The Tycoon s Secret Daughter The CEO s second chance Max Montgomery had it all charm good looks and a career as CEO of the family business Marriage to Kate Hunter was the icing on the cake Until a devastating family secret sent

  • Title: The Tycoon's Secret Daughter
  • Author: Susan Meier
  • ISBN: 9780373178117
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • The CEO s second chance Max Montgomery had it all charm, good looks and a career as CEO of the family business Marriage to Kate Hunter was the icing on the cake Until a devastating family secret sent his world and then his marriage crashing down around him Years later, Max is accidentally reunited with Kate, who also has a secret the daughter he s never met BondingThe CEO s second chance Max Montgomery had it all charm, good looks and a career as CEO of the family business Marriage to Kate Hunter was the icing on the cake Until a devastating family secret sent his world and then his marriage crashing down around him Years later, Max is accidentally reunited with Kate, who also has a secret the daughter he s never met Bonding with adorable Trisha may come naturally, but with the shadows of the past still haunting him, recapturing the heart of the woman he s never stopped loving is quite a different matter.

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    One thought on “The Tycoon's Secret Daughter”

    1. I really enjoyed this one. Max and Kate were married but she left him because he was an alcoholic. She was pregnant when she left.Now, Kate is back in town because her dad had a stroke. She meets Max at the hospital, with her daughter beside her. He immediately realizes Trisha is his. Max has been sober for years. When Kate left, he realized just how much he had hurt her. He never tried to find her because he thought it was too late. When he sees Kate and Trisha, he knows it is his last chance t [...]

    2. Sweet, sappy, perfect for the mood I was in. Was it a literary masterpiece? No. It definitely was not.Still, the light romance kept me reading and the characters were pretty likable on their own.An added bonus was the fact that the setting was rather inventive. I was not 100% happy over the way alcoholism was inserted, but at least it was not glossed over or forgotten in the end. All in all, the read intrigued me enough to keep a look out for the next book in these series. And I am very glad Net [...]

    3. This week I've read two books on topics that can press emotional hot buttons. The first is The Tycoon Millionaire's Secret Daughter. It deals with alcoholism, a subject I had considerable experience of as a child. What are the chances of picking up a romance novel, a reunion story of course, because I love reunions, and finding the hero not only has the same addiction as my father, but shares the same surname. That was bound to press a few buttons.Max Montgomery reacted badly ten years ago when [...]

    4. The Tycoon's Secret Daughter is a simple novel about Max, an ex-alcoholic man who found his ex-wife, Kate, in a hospital with Trisha, a daughter he had never known. Apparently Kate left Max after witnessing his drunken rage and was pregnant the whole time and Max didn't know about it for years. The majority of the plot is about Max wanting to know his daughter and subsequent asking for Kate's forgiveness and reconcile their relationship.The plot (the girl have a baby and later the guy find out) [...]

    5. I was in the mood for a sappy love story and when I saw this one on Netgalley I had a feeling it would fulfill my need. And it did, it was a really cute story that kept me interested throughout and ended up being really cute.The main character Max is a recovering alcoholic. He made a mess of his life with his drinking and finally began to clean up his life after his wife Kate left him. When Max sees Kate again he is surprised by how quickly she tries to get away from him. He thinks it's because [...]

    6. A sweet romance that kept me reading all night long!Second-chance romances always go straight to my heart. This one is sweet. I can totally understand how Kate feels. She doesn't want to get involved with her alcoholic ex-husband. Yet, she finds that in the seven years, he's a new man.Max is an alpha hero who makes my heart pitter pat. He knows he messed up in his past and lost the one thing that made him happy - Kate. Little did he know he lost a daughter too. Once he finds out, he spends time [...]

    7. apesar de tudo gostei!uma historia tranquila, sem grandes pretensões e diálogos intensos.a trama gira á volta de um grave problema que afecta transversalmente a sociedade, o alcoolismo, e de como ele pode destruir familias e relacionamentoss fala tambem da coragem de assumir o problema e de o controlar, de uma forma eficaz de modo a garantir estabilidade nas relações familiares.Max Montegomery apesar de ser oriundo de uma familia abastada, nao consegue superar determinados acontecimentos e [...]

    8. His attraction to her sprang up like a lion that had been lying in wait in the African bush, confusing him.The happy couple.Kate is a construction project manager who left her alcoholic and increasingly violent husband without telling him she was pregnant. Max is a newly-sober real estate mogul who is stunned – STUNNED, I TELL YOU – to find out he’s the father of a predictably adorable six-year-old daughter.The setting.The predictable small-town-with-all-the-amenities-of-a-metropolis.The s [...]

    9. This was a fairly mediocre book. Although there was nothing horribly offensive about it, there wasn't really anything great about it either. I give it about 2.5 stars. The main problem with this book is that nothing happens. And while that nothing is happening, the characters have very, very repetitive inner monologue talks with themselves. The book could easily have been half as long without losing anything important.The premise is that Kate and Max were once married and very much in love. But [...]

    10. “The Tycoon’s secret daughter” è finito nelle cose da leggere perché come al solito non riesco a dire di no ad una romance non quando mi si presenta con una copertina che non lascia nulla all’immaginazione, non quando ho voglia di una romantica storia d’amore che mi riempia il cuore di passione. Ecco perché pur ignorando bellamente la trama della storia mi sono ritrovata a leggerla con animo leggero.Max Montgomery vive da sempre a Pine Ward ed è un super milionario che manda avanti [...]

    11. This book was reviewed for Net Galley and will also be posted at mysecretromancebookreviews4 StarsMax Montgomery is a recovering alcoholic who lost his wife 8 years ago because his drinking drove her to leave. He scared her so bad when he was in a drunken rage that she knew she needed to leave. Max doesn't know the real reason why she left. Kate is back in town because her father has had some health issues. While at the hospital she run into Max, she really just wants to avoid him because she do [...]

    12. Eight years ago, Max Montgomery broke his wife’s heart. After five years of marriage of which three were volatile because Max discovered a family secret and had to deal with, the marriage fell apart. Kate couldn’t take Max’s choice of coping anymore, and she left him. She had to get out and not just for herself, but for the little secret that she refused to share with Max. Now Kate has inadvertently returned to Max’s turf, and he soon discovers her secret as well as feelings that they sh [...]

    13. Tycoons Secret Daughter by Susan Meier 4 STARS I like how the characters are trying to deal with thier past troubles. They are trying to do whats best for thier daughter, not what they want. Thier are no warnings about the content of this book. I look forward to reading about Max's brother story that is coming soon but not as fast as I want. Max Montgomery had it all but then through his drinking he lost a lot of the good things in his life that he had. Max has been sober for seven years. He has [...]

    14. When I added this book I was in the mood of reading stories of first time daddies. After a while I started to read this book.What shall I say?As we know from the blurb, that Max had everything in his life, but his love due to his stupid mistake. The stupid mistake was that Max staring drinking after a family secret was revealed this part was confusing, as I believe that something small was made something very big. WHY???Okay that paragraph sounds confusing even to me, let me break it down: Max w [...]

    15. I got this book a while back and figured it was high time it moved up on my review schedule. It was a fast, easy, yet emotional read and I found myself rooting for this family to have a second chance. Max has been living sober for the last several years. His alcoholism ruined his marriage and he's never gotten over his love for his ex-wife. As fates would have it, he runs into his ex, Kate, and those old sparks are still there. For him at least. Then, he's hit with a huge shock. Not only did Kat [...]

    16. Max terkejut saat bertemu dengan mantan istrinya, Kate. Terlebih lagi ketika dia mengetahui bahwa dia memiliki seorang putri berusia 7 tahun bernama Trisha. Hampir 8 tahun yang lalu Max tenggelam dalam kebiasaannya meminum alkohol. Setiap hari Kate mendapati Max dalam keadaan mabuk. Meski tidak menyakiti Kate secara fisik, keadaan Max membuat Kate berpikir untuk melindungi anak dalam kandungannya. Kate pergi meninggalkan Max dan bersembunyi dar Max selama 8 tahun.Untunglah Max menyadari kesalaha [...]

    17. My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThe Tycoon's Secret Daughter is a great story about second chances and starting over.Max and Kate were in love and had it all until Max’s drinking problems drove Kate away in fear of her safety and safety of her unborn child. Eight years on Max is sober and regrets the break up of his marriage. Max doesn't know he is a father so when he runs into Kate now his ex wife and learns he is a father he is shocked and devastated.I think Susan Meier did a fantast [...]

    18. Very good book. I thought the whole marriage breakup was handled very well. Kate had fled their marriage after Max's drinking got out of hand and she feared for the safety of the baby she carried. When they met again years later, Max had been sober for seven years. He found out about his daughter and wanted to be part of her life. Kate had been badly hurt by Max's actions during their marriage and was afraid to trust him again, but couldn't deny him the chance to know his daughter. So she agreed [...]

    19. This story started with Max found Kate again after 8 years with Trisha, who turned out to be his daughter. Kate dissappear 8 years ago after a major tirade from drunken Max. Kate who have not tell him about her pregnancy then,decided to walk out of their marriage as she doesnt want to subject her unborn child to his alcoholism. Max, uponfinding out, wanted time to be with his child, and kate realising that it is important to both Trisha, and Max to discover each other, comply with the request. H [...]

    20. This was a sweet and good story of romance, second chances and starting over. Focused on the emotions and the struggle to forgive and forget there wasn't a lot of action while still keeping a pretty good pace. Kate lives with fear and an almost false sense of bravado, constantly afraid of the past repeating itself. Max is a very repentant once-alcoholic and is almost too compliant at times, though he's always sweet. I often found myself more in charity with him than her, but as the story progres [...]

    21. *My reviews are personal reflections of what I read and take notes of. I do not get paid for my reviews however, this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher through Netgalley. *Full review can be found on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews This completely grabbed me from the start! Max and Kate meeting in the lobby of the hospital, and just the few moments they spend there, where Kate realizes Max has stopped drinking, and Max realizes that he has a daughter – WOW!

    22. A genuine love story about an alcoholic that has a happy ending? Hard to believe, but Susan Meier's "Tycoon's Secret Daughter" does just that. More importantly, she doesn't white-wash the issue. Susan fearlessly shows us the wholesale destruction of Max and Kate's relationship and the intensely difficult task of learning to trust again as they face their own personal demons with honesty and integrity.Susan's sensitive treatment of addiction in a relationship is well worth reading.

    23. PG13 - descriptive kissing, adult subject matter (alcoholism, adultery)Super fast read; under 200 pages.I think I'm over the "surprise! we have a baby" genre.There was an abundance of re-hashing going on at each chapter, as if I couldn't remember what I just read.There are better books.

    24. This novel was just way too damn mellow for me. Although even being as it was, it was still a good novel to read. I do enjoy these types of harlequins but I adore more drama.

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