Daughters of Jared From the Book of Ether comes a haunting story of two royal sisters The elder sister Ash will do anything to bring her father King Jared II back to the throne The younger sister Naiva only wants

  • Title: Daughters of Jared
  • Author: H.B. Moore
  • ISBN: 9781608613953
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Book of Ether comes a haunting story of two royal sisters The elder sister, Ash, will do anything to bring her father, King Jared II, back to the throne The younger sister, Naiva, only wants to save her family from destruction The bond of sisterhood becomes precariously fragile when one man named Akish falls in love with the younger sister, Naiva YFrom the Book of Ether comes a haunting story of two royal sisters The elder sister, Ash, will do anything to bring her father, King Jared II, back to the throne The younger sister, Naiva, only wants to save her family from destruction The bond of sisterhood becomes precariously fragile when one man named Akish falls in love with the younger sister, Naiva Yet he chooses to marry the elder sister.The sisters hearts are divided And when Ash becomes queen, seduced by the promise of power and wealth, Naiva watches her world crumble away She sees only one way out But it will require forsaking all that she holds dear.

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    One thought on “Daughters of Jared”

    1. ***4.5 stars ***I am amazed by this book. I honestly sit here at my key board feeling the power of this story and trying to find the words to express my thoughts.This book takes a couple of chapters from the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon and expounds them into a story that gives me a better perspective how the events could have happened. I have always read them and moved on, never thinking much about them. The warning of secret combinations and the power of them I have recognized and taken [...]

    2. Daughters of Jared is a tightly woven Book of Mormon historical that honestly kept me in my comfy chair long after I should have been up making dinner and doing some other Mom-like things. (I know it's just after Mother's day and I probably shouldn't admit that.) But I just had to see how it all ended!We are introduced to our heroine, Naiva, the long-suffering second daughter of ousted King Jared. She is level-headed and doesn't have much ambition when it comes to being a royal queen or getting [...]

    3. I enjoy reading scripture-based fiction stories and Heather Moore once again does a fantastic job! This is a story that I'm familiar with and she brought the characters and the time period to life. It's the story of a family that is hungry for power and the father, Jared, and older sister, Ash, will do whatever they need to in order to accomplish that. There's a younger sister, Naiva, who feels differently than they do but she loves her family and is loyal to them. Akish comes around and instant [...]

    4. Already having read so many of Heather Moore's books, I was prepared for a great tale. But this truly blew me away. This was a masterfully written story, filled with suspense, intrigue, and a very satisfying romance! Naiva was a wonderfully written character, very believable and sympathetic, and Levi was absolutely great in so many ways. I love stories where the hero is such a well-written character as Levi is. I liked him, right from the beginning. Akish, of course, was as bad as I expected. I [...]

    5. Heather Moore has an exceptional talent for writing an interesting story that makes me want to pull out my scriptures and re-read the real thing. I really appreciate any historical fiction that makes me want to go to the history books (scriptural or otherwise) for more information.This was shorter than her other novels, but the length was good. I liked the characters, even though Naiva's selflessness after what she'd been through was hard to imagine.Levi's love seemed to come out of no where (th [...]

    6. First line:"What have I done?" my sister asks me.H.B. Moore has beautifully written another great Book of Mormon story. Inspired by the Book of Ether, the author takes us on a whirlwind ride of politics, deceit and love. Naiva is the main character and we learn much from her point of view about the palace and royal intrigue. Her life is changed forever by a greedy king, a selfish princess and dark oaths as old as Cain himself.Naiva is the second daughter, the one who gives everything to help the [...]

    7. Wow. Just wow. Heather B.Moore is an author who is extremely skilled at bringing the scriptures to life. This story is based on the 10th century B.C. Meso-American scriptural account from the Book of Ether in The Book of Mormon. (I believe this ancient story can be appreciated by readers of all faiths). It was a time of much corruption and struggle for power within the ruling family. I recognized the structure of the tale and the real-life characters from my own scripture study, but this novel i [...]

    8. After reading one of Heather’s books, I return to that section of the Book of Mormon and read those scriptures with a new perspective of what life might have been like for those people. I’ve always considered the daughter of Jared to be evil and that was pretty much it, yet Heather opened my mind to the possibility that she may have come to regret her actions.Did she fear for her life after her husband murdered her father upon the throne? Perhaps she mourned as her husband became paranoid ab [...]

    9. Daughters of Jared is a thrilling tale of a young woman caught in a web of evil spun by her sister. The story follows the journey of these two sisters - both searching for something different. One for glory and power, the other for peace and faith. Naiva, the younger sister, adores her elder sister Asherah. But when Asherah's plots to gain their father their throne lead her down a path to attempted murder, Naiva soon realizes that she needs to protect herself from her sister's wiles - as well as [...]

    10. I try to be careful about throwing around 5-star ratings; often, I find they're just so much hyperbole. Typically, 2-4 star ratings are more useful in helping me evaluate a book in advance. That said, I think this book earned its rating. My wife absolutely loved this book as well. She took it from me, shortly after I got home, and didn't put it down until she finished reading it later that night.Daughters of Jared conveys a message of hope despite despair. That resonated with me, especially with [...]

    11. This latest novel by H.B Moore has got to be one of her best so far. I don’t think I even took a breath during the first 100 pages. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration and I most likely had to have, but only when the words started to blur and I reminded myself to do so. The tension between the heroine, Naiva, her sister, Asherah, and Akish was palatable throughout. Throw in the strong, mysterious and devoted Levi, and the emotional tension soared. The way in which Moore recounts this Boo [...]

    12. I love reading a good book that keeps me thinking about the characters long after the book is shut. Daughters of Jared by H.B. Moore (AKA Heather) is masterfully written. She pulled me into the pages of this ancient story and brought the scriptures to life. Daughters of Jared is based on a story from The Book of Mormon, so it is historical fiction for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I would like to voice my opinion that any fan of historical fiction regardless of thei [...]

    13. This historical novel will not be eligible for a 2012 Whitney Award since I'll be serving on the committee again. I hope my readers will enjoy this book. It's different from my other novels . . . there are no prophets! And it's told from a woman's perspective in first person. It's probably one of the most intense books that I've written--lots of conflict and heart-wrenching stuff between families, sisters, brothers, and daughters and their father.

    14. This book was more of a romance than I expected. The story is captivating and had me referring back to the book of Ether several times.

    15. This was a pretty fast paced novel that took place over many years. Naiva and Ash are the main characters. They are sisters who are daughters to king Jared. Jared had overthrown his father for the throne and was then in turn overthrown by his brothers who reinstated his father, Omer, onto the throne. Jared and his family live in poverty compared to what their life in the palace was like. Ash is the favored daughter and Naiva is almost treated like she doesn't exist, or that she is an inconvenien [...]

    16. DAUGHTERS OF JAREDBy H. B. MooreH. B. Moore’s decade-long immersion in Book of Mormon research and Meso-American culture has produced eight previous novels based on this beloved book of scripture. In Daughters of Jared, her ninth Book of Mormon-based novel and eleventh book overall, Moore fills her pen with that rich understanding and illustrates this world in vivid detail, deftly interweaving excellent storytelling into an historical account of deception and intrigue pulled from the Book of E [...]

    17. This is a book set in the time of the Jaredites, a people in the Book of Mormon. It is centered around a royal family described in the Book of Ether. It follows the lives of two sisters, one who danced to allure a man so that he would kill the king, and the other barely more than her servant. Ms. Moore takes care to reference foods and circumstances that would have been more typical of that era and region and uses mostly names that come from scriptures. There is romance, danger, sadness, faith, [...]

    18. Two things stood out in this novel, besides the fact that it was well written.First, the author certainly knows Meso-American culture and history. Having read a couple of her other works set in the same general area and time, I wasn’t surprised, but I must say that her research here really shines. Her descriptions of dwellings, clothing, makeup, food, and rituals easily transported me into the world and story scripturally described by Moroni in the the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon. Some [...]

    19. Daughters of Jared is another gripping and dramatic Book of Mormon tale from the extremely talented Heather Moore. In this novel, characters from the book of Ether are brought to life, including King Jared, Akish, Omer, and Asherah. Naiva, though completely fictional, was placed in this historical setting to convey the story from her point of view.As the story unfolded, I was very impressed by the complex relationships between the characters. I found it interesting that Naiva was attracted to Ak [...]

    20. I was given a copy of Daughters of Jared from the author to read and review. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Heather B Moore is one of my favorite authors because she is able to bring scripture stories to life. She causes me to want to open my scriptures and re-read the true story now that I feel I know the characters better. The desire to read scriptures is always a good thing! Of course, this is historical fiction and that is what makes it such a fun read. Fun may not be the right word [...]

    21. The first book I read by H.B. Moore was Abinadi, and I have been a huge fan ever since. I especially love that Daughters of Jared was about two sisters and their loyalty to each other despite the very different choices and paths they take. I've always overlooked the story of the daughters of Jared, not really thinking about them and the impact their lives had on a generations of people. But this book reminded me that each of us - no matter what our role is here on Earth - has a unique way of inf [...]

    22. As I read this book I was continually struck by the main character’s (Naiva) ability to be manipulated. Though, as the character grew older/wiser/aware, she still did what her older sister wanted. The difference was her motivation. She chose to stay in an emotionally abusive situation in order to try and ‘save’ those around her. As women so often do, she put off her own happiness for the greater good.While part of me whished she had run off with the handsome, strong, knight-in-shining-armo [...]

    23. A story demonstrating the love of power is the root of all evil, forbidden love, love stands the test of time and having faith makes life's challenges bearable. Narrated through the voice of Naiva over a 14 year period during 10th century BC. Naiva is the second daughter to King Jared, she believes her soul purpose in life is to serve and worship her eldest sister. After her heartache, imprisonment and escaping death twice and a lifetime of sacrifices, Naiva eventually gets the happy ever after [...]

    24. Even though this book is a work of Fiction, it has characters who are well known from the Book of Mormon. We have Asherah, who dances for Akish and she becomes his wife. Even though Akish has eyes for Ashera's younger sister Naiva, who's point of view this book is written. Naiva enjoys Akish's attentions at first, but when she hears of the plot to kill her Grandfather, and Akish is the one who will gladly do it, with the help of her sister and father's encouragement. Being trapped by devotion to [...]

    25. Jared has lost his wife and his kingdom and is a broken man. He has two daughters: Asherah, known as "Ash"; and Naiva, the younger sister. Ash wants power and wealth; Naiva wants to protect her family. Ash devises a plan to help her father regain his kingdom, but it involves (attempted) murder, deceit, and secret combinations.While I was familiar with the story of Akish and the daughter of Jared, I love how Heather Moore brought the story to life for me! I really felt for Naiva and all the sacri [...]

    26. Mystery, intrigue, heartache, sacrifice, danger, and love. Naiva, the second daughter of King Jared II has always been in the shadow of her older sister. She's never caught the eye of a man, and even her father brushes her aside in favor of Ash. So when the one man who makes her skin tingle marries her sister, Naiva decides she will probably never marry. When betrayal and murder crash into the sisters' lives, Naiva turns to her new faith in the Lord to see her through the atrocities of her new l [...]

    27. I seriously loved this book. The first half dozen chapters were so enthralling that I felt myself slipping into my "don't bother me, I'm reading" zone (my poor children may have been slightly neglected for an hour or so that afternoon). I loved (and hated where appropriate) the characters and I ended up right back in the scriptures to review the true, original story (any book that takes you back to the scriptures should get some bonus points if you ask me). Once I put he kids to bed for the even [...]

    28. I got a chance to re-read this story on my kindle. I read it years ago when it came out in paper back & liked it enough to read it again. I really liked that the characters struggled with religion, but not Methodist vs Catholic--this struggle was monotheism vs. many gods & idols. The family is emotionally torn apart as they find themselves embroiled in a conflict to overthrow the king. There is action, romance, faith & intrigue.Original review: I liked this story quite a bit more tha [...]

    29. Another great novel from HB Moore. I loved the intensity and quick pace of the story. At times my heart broke in two for Naiva and her unfailing dedication to family, especially her sister, which at times I have to admit drove me crazy. I wanted Naiva to just be selfish and take care of herself once or twice. Ashera makes me crazy but redeemed herslef in the end with her act of selflessness. Loved Levi and Libd Akish creepd me out from the beginning. All in all another great one!

    30. Wow! I devoured this in just a few hours on a Sunday night. I absolutely love all of these books and the way they really make you want to read your scriptures to see what happens next! A great anyday read, but especially on Sunday! I love the way you see the differences between the sisters, the one that chose wrong and the one that chose family. That Akish sure was a creep. Yuck! I was very happy with the ending, even if I did want to see what happened next!

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