Much Ado About Madams A suffragist schoolteacher with a hidden past Six shopworn whores cooking up plans for a better future And a hunky cowhand who isn t quite sure what to do with all these womenLife isn t always comfort

  • Title: Much Ado About Madams
  • Author: Jacquie Rogers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A suffragist schoolteacher with a hidden past,Six shopworn whores cooking up plans for a better future,And a hunky cowhand who isn t quite sure what to do with all these womenLife isn t always comfortable at The Comfort Palace If you d like a humorous Linda Lael Miller or an old west Rachel Gibson novel, you ll love Much Ado About Madams

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      141 Jacquie Rogers
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    One thought on “Much Ado About Madams”

    1. I loved Book 1 of the Hearts of Owyhee, Much Ado About Marshals. Book 2 provides more laughs and interesting characters, and Rogers does a great job making each of the "ladies" unique. Hero Reese falls for prudish schoolmarm Lucinda, and they both harbor secrets that while obvious to readers, still make for an entertaining, heart and soul read.

    2. I got this book from because the author is on and the title.I liked two things about this book: the story is unique, and one of the main characters Reese.I have read most stories about motels, or as they were called back then 'whore houses' and most of them involve owners who are ruthless and only after the end pay. This one was different-in reading it you realize that Reese-inherited the place and couldn't kick out the ladies and he agrees to have Lucinda teach them so they can make a better [...]

    3. I liked this book. It normally wouldn't have taken me so long but I was reading it in between others. It was a great change of pace from the paranormal books that I usually read.I think all of the characters had depth to them. Not only was it funny but it was heart warming also. I like the fact that the main character was a strong character not like other romance books that I have read. Also a positive, there was no mention of any quivering members :D.

    4. Terrifically drawn characters, who walk off the page. Did not expect to enjoy this but could not put it down for fear of losing the connection. Smart, witty, authentic. Excellent. A naughty 'Little House on the Prarie' for grown ups.

    5. What do you get when you combine a suffragist schoolteacher with a hidden past, six soiled doves wanting a better future, and an oh-so-sexy cowboy who isn't quite sure what to do with all these women? A fun to read, laugh out loud western, and that’s exactly what you get in Much Ado About Madams, #1 in the Hearts of Owyhee Western Romance series by Jacquie Rogers.This is a story with just the right amount of raunchy. Everybody has a secret and a backstory and a hidden agenda, and it’s a joy [...]

    6. Much Ado About MadamsA brilliantly written book I could not stop laughing at times and kept rereading the funny parts. I could not put it down wanting to read more. It's a very lighthearted and funny book with quite a few hero's and heroines and deserves no less than 5 stars.

    7. I liked this book, I just think that it was missing something to make it really good. I think the premise was great. Lucinda, a young suffragist school teacher leaves Miss Hattie's School for the Refinement of Young Ladies and moves out west for a job. Instead of the group of seven year olds she was expecting,she finds herself working in a brothel teaching a group of prostitutes that want to better themselves. Having been raised in a brothel herself, until her mother had been killed, Lucinda fel [...]

    8. In my quest to read as many indies as possible this year (I just made that goal up, but it sounds good) I decided to snag this on sale from some website advertising thingy. I didn't even read the synopsis. Or if I did, I promptly forgot it.My reading tastes are eclectic. If you follow my reviews you know this and probably wish I had one specific taste. But no. Strangely enough, as varied as my reading material is, my taste in romances is pretty specific. I can think of three romance writers off [...]

    9. Really, really liked it. Great story, with lots of funny LOL scenes from the very beginning. Fannie and her girls are a fun bunch, (all 7 of them) then add the twins, Gus, Logan the coachman, the Sherrif and of course Lucinda and Reese and you have one heck of a story that would make a great movie. Didn't see the connection (from one of the bad guys)coming. There's a lot of back ground to Miss Sharpe than the beginning let us see. Some bits of editing missed here and there but not enough to both [...]

    10. It was amazing!! I freaking love it!! I love Luciana because she helps the girls in being more proper ladies so they can have a second chance to do something in their lives than being prostitutes. Also, I like Reese too, because he treats the girls kindly and with respect them for all the things they suffered in their past and his father's hand, yet at first,he has trouble understanding Luciana, but he knew she was the one as Luciana thought of him as the one for her. I just love the story, the [...]

    11. It was a better than I anticipated since I haven't read to many romance novels in the past. I have since started reading them again. I really enjoyed the story line, there were many twists to this story. The ladies in this story were wanting something better for their lives and their boss also, how they went about doing it was comical and gave me a few chuckles. What really surprised me was the ending and how the teacher in this not only taught a few lessons but also learned some as well. I woul [...]

    12. Jacquie Rogers has a talent for making the Old West fun! I laughed several times while reading this book. While not a very spicy romance, there was just enough to fit the story. All the characters were well-developed. I want to learn more about the whores and other citizens of Dickshooter.I really liked Reese, the reluctant brothel owner, and I grew to like Lucinda just as well. She tried so hard to be proper! Opposites attractbut they aren't as opposite as they think. If you are looking for a f [...]

    13. A cast of unusual charactersThis is a complicated story with several back stories and a cast of unusual characters. I expect that many of these characters will get their own books in the series. A brothel in a remote town, a reluctant brothel owner, a school teacher/suffragette, and a vindictive former partner all play their parts. "The suffragists had it right, she thought as she drifted off to sleep. Men were truly vile creatures."

    14. Fun-loving, Hysterical and HeartwarmingI thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I have to say that this book had me laughing with tears in my eyes. The characters in this story all were funny even when they had deep-seeded sorrows from their pasts. I'm glad that all the staff of the Comfort Palace got married. I look forward to reading more of your books.

    15. The main and supporting characters were likeable but could have done with a deal more fleshing out. The language felt a little stilted. It was a decent light read and holds promise of growth. I do wonder what the author would do with this story if she revisits it after a few more books under her belt.

    16. What do you get when you take a group of soiled doves, a school Marm and a reluctant owner of a house of ill repute? Much Ado About Madams. There is action, adventure, mystery and love. Word of warning, be careful where you read this, you will find your self laughing out loud and don't have any beverages or you may find them coming out your nose as I did once or thrice.

    17. I did not at all enjoy this book. The story was trite and uninteresting, the main character was an obvious Mary Sue, none of the characters have any depth whatsoever.I read this book solely because I was able to download it for free on my Kindle and I decided to have a bad romance spree. I definitely got that.

    18. I am not a historical romance fan. I read this book because one of my friends loves this stuff so I thought, okay give it another try. The story is nice but predictable. There were a couple small gaps but they weren't horrible. If you are a historical romance fan you'll really like this book, at least I think you will. So, overall I think this is a cute book. Kind of mind candy.

    19. Who'd have thought there is a real town called "Dickshooter"??? This was a action-packed story about a woman who takes a job as a schoolmarm but finds out she will be educating whores in a brothel instead! The whores want out of the business and she just might be the one to help them do it. There is an obstacle in the way and his name is Reese MacAdams. Read on to find out what happens next!

    20. This was a great, quick read. A suffragist school teacher gets a request to teach out west. What she doesnt realize is the students are prositutes. Every character is likable and I believe each will have their own stories coming out.

    21. Much Ado About Madams is a fun read. The story is interesting, although it's a bit redundant, and the characters are entertaining. There were parts of the story that didn't seem consistent and it was really hard to like the main character in the beginning.

    22. Cute and sweet, with just the right amount of steam, but I'm not a big fan of "embarrassment humor", so that's what pulled the final rating down a bit for me. A solid 3/5, with a possible full review to follow.

    23. This book was so fun. Couldn't put it down! Memorable characters and a fast, easy read. Loved the story line! I had the privilege of meeting and hanging out with Mrs. Jacque Rogers in Deadwood, SD. An amazing, hilarious woman!!

    24. Great Read!!First book I've read by Jacquie Rogers, must say it was outstanding, funny I'm looking forward to reading more books by Jacquie must read!!

    25. Wacha' waiten ferI love the flow of words. It puts you in the time frame of an ignorant country scene. Not blowing the end it is an amazing book.

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