Treason This is a story of ambitions and dreams shattered It is a tale of intrigue and greed surrounding the powerful figures in history who are unable to see the consequences of their visions It is the sto

  • Title: Treason
  • Author: David Nevin
  • ISBN: 9780312855123
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a story of ambitions and dreams shattered It is a tale of intrigue and greed, surrounding the powerful figures in history, who are unable to see the consequences of their visions It is the story of a young democracy.

    Treason Treason Definition of Treason by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web Similarly, Paige is on her own, having essentially admitted to treason to Stan and now living without identification or a means of obvious Treason legal definition of treason TheFreeDictionary Treason The betrayal of one s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies The Treason Clause traces its roots back Treason Define Treason at Dictionary Treason definition, the offense of acting to overthrow one s government or to harm or kill its sovereign See . treason Definition of treason in English by Oxford Definition of treason the crime of betraying one s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government Treason definition of treason by The Free Dictionary syn treason, sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one s country or its government treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well being of treason Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary treason definition the crime of showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government the crime of High treason in the United Kingdom Donald Trump sees treason from within CNNPolitics It s impossible to know in the moment when a presidency begins to dissolve But after a devastating hours, it s already clear that Donald Trump s will Treason definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary Treason definition Treason is the crime of betraying your country, for example by helping its enemies or by Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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    One thought on “Treason”

    1. This is the first of Mr. Nevin’s books I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and I definitely plan on reading more. Treason is an interesting, intriguing novel that gives a more personal look at Aaron Burr, and what may have been his reasons for doing the things he did. And more astonishingly, how he managed to get away with it all. The book begins a bit slowly, but soon pulls the reader in with its well-researched portrayals of Burr, the Madisons, Jefferson, and the many others who came and wen [...]

    2. Treason is a part of David Nevin's "The American Story, 1800-1860" historical novel series and takes place from the fall of 1803 through the late summer of 1807. This basically equates to the end of Thomas Jefferson's first term and his entire second term. These were important years in the history of the United States, a timeframe that included the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the election of James Madison. The novel is essentially about Aaron Burr although we experien [...]

    3. The first chapter was very dense and slow, a total historical recap that was pretty boring, even given the fact that it had a lot of new-to-me info. But Chapter 2 really picked up, and I should be finished with the book soon, it is very engaging. Once you get past the first chapter, it becomes far more interesting.Most of the problems I had with this novel had more to do with aesthetics than writing. A map of the United States at the time the novel was set, for instance, would have done me wonde [...]

    4. 3.5 stars rounded up.Find all of my reviews at:readingatrandom/2When historical fiction is done well, it's one of my favorite genres. I enjoy it the most when the author takes an event/era that I have basic knowledge about and expands on it, usually through the viewpoint of a lesser known or completely forgotten historical figure. This book definitely fit into that category. Although I was familiar with the names of Aaron Burr and James Madison, I didn't know how involved they were in U.S. expan [...]

    5. Great narrative of history. Vice President Aaron Burr challenges Alexander Hamilton to a duel over his remarks that in today's environment would be just “politics as usual.” The story reveals that he had deeper, more devious reasons. He was acquitted for murder. Much of the story is through the eyes of Dolley Madison as Burr then hatches up an additional plot to advance his own political goals and get rich too! He leads a wild life, getting into bed with a number of different prominent femal [...]

    6. Not as good as Mr. Nevin's "1812" or "Dream West", but the subject matter was fascinating: the (former) VP of the US, and the commander of the US Army, in a conspiracy to create a break-away republic. Sounds almost too fanciful to be true; but, it was true! Oddly enough, I found the villains, Aaron Burr and James Wilkinson, to be rather flat, with most of the others, real and fictional, to be more developed. I would have been more interested in finding out more about Wilkinson and Burr, instead [...]

    7. 3.5 stars would be more accurate. Positives: lots of interesting parts of American history that I knew nothing about, finally Aaron Burr is more than just the guy that shot Alexander Hamilton. Negatives: wordy and dense. I am just a YA fan at heart I guess.

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