Discipline The Glad Surrender In our age of instant gratification and if it feels good do it attitudes self discipline is hardly a popular notion Former missionary and beloved author Elisabeth Elliot offers her understanding of d

  • Title: Discipline: The Glad Surrender
  • Author: Elisabeth Elliot
  • ISBN: 9780800731311
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • In our age of instant gratification and if it feels good do it attitudes, self discipline is hardly a popular notion Former missionary and beloved author Elisabeth Elliot offers her understanding of discipline and its value for modern people.Now repackaged for the next generation of Christians, Discipline The Glad Surrender shows readers how to discipline the mind, body,In our age of instant gratification and if it feels good do it attitudes, self discipline is hardly a popular notion Former missionary and beloved author Elisabeth Elliot offers her understanding of discipline and its value for modern people.Now repackaged for the next generation of Christians, Discipline The Glad Surrender shows readers how to discipline the mind, body, possessions, time, and feelings overcome anxiety change poor habits and attitudes trust God in times of trial and hardship let Christ have control in all areas of lifeElliot masterfully and gently takes readers through Scripture, personal stories, and lovely observations of the world around her in order to help them discover the understanding that our fulfillment as human beings depends on our answer to God s call to obedience.

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    One thought on “Discipline: The Glad Surrender”

    1. Very good. Here are some of my favorite quotes:"Discipline is the disciple's "career." It defines the very shape of the disciple's life.""Discipline is the wholehearted yes to the call of God.""There are truths that cannot be known except by doing them." (p.38)"A young woman asked the great preacher Charles Spurgeon if it was possible to reconcile God's sovereignty and man's responsibility, "Young woman," said he, "You don't reconcile friends." (p.41)"We cannot give our hearts to God and keep ou [...]

    2. This was my third reading of the book. Every time I read it, I walk away with a different perspective. Clearly, the book hasn't changed since I bought it over a decade ago. But my circumstances and spiritual maturity are constantly changing, and it's so loaded with spiritual help that I always come away richer. To be mentored by Elisabeth Elliot is a true joy. The fact that she passed into eternity during my third read is both sweet and sad. But whether she is here or there, she continues to min [...]

    3. I haven't read a book by Elizabeth Elliot since college. I would say by far this one is my favorite by her. I would recommend to girls between the ages of 17-23(and up) to make this one a priority to read. I really enjoy her style of writing it is still personal and convicting without a lot of fluff. Written beautifully and with tack at the same time not beating around the bush . She has some opening chapters on what discipline is and a few others followed by chapters on the following:Discipline [...]

    4. So much good stuff here. I read it in short bits as part of my daily devotions. I would recommend this especially to millennials and Americans who struggle with boundaries and authority. I love that she kind of takes the hard line on a lot of things. She doesn't deal with all potentials and excuses of each specific situation. She just says obey Christ and discipline your body. The end. Stop whining. I will definitely be recommending this to friends. The biggest "problem" I had with this book wer [...]

    5. Upon beginning a reading challenge for the new year, I randomly picked up this book because it I respected the Author but more so because it was nearest in my reach at the time. Reading and writing about spiritual disciplines can be hard because of different tensions Scripture presents about works, righteousness and "being who you are". Often books of the like finish most sentences with what I call a gospel caveat. "You SHOULD read your Bible every day, but if you don't, there is grace. And if y [...]

    6. When I heard of the sad passing of Elisabeth Elliot, I felt the sudden urge to read one of her books. The Glad Surrender was given to me over 25 years ago, and I can't remember ever actually taking the time to read it before—better late than never! What an absolute gem this book is. With highlighter in hand, I made my through the pages, underlining precious quote after quote. "In a deep mystery, hidden in God's purposes for man before the foundation of the world, lies the truth of man's free w [...]

    7. This has to be a new favorite!I love Elisabeth Elliot's writing. It's so easy to read, yet powerful. Her writing draws you in and keeps you interested. Often times, nonfiction can go on and on about a topic and make you lose interest by the midpoint of the book. Elliot didn't do that. She used her own stories and stories of others to drive points home and it made it a much more personal book.The points talked about were so helpful and convicting. But I think the best part of this book, is it lea [...]

    8. simple and profoundI love Elisabeth Elliot. She reminds me of my grandmother in her direct, no nonsense, distant Germanic mannerisms.And I can't help but admire a woman faithful enough, to live among the very violent tribe who murdered her husband in a remote jungle with a small child. The gospel is daring, and so is Elisabeth Elliot. But you wouldn't see that in this book. What is evident in "The Glad Surrender," is how Elisabeth Elliot achieves a faith so complete.I highly recommend the docume [...]

    9. An excellent read. Elisabeth Elliot is stunning.I started this book thinking that it was going to be a basic book about what it means to live a disciplined Christian life in terms of praying, reading the Word, etc however I was pleasantly surprised to see that it far surpassed my expectations! The main, over-arching theme of the book is living under the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life. Whether that be the discipline or work, time, feelings, place it shows us that we can take very deli [...]

    10. I loved this book beyond what I can describe here. It was packed with so much truth and wisdom I will need to read it many more times in my lifetime to truly benefit from it. It will be one if my go to books to find encouragement and conviction when I need it. Written later in her life, Elliot doesn't pull any punches and I am so grateful. Highly recommended if you want your life changed.

    11. Thank you again to my good friend who gave me this book! :-) It is very well-written and thought-provoking. When you read this book you often feel as if Elizabeth Eliott is speaking to you. It is also delightful to read about the different places she was while she was writing. This is a very inspiring and worthwhile book, and one that I am likely to read again.

    12. This book was amazing! Elisabeth Elliot has so much wisdom to share. Mrs. Elliot shares from her personal experiences what it means to daily surrender your life to the Lord--to discipline oneself to lift up everything as a living sacrifice to the Lord!I recommend this book to ages 15 and up.

    13. I really liked a lot of the points Mrs. Elliot made in this bookry big encouragement to me as a Christian. But then, I like most of Mrs. Elliot's booksOnly drawback, it took me forever to read because she doesn't use the KJV, and I had to look up each verse.

    14. I did not read every chapter of this book. I usually like Elizabeth Elliot’s work but I got to the point where I felt like she was using a whole lot of words to say a whole lot of nothing. Or just stating the same things over and over again, the point of which was unclear at times and I lost interest in the book completely. I did finish the last two chapters though and overall I would say the content is worthwhile but to watch out for a legalistic approach to some issues.

    15. Practically helpful in seeking to take every thought and moment captive for Christ. Based on the title, I assumed it would have more to do with Hebrews 12:6 and James 1:2 than 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. The emphasis was our human will in obeying Christ; bringing every area of our life under subjection to His Word. The author speaks with the humble confidence of a wise older woman, debunking the myths of moral relativism so often espoused by moderately Christian society and firmly holding up the Bibl [...]

    16. I thought this book was a thorough explanation as to what true discipleship is to be. It cannot be founded upon a legalistic attitude bound by the Law, but rather, a wholehearted devotion to the Master who bought us with a very costly price. Discipline is not some downcast, restrictive practice that one commits to in order to seem holy or pious. Discipline is a heart matter. To realise that because we are loved with an Everlasting Love, we are able, and now made willing, to present ourselves and [...]

    17. Finally read this from beginning to end. Love Elisabeth Elliot's works from top to bottom. This one started out a little slow for me, I couldn't get a finger on where she was going exactly but it got better as I went. The overall theme here is, of course, Discipline. Further in she addresses specific areas that we can (or can not) be disciplined (orderly, in control over, etc) in: Body, Mind, Place, Time, Possessions, Work, and Feelings. My favorites were the chapters on the Mind, Place, and Fee [...]

    18. In Discipline: The Glad Surrender, Elisabeth Elliot offers an interesting perspective on several disciplines of life. While she touches on some that probably come to mind, the book tackles these subjects from a different perspective than you usually find. Rather than prescribing a set of rules, Elliot gets into heart attitudes on topics like controlling your thoughts, being disciplined with your time, and not letting your feelings run away with you. I found all of the topics extremely helpful an [...]

    19. As with everything Elliot writes, she goes for heart-change, for spiritual growth - not for practical or outward teaching, and that is what I love most about everything she writes. She gets at our root problems - trusting God, faithlessness, incorrect perceptions, worldly values that have seeped into even Christian culture, etc. - and then shows us the Scriptural answer and helps us to understand God's will and character a little better with each chapter. This book will transform how you think a [...]

    20. AMAZING! Once again, Elizabeth Elliot has pierced the heart with great truth and wisdom. I couldn't put this book down. As a very "un-disciplined" woman at times and in areas that I don't want to work on, this book was a brick in the face. For example, as a woman that is chronically late, and yes, I mean CHRONICALLY she explains in Chapter 10 titled, "The Discipline of Time" that "time is a creature - a created thing - and a gift. We cannot make any more of it. We can only receive it and be fait [...]

    21. I suspect most of today's Christian women and mothers would buck against much of what Elisabeth Elliot teaches. She teaches a more rigid (but grace-filled) way of living than most of us know. However we are an extremely sheltered generation and Ms. Elliot, to me, is like a very wise grandmother who speaks from experience that I do not yet possess.I may not identify with everything she says (especially since she slips into many of her books, her pro-spanking stance!!) - however I am glad that we [...]

    22. Excellent. Favorite chapter was on the discipline of work. This book is worthy of a regular, yearly reading. Highly recommend. A few favorite quotes:"There is always enough time to do the will of God. For that we can never say, "I don't have time."" (p.99)"Frustration is not the will of God. Of that we can be quite certain. There is time to anything and everything that God wants us to do. Obedience fits smoothly into His given framework. One thing that most certainly will not fit into it is worr [...]

    23. I can't say that I read many Elisabeth Elliot books, but those that I have read have always left a mark on me. This book is no different. Her approach to things of faith is most often so simple and elementary - but it is just as often that Christians need to be reminded of these plain truths. I found myself encouraged morning after morning, as Elliot outlined God's promises to us, as we walk in the discipline of faith and righteousness. If you ever need a refreshing blast of Biblical truth, just [...]

    24. One of the best books I've read in a while. It didn't meet my expectations at all. It exceeded them. I am so thankful to the Lord for Elisabeth Elliot. Her wisdom and insight is very much appreciated and, by God's providence, accustomed to my current life situation. Though I am sure the truths in this book will always be relevant. I definitely recommend this book. Men ought not be turned off by what may be seen as a feminine cover, this book is applicable to every Christian.

    25. There were snippets of wisdom and some great one-liners. But I felt like I slogged through the book, wishing she would just get to the point (perhaps that's why it took me two months to finish!). I also didn't like that there were no footnote numbers. She had a list of references in the back of her book, but they weren't clearly marked (beyond the page number), and the pages were sometimes off.

    26. Elliot's books are always hit-and-miss for me (sometimes love/hate), but I really enjoyed this one. It's wonderfully PRACTICAL; like reading the book of James after immersing yourself in the Pauline Epistles. My favorite chapter was probably the one on time; I've pulled quotes from it for a lot of workshops, speeches, etc. There were a few things I didn't agree with in the book, but there usually are no matter what I'm reading.

    27. While I did not appreciate all the quotes by Christians of questionable stripe, I was thoroughly absorbed in the lessons for discipline and self-control. The author breaks down the subject into disciplining the mind, the emotions, in service, use of our time, our body, our work, and many more minute areas. Her examples from Scripture are convicting and her personal struggles are laid bare, as always. Refreshing and challenging. Highly recommended.

    28. Read through this with some good friends and it is the kind of book I will definitely need/want to read again. Elliott challenges you to look and many areas of your life that need surrendering to the Lord. Often I found myself thinking a chapter didn't apply to me, only to be pricked at the heart that I still have areas that need refining. A great book for anyone pursuing holiness and more discipline in their life.

    29. Great thoughts from an amazing lady. The only problem I had with this book was that I wished she would have delved deeper into some of the thoughts she brought up. I loved the little snippets of her life that she scattered through the chapters. Great thoughts on discipline with focus on different areas.

    30. Uhhhmazing read!! I found Elisabeth Elliot to be extremely helpful in her writings as to the many aspects of my life that need discipline as a believer!! While reading her book, I felt as if we were sitting together, having coffee, while I grasped on to each bit of wisdom she was sharing with me as a fellow believer and friend!!

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