The Brigade An Epic Story of Vengeance Salvation WWII An epic true story of three men one woman who set out to fight a war in the process help to create a nation The European war is drawing to a close when the British government agrees to send a

  • Title: The Brigade: An Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation & WWII
  • Author: Howard Blum
  • ISBN: 9780060932831
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • An epic true story of three men one woman who set out to fight a war in the process help to create a nation 11 1944 The European war is drawing to a close when the British government agrees to send a brigade of 5000 Jewish volunteers from Palestine to Europe to fight the German army Among these soldiers are Israel Carmi, a veteran of the Haganah underground,An epic true story of three men one woman who set out to fight a war in the process help to create a nation 11 1944 The European war is drawing to a close when the British government agrees to send a brigade of 5000 Jewish volunteers from Palestine to Europe to fight the German army Among these soldiers are Israel Carmi, a veteran of the Haganah underground, one who serves one army but whose loyalties belong to another Johanan Peltz, raised on a vast Polish estate, he dreams of returning home as a British officer gentleman Arie Pinchuk, a former student who s returned to Europe with a secret agenda to rescue his last remaining family member the little sister he left behind At the Senio River, Peitz leads the troops in a daring bayonet charge into the German line When the hand to hand combat is finished, the brigade emerges triumphant At a time when Jews are being victimized, these soldiers yellow Stars of David emblazoned on their uniform sleeves show that a Jewish army can fight back win But when the war ends they witness 1sthand the horrors their people have suffered in the concentration camps, they launch a calculating campaign of vengeance, forming secret squads to identify, locate kill Nazi officers in hiding Their own ferocity threatens to overwhelm them until a fortuitous encounter with an orphaned girl sets the men on a course of action rescuing Jewish war orphans transporting them to Palestine that will not only change their lives but also alter the course of history Blum has written his most harrowing book to date a story that will make headlines as well as provoke debate about the moral elements of justice, the line between good evil, the possibility of redemption.

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    1. Artfully written account of the Jewish Brigade's history during the Second World War fighting as part of the British Eighth Army in the Italian campaign against the Germans towards the war's end. I found this to be a real page turner as the book's exciting episodes unfolded. Blum's skill lies with his merging of both the Brigade's own history and the individual stories of three of its members. All of which is based on extensive and painstaking research of published and unpublished histories as w [...]

    2. This is a highly rated book for a reason. The BRIGADE story is an EPIC story. It is a TRUE story that many don't know about. You see, the BRIGADE is not just any group of soldiers ---- they are all Jewish - 5000 strong. They were recruited by the British as volunteers. The author - Howard Blum - highlighted three Jewish friends that spearheaded the war on the Germans. It wasn't always pretty when they found the hunted Germans during the war. It was even worse after the end of World War 11. Findi [...]

    3. The true story of a British brigade (5000 troops) made up entirely of Jewish soldiers, (Israel was not a nation yet) being able to fight against the Germans in WWII sounded interesting to me. The opportunity given these soldiers to go into combat with the Third Reich, the nation who had every intention in annihilating their existence, was short lived because they were not given that opportunity until the war was all but over. However when the war was over they set out to find and kill the SS “ [...]

    4. Interesting and entertaining non-fiction about the 5,000 or so Jews who fought at the end of WW2 against the Nazis. While they only got into a few combat missions at the end of the war--it's what some of them did AFTER the war that really makes this a worthy read for WW2 buffs.A small group of men post-war did two things: smuggled thousands and thousands of Jews out of Europe and into Palestine (soon to become Israel) and formed a death squad that would locate Nazis in hiding and then execute th [...]

    5. I've read several of Blum's engrossing books now. This has been the most moving, it being the story of the 'Jewish Brigade' within the British army during the closing months of WWII as seen primarily from the perspectives of three of its members, all of whom also participated in the smuggling of Jewish refugees into Palestine after the war.

    6. One of the best books about WW2 Ive ever read. I love how the Jewish people can finally be recognized for helping destroy the third Reich.

    7. Howard Blum’s The Brigade follows three soldiers of the Jewish Infantry Brigade Group through the late part of World War II and into 1948 as the Israeli Defense Forces fought to protect the new State of Israel. The Brigade also follows the changing roles of the main characters from soldiers, to assassins, and finally to rescuers of Jewish refugees, and finally to defenders of the State of Israel. One of the biggest themes in the book was that of redemption, especially in the case of Captain Jo [...]

    8. An outstanding narrative of the little known saga of the Jewish Brigade during and after WW II. Blum does an excellent job of keeping a reader riveted to the story, focusing on three friends who served in the Jewish Brigade. I found the details of the Brigades activities after the end of the war especially interesting. Although I am not Jewish nor Israeli, the story of the exodus of Jews from Europe to Palestine after the war ended forms the foundation for the modern state of Israel. After the a [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the content of this book. The true story of this group's attempt to smuggle the Jews of our Europe in the last days of WWII was something I had not heard much about before. I liked the fact that the author decided to tell the story from the perspective of three individuals, it made the reader connect more with the story. The author did very good research and obviously paid a lot of attention to getting the facts correct.I did think that the writing style lacked somewhat. It was [...]

    10. How a war ends and a nation begins The Brigade should not be missed.First hand account by leaders of the Jewish Brigade offers a unique view of life under British rule, Anti-Semitism within the ranks of the British Army, the final battles of WWII, the creation of the nation of Israel and the daring exploits undertaken to bring it about. I have great respect for the three heroes the book centers around and the thousands of others who risked so much.Wonderful read time well spent.

    11. The story of the Jewish Brigade attached to the British Army in World War II, the book focuses on three men and their missions that went beyond their duties in the Brigade. The Brigade, insultingly underused in the war, achieved its greatest distinction in fighting for the independence and sovereignty of Israel. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is that love, love of God, love of family, love of country, is the foundation that builds relationships, builds nations. Hate and revenge only [...]

    12. Excellent Jewish HistoryThis is not a historical fiction novel, although it may read like one. Blum has done the almost impossible task of digging out even the storylines from revealing sources. He has cobbled one excellent story from the stories of three separate real men, and the story appears to be of one thread. These very men and hundreds more just like them were responsible for the birth of the modern nation of Israel. Without the personal sacrifices of these men and many thousands more, t [...]

    13. I confess that I knew very little, if any, about the enmity between the British and the Israelis before the founding of Israel. In "The Brigade" author Howard Blum brings to life the story of one significant element of birth of the nation of Israel through the stories of three main protagonists and one unique unit of the British Army--a brigade of Jewish soldiers of fought the Nazis in WWII. Extremely well researched and very readable, the book is filled with pathos and irony. Definitely recomme [...]

    14. An interesting tale of the Jewish Brigade sent by the British to fight in the European campaign at the close of the Second World War. They were kept out of much of the fighting by the British high command but this details how they learned to fight which would serve them well in the battle for Israeli independence. It tells of the struggles of many of the men to deal with Nazi atrocities and the search of one for his sister and her tale of survival after the murder of their parents.

    15. Another perspective added to my WWII repertoire. I didn't know anything about any Jewish involvement of fighting in the military. The revenge and hatred was surprising because it is very hard to imagine coming to that point personally, but I have never had the life and history these men had. But change happens to us all as it did for these men and what we feel and do is not fixed.

    16. Well researched, well written, honest, and a story that needed telling. I thought I had read pretty much everything about WWII but obviously I still have a lot to learn. A little less now having read this book.

    17. Wow! A part of WWII I wish was in more history books. We read so little about how others, not only the GIs, were NOT victims but took an active part in saving themselves and building a life for all Jews. Bravo!

    18. Well done book that felt much like something written in the 'war memoir' style. I mean, the writer isn't Churchill, but then who is? But was pretty gripping; the first thing I've read straight through in a while.

    19. “A brigade of Jewish soldiers had fought the Nazis as a unit of the British army?”I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that the Jewish people didn’t fight back. This proves they did what they could. What a great read!!!

    20. 3.75. The Jewish Brigade is a part of WWII that I knew nothing about. The book is well researched and well written with first hand accounts from the 4 main characters.

    21. Really fascinating book. Jewish heroes during WWII. The Brits were not entirely without fault in the lead up to the emergence of the State of Israel.

    22. Students of Zionist history will have heard of the British organized Jewish Brigade, recruited in Palestine and deployed to Italy in 1944 and 1945. Thousands of Jewish soldiers trained under the British and played a combat role in the Italian campaign against the Germans. Their training and experience would prove a valuable asset to the Haganah in 1947 and 1948 as the new State fought for its existence. Howard Blum's telling of this chapter of pre-State Jewish history is built on the narratives [...]

    23. The end of the nineteenth century brought the rise of the Zionist movement that inspired Jews from Europe to immigrate to Palestine. This did not sit well with the Ottoman Turks who controlled the area, but it was supported by Great Britain, who would push the Ottoman Empire out of Palestine during the First World War. After WWI, the League of Nations awarded Britain a formal mandate to administer the region. This “British Mandate” was in effect from 1922 until the state of Israel declared i [...]

    24. Sounds like it will be good! The description is: "November 1944. The British government finally agrees to send a brigade of 5,000 Jewish volunteers from Palestine to Europe to fight the German army. But when the war ends and the soldiers witness firsthand the horrors their people have suffered in the concentration camps, the men launch a brutal and calculating campaign of vengeance, forming secret squads to identify, locate, and kill Nazi officers in hiding. Their own ferocity threatens to overw [...]

    25. Terrific book about the Jewish Brigade from Palestine at the end of WWII. At the end of the war the British finally (and reluctantly) allowed a brigade of Jewish soldiers to go to Europe to fight. Many of those were in Haganah, the underground Jewish resistance against British rule in Palestine - who not only wanted vengeance against the Nazis but also to get back to Palestine to fight for their own freedom. Their heroics and personal battles for redemption and meaning are riveting. What some tu [...]

    26. A very interesting book that reads in part like a personal memoir and in part an historical record. The thorough research and interviews of the main subjects of the book allowed the author to present this book in a very dramatic manner. This book fills a gap in the history of WWII by telling the story of the Jewish Brigade. While their contribution to winning WWII may have been a token one, this experience legitimized the Brigade's place as a fighting force representing a Jewish nation to-be. Th [...]

    27. Epic story of Jewish soldiers in a British battalion during the end of WW2. They were sent to Italy, thinking they would stay out of the way by the brits, but they ended up being at the crossroads of refugees, nazi's on the run, and top level secrets.The 3 men highlighted in this book are balls to the wall, all in, do whatever it takes men. The kind you want in your side. They exterminated hidden nazi's, and freed thousands of Jews lingering in refugee camps. On the whole, this is one of the mos [...]

    28. If this book was just about the Brigade, I probably would have given it 4 stars. But there were parts about the soldiers family, particularly Leah Pinchuk, that I thought were far more interesting than the main book. I found myself disappointed when the chapter flipped back to the Brigade and left Leah. That being said I think everyone should give this book a chance. Not many know there was a Jewish Brigade fighting the Nazis, and this book educates on the matter in a comprehensive and interesti [...]

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