The Joy of Sexus Lust Love and Longing in the Ancient World In her previous books Vicki Le n put readers in the sandals of now obsolete laborers ranging from funeral clowns to armpit pluckers and untangled the twisted threads of superstition and science in

  • Title: The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love, and Longing in the Ancient World
  • Author: Vicki León
  • ISBN: 9780802719973
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her previous books, Vicki Le n put readers in the sandals of now obsolete laborers, ranging from funeral clowns to armpit pluckers, and untangled the twisted threads of superstition and science in antiquity Now, in this book of astonishing true tales of love and sex in long ago Greece, Rome, and other cultures around the Mediterranean, she opens the doors to shadowy roIn her previous books, Vicki Le n put readers in the sandals of now obsolete laborers, ranging from funeral clowns to armpit pluckers, and untangled the twisted threads of superstition and science in antiquity Now, in this book of astonishing true tales of love and sex in long ago Greece, Rome, and other cultures around the Mediterranean, she opens the doors to shadowy rooms and parts the curtains of decorum.Le n goes far beyond what we think we know about sex in ancient times, taking readers on a randy tour of aphrodisiacs and anti aphrodisiacs, contraception, nymphomania, bisexuality, cross dressing, and gender bending She explains citizens fear of hermaphrodites, investigates the stinging price paid for adultery despite the ease of divorce, introduces readers to a surprising array of saucy pornographers, and even describes the eco friendly dildos used by libidinous ancients Love also gets its due, with true tales of the lifelong bonds between military men, history s first cougar and her devoted relationship with Julius Caesar, and the deification of lovers.

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    One thought on “The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love, and Longing in the Ancient World”

    1. As others have pointed out, the latest in Vicki Leon's guides to the ancient world could've used a bit more fact-checking and editing as there are some timeline as well as grammatical errors. However, like Leon's other works, if you're looking for a fast, entertaining, and flippant peek behind (actually up) the togas, chitons, and tunics of the classical world, than look no further. An amusing mix of apocryphal, mythological, and historical (occasionally without clear distinction from the author [...]

    2. Here are my thoughts on THE JOY OF SEXUS: (If you'd like to watch my MINI Review on Youtube go here: youtu/jW0x6IMzIbEI love Vicki Leon’s books! These are filled with utmost originality in content, presentation, details, facts and entertainment- and that’s in Nonfiction- History books!! It’s true. If you’ve ever read any of her books you know exactly what I mean.So, when I was offered THE JOY OF SEXUS for review- I lunged for it! I know, I know, some of you may be reluctant because of th [...]

    3. There are many interesting stories drawn together here. It's not just about the joy of sex, because some of the ancients (Nero, Caligula, Elagabulus, Tiberius, etc.) were horrifying and violent. But if you love reading about the Greeks and Romans, as I do, it does offer pleasures. I did have some animadversions, such as poor fact checking. For example, Emperor Elagabulus insists on marrying a vestal virgin despite the virgin's vow of chastity. The text goes on to say, "About two centuries later, [...]

    4. This was a fun little book on the sex lives of the Ancient Greeks and Romans (occasionally there is some info on the Egyptians but mostly it's just Greco-Roman). Like many books in this style it tries to be quippy and fun and above all brief. You're not going to get any long, in-depth look at any one thing here but rather a shallow view of things.It isn't particularly well footnoted and the bibliography is a bit sketchy in places if that matters to you. What I really wished she hadn't done was i [...]

    5. Vicki León has been out collecting ancient trivia again and this time her subject is sex. In her latest collection of the obscure, she has assembled anecdotes about ancient aphrodisiacs, wandering wombs, practitioners of erotic mysteries and victims of doomed love. By reading her book I learned about Callipygia worship - a fixation on a person's derriere and divine gender-bending that affected such ancient prophets as Teiresias the Seer. I think my favorite passage from the book, though, was a [...]

    6. I previously read León’s 4000 Years of Uppity Women and was disappointed with the layout and how brief the biographies actually were, so when The Joy of Sexus started with actual chapters, detailed descriptions, and a cohesive narrative, I was very excited. If Sexus was 200 pages instead of 320, I’d be writing a very different review.Unfortunately, there just didn’t seem to be enough material to cover an entire book. 45 pages in, loved it. 150 pages and it started to feel repetitive. 280 [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book for free from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. Also posted on my book blog, Rinn Reads.Sex sells. Simple. The media is full of it: scandals, the porn industry, sex tips – but rarely is an actual discussion of sex positive. Often it is shown in a negative light, something that, despite being the most natural of human acts, is ruining and corrupting lives and generations. So it’s nice to finally see a discussion that is positive.What’s interesting i [...]

    8. Vicki León certainly seems to have an ability for discovering and unearthing the bizarre and unusual, no matter what moment in history it seems to be from. She has written and published books for children, as well as adults, known for her popular anecdotal volumes, Uppity Women and Working IX to V, she now turns to a hotter and more illicit subject in The Joy of Sexus. Many people have heard certain “things” and “rumors” about what certain Romans, or Greeks, or Egyptians or people of th [...]

    9. When I first caught sight of a copy of this book for fairly cheap at a used book store, I was excited. The study of sexuality in the ancient world is something dear to my heart, and reading through the story headers in the index had me laughing hard. I was prepared for a humorous read about some truly bizarre ancient ideas. Unfortunately, I put this book down feeling disappointed. It's well-written enough, and León's humor is charming. But not far into the book, I encountered an error that made [...]

    10. Anyone who reads or writes about the ancient world has to wonder how human sexuality was expressed in those days. Was it overt, or kept behind closed doors – or whatever passed for closed doors before the doorknob was invented? Vicki León answers these questions in her 2013 nonfiction The Joy of Sexus.Exploring sexuality from the beginning of humankind to Nero’s infamous appetites, and from contraceptives to castration, is a broad field. Fortunately the Greeks and Romans weren’t shy abou [...]

    11. I reviewed the Joy of Sexus by Vicki Leon, in exchange for review from Netgalley. The book was published by Walker and Company. The book discussed the history of sex throughout the ages. I enjoyed reading about the different aphrodisiacs and anti-potency remedies. Some of the aphrodisiacs included mandrake roots, satyrion, red coral, and wormwood. People also used herbal potions and plants; amulets and rubs; and also inserted hair, excretions, and nail clippings to improve potency. On the other [...]

    12. I love this book, and I want to be Vicki León when I grow up. She takes a sex positive view of life and translates it to the ancient world while not glossing over any of the ugly parts of history. The book is funny, witty, and sexy even though it also gives weight to very serious subject matter like genital mutilation and slavery. I wished that she had been able to include images of the art that she mentioned (statues in the Louvre, paintings by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, etc.) but I'm so glad that [...]

    13. I found this a mostly humorous collection of stories about, yes, lust, love, longing, with largely ancient Rome as a focus. Mainly my annoyance was in the sorting of these stories and how there is very little distinction made between "true" historical accounts or sources and that of the mythical accounts of sexuality, nor a "timeline" within it. There is dabbling here of the cultures of Egypt, Greece (Athens, Thebes and Sparta most predominately), and early Christian biblical pieces and a 'marty [...]

    14. The ancient world is confined to the Greeks and Romans, with a smattering of mentions of the Egyptians in this book that covers attitudes and practices of the ancients with regards to contraception, cross-dressing, marriage, divorce, ancient female pornographers and more. We learn that obscenities were protection from the evil eye; much as modern people might throw salt over their shoulder to ward off bad luck, ancient people would use obscene words while making a "protective gesture." Dirty jok [...]

    15. The book starts out good but it goes off topic in the last third part. This book was supposed to be about sexual lives and beliefs of the ancient people but the last third of the book just talks about random tales about ancient people and includes stories like how Greeks loved dogs while Egyptians loved cats as pets. I guess the author felt like she didn't have enough material to fill the book if she stayed on topic, so she found some "filler" information about off-topic stuff in order to comple [...]

    16. Note: I received this book via Netgalley.An interestingly taboo topic. This book was very informative and attention-grabbing to read. This book makes history fun and enjoyable to read (and not just because of the topic), the narratives and descriptions were well done and the research was obviously extensive. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it and not just to history majors!Also on lrjohnson13/2012/

    17. "Joy of Sexus" is a non-fiction book filled with the funnier and definitely more interesting side of sex in the Ancient World. An This is the fun kind of non-fiction book that will keep you interested through the entire book. I love books where I get to learn a little bit of something while I'm reading. The book definitely fits that bill.I learned so much from this book. The book covers some of the famous people of the Ancient World and some other intriguing topics along the way.

    18. Joy of Sexus is a book that is full interesting and informative guide to sex in the ancient times. It is something that will take a lot of research to unearth the information that is the book has, not anything you would read in a typical history book. This book is dives right into almost anything that you may wish to be curious about the subject. Illustrations and the way the book was put together were revealing and made the book an intriguing read.

    19. Another interesting book from Vicki Leon, who covers broad topics in a shallow (but fun) way. The only complaint is a large number of mistakes in Latin, some of which are probably automatic spelling corrections by a word processing program (e.g. "generic" for the Latin word "generis"). Still - `fun book!

    20. A broad range of short biographies on some very earthy people of the ancient world. A nice change of pace to see a more human look at the history of ancient civilizations. To be picked up and and put down with ease, with no need to read straight through, given the jumping around of the subjects.

    21. Pleasant enough but not very satisfying (rimshot). The topics are very scattershot. I liked her list of sources which include the Courtesans and Fishcakes author. It would have been improved by more smut or a focus on one era. *All* of ancient Greek and Roman history is a smidge too wide of a canvas to fill.

    22. This book is a helluva lot of fun! Excellent history drawn from primary sources, Vicki Leon's "Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love & Longing in the Ancient World" gives us the juice and joy of sex and love in the days before Christianity added guilt and shame to the game. Highly entertaining, and without the sludge that made History Class such a bore back in the day. Who knew history could be this fun?!

    23. This was a really fun, at times irreverent, look at sex, love and relationships of the ancient Greeks and Romans, with a little bit of other peoples like the Egyptians, Etruscans and s thrown in.

    24. More fluff than fascinating, I still learned a little, namely: Ovid loved women and knew how they liked to be aroused. He published Art of Love and its erotic companion Remedies for Love. Also, The Metamorphoses.

    25. I have long enjoyed Leon's work. However, the formatting of the digital ARC I received is absolutely atrocious. It is very difficult to read. I do plan on reading the title when it is published in book-format.

    26. Its' really good. Reads a little like a textbook, but lots of interesting information. If you like to learn, then this is a great book about a interesting topic from long ago. Awesome views on how sexuality was and has evolved.

    27. Completely readable history book on the sexual habits of Ancient Romans and Greeks. Pretty interesting stuff actually. Wish there was more on Egyptians. Barely discussed, and they're my favorite.

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