy person is the editor who greenlit this book.I got the audiobook from my library to listen to on my drive to work, so I didn't even realize how short it was going to be. And good thing I didn't waste money on is because it is awful. The author insisted on describing every single thing the characters ate and every pot of coffee they drank, until I was rolling my eyes. And yet the climax was described like a game of golf seen from 60,000 miles above.She introduced so many characters [...]

    5. What a strange little novel!The audiobook is narrated by Marguerite Gavin, who sounded somewhat like the actress Wendie Malick sometimesyou know, the rude character from the tv show, Just Shoot Me? Yeah, it was odd, but not in a bad way. While you can read a fuller synopsis in other reviews, I will say that the audiobook was quite short, and was easy to dip into at short intervals, here and there when one gets the time. Also, the novel had a wonderful premise, but didn't get as in depth with the [...]

    6. This was billed as a mystery. I would say it is more of a mild sci-fi thriller. It was kind of boring, which was okay because I used it to fall asleep three times. The story idea was okay, but the execution was bland and quite frankly, uninteresting.

    7. An interesting premise, but poor execution. I've enjoyed several of Wilhelm's books, but for some reason, she wasn't able to develop either the plot or characters. It is a short book, and I got the impression that it was hurriedly completed. I will continue reading her Barbara Holloway series, which is a good one.

    8. After listening I felt like I had watched a Lifetime movie--Engaging enough to want to know what happened but nothing earth-shattering.

    9. This was a really interesting look at time travel, madness, and family ties. I really enjoyed listening to this.

    10. I can't finish this book because the reader's voice is SO annoying. I can't get past it. I want to, but I can't. Put this in the can't finish pile.

    11. Put this one solidly in the meh pile. Not much in the way of thematic or conceptual material, not much in the way of character and most of the plot happens off screen, which generally works better when an author invests in atmosphere.Cat and Mercy could be an interesting pair, but they don't have enough time together for either friendly conflict or bonding. In fact they are both basically immediately subsumed by a man's goals and kept separate. Even the premise of time travel, or at least knowle [...]

    12. Hiram Granville, a modern Leonardo, secured more than a thousand patents during his lifetime, often just ahead of others who had already been working the same ideas. His son John, an economics genius, never lost a cent in the stock market—or any other financial deal—and was investigated for insider trading on more than one occasion. The family definitely has something going for them that others don't have, however, with all the benefits the family received there is an inordinate amount of su [...]

    13. An awesome premise for the ability to look in to the future, what happened to the plot? I mean, now that this story is nicely outlined, I’d really like to see some real thought out results. The author would begin building suspense and then poof, it was gone. Like the car ride for 1/3 of the Book. She didn’t know what to do with all that and just ended it. And the conclusion, really? A crazy mother attempted assassination with a needle? Um, what? It was like the author had roamed and rambled [...]

    14. wow - this book was a huge disappointment. i like wilhelm's barbara halloway series and figured this stand alone title would be decent. Wrong! i listened to this very short book on the way to new england and was shocked when it ended after only a few hours. the plot was thin, the resolution was lame and the characters were a snore. there was much more story possible but i swear this was just quickly typed to meet a deadline.

    15. The premise of this book was so interesting. I'd love to see it take a longer more arching plot. That said, the narration kept the plot moving. My only criticism is that the central character seemed a bit thick. I prefer my female protagonists to be a bit sharper.

    16. This was terrible. I made it 50% through before I turned it off and gave up. The characters are boring and over-described, and while the plot has a sliver of promise, the writing was definitely not up to it. Thoroughly boring.

    17. The story wasn’t bad, exactlybut it had zero depth and I didn’t care about any of the characters, at all.

    18. Interesting concept that was unfortunately butchered into mediocrity by an incompetent author more interested in fluff than sci-fi.

    19. Very interesting premise. Kate Wilhelm introduces a genetic abnormality in The Fullness of Time which has the effect of sending those afflicted into the future for varying lengths of time. This drives many of the recipients of the gene to madness, most often ending in suicide. At least one, patient zero, so to speak, amasses a fortune by inventing and patenting things in his time line which are actually invented by others much later. Of course, someone wishes to clone the effect for his own good [...]

    20. In general I don't like short stories but I did enjoy this one. It was definitely different and a little weird but I really like Wilhelm's writing.

    21. Hiram Granville, a modern Leonardo, secured more than a thousand patents during his lifetime, often just ahead of others who had already been working the same ideas. His son John, an economics genius, never lost a cent in the stock market or any other financial deal and was investigated for insider trading on more than one occasion. Now Cat, a documentarian; her researcher, Mercy; and Cracker Jack, an electronics whiz, are preparing to do a documentary about the Granville clan. What they find as [...]

    22. I pulled this off the Overdrive audiobook shelves because I like Kate Willhelm. I stuck with it because I liked that the main character made a living researching, and the premise was interesting. There's a family with some genetic defect that causes seizures. In the course of the seizure, the person's consciousness travels into the future. The whole family is rich because the psychiatrist/wife of the progenitor was able to manipulate and control the situation. However, the whole family is also m [...]

    23. Mercy and her friend Kate meddle into the affairs of a wealthy recluse family in the course of researching and filming a documentary film. They uncover an unlikely and mostly unbelievable truth. They vow do what they can to put a stop to it.I was engaged in the story, I liked the characters and the time travel narcolepsy theme was interesting. I only give three stars because I felt cheated in the end. The set up gave me the impression that there would be more action and drama. The book resolved [...]

    24. A very interesting premise with so much potential, which unfortunately suffers from underdevelopment. Time travel and related issues have become regular topics for works in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. New insights and new problems generally serve to keep these works interesting; unfortunately "The Fullness of Time" didn't delve deeply enough into the characters or their situation to remain engaging. It hardly scraped the surface, both in terms of character development and rather weighty time trave [...]

    25. Overall, this was an okay to good story. I really liked the idea of narcoleptic time travel, and the discussion of 'now' as not simply one place in time, but to be whenever you experience anything, be it in the present or the future. I do believe, however, that this premise was truly wasted on the story Wilhelm told with it. There are so many more fantastic ideas and stories it could have been utilized for that would have been much better. Perhaps she already has written or will write another st [...]

    26. It is a novella and it's tough to talk about the plot without giving too much away. The concept is interesting, that "seeing" the future is possible and exploitable. And it's that possible exploitation, both of the knowledge you could gain and the people capable of doing it, that drives the second half. I actually don't usually read time travel stories, the premise just seems too full of holes, but I liked the way The Fullness of Time dealt with the theory. My main complaint has to do with the l [...]

    27. Interesting short story or novella audiobook. Started out great, but towards the end something happened and I just couldn't quite buy into it anymore. Without posting spoilers, she develops an interesting premise, but then has to come up with a totally contrived bit of technology (I'm an engineer and I still don't quite understand how this was supposed to work) in order to force a certain behavior from the antagonist. Still, it was a good way to fill 3 hours of driving. I've read some of the oth [...]

    28. I've always thought that "time" was a social construct, one that humon uses to talk about the present, past, future; deja vu also explains time. Wilhelm postulates that not knowing where you are in "time" causes insanity. Interesting thought. Maybe that is why deja vu happens infrequently; maybe the disorientation that comes from experiencing deja vu IS a precursor to insanity. Is knowing the future advantageous? Can the money that is made help if you know what will happen? Reading this story tw [...]

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