This Brilliant Darkness When an ancient deeply troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University s Dunn Woods Will Christine piece togeth

  • Title: This Brilliant Darkness
  • Author: Red Tash
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When an ancient, deeply troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University s Dunn Woods Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis This fast paced story moves quickly from character toWhen an ancient, deeply troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University s Dunn Woods Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis This fast paced story moves quickly from character to character, introducing us to the headspace of not just Christine and the monster Greachin, but also to Tom, her devoted boyfriend, and Richard, an aging physicist interested in the time traveling star overhead Along the way, singing street people, cosplaying environmental activists, and heaven sent beings come to populate the unique cityscape of Bloomington, IN, where encountering the bizarre is an everyday experience.Part one of a series.From reader reviews This is labeled as a dark fantasy As such you would expect it to be dripping with imagery and poetic devices and it is There is horrific cleverness in the plot and in the characterization You will find no better use of language and symbolism throughout the prose It is well done In addition to the dark fantasy, there s a flip side to the coin which is that this could also be labeled Sci fi There are aliens, a new star, physicists, and end of the world fanatics All of this is done artfully well and is believable The quick, snappy dialogue moves the story fabulously, and with the many change of POV s each chapter , the story kept building in momentum into a tangled web of darkness, mystery, and paranormal terror The fast pace was refreshing and I kept on reading, wondering what was going to happen to Christine and how all the characters twined into the bigger pictureThe main character, Christine, is energetic and likeable She is always trying to find out what s happening to her and the people around her She fights right to the bitter end Warning this is intended for adults.

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    1. As one looks at the cover of This Brilliant Darkness- the reader is immediately drawn to it- that art promises such a facinating yarn- and in the hands of a master writer like Red Tash- this is exactly what the reader gets!The atmosphere of this book- so hard to simply label horror or paranormal. about simply A GREAT READ the true star. Ms Tash so finely weaves a path of intrigue, terror, humor and suspence- that the reader is taken with each character- so very finely drawn by Red Tash as well a [...]

    2. My review was first posted on Northern Plunder, you can read more of my reviews there too.I read this a little while ago and it took me a while to complete as it was the first eBook I read so I kept forgetting I even owned a kindle.I won my eCopy of this book from a competition I entered on someone’s blog and the author even spoke to me afterwards and I promised her I’d review it too, so here it is. A few months late but better than never.I would also like to apologise before hand that I’m [...]

    3. Thanks to Red Tash for sending me this ebook as a prize. This novel was a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, it has amazingly vivid descriptions and multiple quirky POV characters. On the other hand, I wasn't always sure which character the vivid descriptions "belonged" to, which made the story difficult to follow. I got confused a few times about who was experiencing what, especially the really psychedelic visions. I'd have liked a typographic clue (different font, perhaps) or a page/chapter he [...]

    4. The enigmatic Red Tash has created a compelling, multi-layered - and fully nuanced - modern fairytale, full of pop reference and varied philosophical allusions. This Brilliant Darkness is smart, thrilling, funny and full of great characters tangled in the kind of small-town webs Stephen King revels in. Excellent writing from a writer to watch. One of the best new writers I've read in years. Pick it up!

    5. A great well done dark fantasy Red Tash! I really loved it Red, and I can't wait for the sequel to release. I highly recommend this book to all dark fantasy lovers, Red Tash will not disappoint you. Happy Reading Cheers!!

    6. I’ll begin with this: I’m a sucker for a well-written, fast-paced story with a twist that involves physics and supernatural phenomena. My bias clearly labeled at the outset, I’ll begin my review of Red Tash’s well-written, fast-paced story of twisty physics and the supernatural entitled This Brilliant Darkness The physics part of it involves the appearance of a star, Stella Mirabilis, above Bloomington, Indiana. It’s the star’s behavior that provides the twist to the tale—a time tr [...]

    7. Description: Bloomington Indiana. Home to a couple thousand college students - and to the Greachin, a dark creature bent on stalking and destroying university professor, Christine Grace.Christine isn't herself. Her mind wanders, she suffers from hallucinations and blackouts, strange messages and thoughts plague her, and she has an eerie suspicion that someone - or something - is watching her. Her boyfriend, Tom, and coworker, Richard are stumped, but her strange attitude paired with the appearan [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book. I love Red's voice. She put me right in the action. I felt as if all the confusion was happening to me. The demon (or space demon bat or whatever it was) was NOT something I'd ever want to meet in a lit cell let alone on a dark forest path. I got the distinct feeling that it would eat anything. The terror was delicious and scary because it wasn't well defined. What ruins a good horror story for me is a surfeit of blood and guts, where every horrific act is shoved in one's fa [...]

    9. Bloomington, Indiana should be nothing more than a quiet college town. It had been until a strange flashing star began to light up the night as well as daytime sky. A star that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. Strange events are also happening in a local wooded area. All too soon it becomes very personal to Christine Grace because something very strange is happening to her as well.She could be losing her mind.That would be the easy explanation.Maybe the strange events are happening becaus [...]

    10. Let me start off by saying, please read the description of the book. I never feel the need in my review to re-do the description. I just like to give you my opinion on it. My Opinion:I loved the book. I thought it was written well and had great mystery and suspense throughout the book that grabbed me right from the beginning. I loved how Tom and Christine were opposites and were great together. I loved how Red got into the minds of all her characters and portrayed each one. I also loved Greachin [...]

    11. The way the author weaves fantasy, humor, science fiction, and mystery is, for lack of a better word, brilliant. I read the entire thing with admiration/envy, taking notes and thinking 'THIS is how you write a novel.' The religious themes and sexual undertones combine to make an intellectually stimulating joyride. It reminded me of Lorrie Moore (sarcastic, clever) meets Dan Brown (can't put it down, fast paced), but much more poetic. There were layers upon layers of symbols and ideas, but even i [...]

    12. Red Tash has a beautiful, lyrical style that is unique and fresh. In "This Brilliant Darkness" she's evoked a realistic, charming setting with just enough dark corners and creepy byways. The cast consists of richly rendered characters including a quirky collection of college-town oddballs and eccentrics, and neomythic, possibly trans-dimensional creatures. Her setting is so well-rendered that I feel like I could drive an hour north and find it. And she manages to create peculiar characters that [...]

    13. If you’re looking for a fast-paced book that’s dark, intelligent and witty, choose This Brilliant Darkness. Author Red Tash successfully blends science fiction, fantasy and humor with a dash of mystery. I loved the shifts in view and the pacing. It was one of those reads where I’d promise myself, “I’ll just read until the end of this chapter,” and then 30 pages later I was still engrossed. Set in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town, the book is a whirlwind of viewpoints taking us in [...]

    14. This was the first book I read of Reds, & it knocked me for a loop. Gorgeous plot, wonderful writing which took, & takes, me to a place within this world that I had never imagined. A dark tale told from several viewpoints, of a dark creature & the dark places it takes people.Quote #1: "She thought of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, & she wondered what "crazy" might mean to God. She snaked her arms through the air, & laughed." (page 130, paragraph 1) So much crazy sht going o [...]

    15. talksupeI like Christine and Tom, they're one of those polar opposite couples that clicks like Dharma and Greg. Greachin is one atrocious being like Hannibal Lecter minus the off the charts IQ. This beast is on a mission and he's fueled by revenge and fury and he's patient. Patience is a characteristic you don't want your bad guy to have, it's a virtue that will guarantee him success. I was just frustrated about the monk and Tristan, they're supposed to be on Christine's side but they weren't re [...]

    16. I read this on my new Kindle Fire I got for Christmas 2011. It was a great read on a five hour plane ride to Mexico. Having the book to read made the trip so much more enjoyable! When I got to Mexico New Year's Eve and walked a dimly lit path to my hotel, I saw bats flitting about and wondered if the creature, Greachen, was lurking about in the agave! The characters are well-developed, an otherworldly creature very mysterious, and I liked how the chapters were broken up and also that the author [...]

    17. Excellent, fast moving story. To those who have read the Frank Peretti books, the style is similar because of the human and the spiritual interactions. Red jumps between characters and even writes about their dreams and visions without losing or confusing the reader. She holds your interest and fuels your imagination with vivid scenes throughout the book and the story stays with you long after you finish. I certainly hope there is a sequel, because this is the type of story that readers don't wa [...]

    18. Let me start by saying that this is not the type of book that I usually enjoy or even pick up. But something drew me to this one. It was definitely a quick read and it kept me thoroughly entertained. Though, I had moments when I just wished the story would stick with Christine. I wasn't a fan of Greachin's chapters, but I do think they were necessary. I suppose they sort of added to my feeling of confusion - which helped me to relate to Christine.Overall, it was enjoyable and I do look forward t [...]

    19. "I found This Brilliant Darkness to be a wholly captivating and imaginative short novel that incorporates elements of science fiction and horror; mixed with great pacing; gripping suspense; and smart, witty and believable dialogue The novel was full of moments of beautiful description and nice touches that brought me fully into the story, and had me walking right beside the rich and fully developed characters."

    20. Overall this was a good book with a great plot/story. My largest issue is that it swapped perspective too much at the start and it made it hard to get into any one character and was confusing to follow for a bit. Do give it a read I think that you’ll enjoy the characters and brilliant darkness!Story – GoodCharacters – Good Dialog – Awesome.

    21. I enjoyed it. Took me awhile to read it since it's not the type of book I usually read. Also because of that I don't really have anything to compare it to. I liked it, though, especially all the star trek references. I will read the sequel should it happen!

    22. I read This Brilliant Darkness this week. It was a wild ride! I find myself thinking about it a week later. This is a good thing. Check it out.

    23. Great book very well written you won't be disappointed with this book. Fun book to read at this time of the year.

    24. I seem to be in the minority on "This Brilliant Darkness."Red Tash's debut novel gets good reviews on . Four and a half stars by 21 reviewers, in fact. The description promises "a fast-paced thrilling tale of karmic struggle and suspense, magical supernatural beings, physics and sci-fi fantasy." Seemingly right up my alley.The story is loosely focused on Christine, a university professor, as she begins experiencing bizarre, inexplicable phenomena -- hallucinations, time warps, electronic devices [...]

    25. Where do I begin? I found myself in a bit of a quandary because the first two thirds of the book itself had me completely confused and absolutely riveted at the same time. Greachin was quite the enigma and I'm not entirely sure all my questions about "it" (which I say because I'm not sure if Greachin is actually male, female, neither or both) were answered completely. Red Tash, you're going to have to write a second book now because there is so much there that has to be finished. You left the st [...]

    26. Red Tash's The Brilliant Darkness is a dark fantasy involving a young college professor, Christine, her circle of friends and colleagues, and a genuinely weird antagonist named Greachin. Set in Bloomington, Indiana, during a peculiar stellar event, the Stella Mirabilis, the story unfolds first with a murder, then with a series of increasingly weird and frightening events centered around Christine. There are heavy dabs of both Christian religion and Buddhism scattered throughout, themes of reinca [...]

    27. The Good: This is labeled as a dark fantasy. As such you would expect it to be dripping with imagery and poetic devices - and it is. There is horrific cleverness in the plot and in the characterization. You will find no better use of language and symbolism throughout the prose. It is well done. In addition to the dark fantasy, there's a flip side to the coin which is that this could also be labeled Sci-fi. There are aliens, a new star, physicists, and "end-of-the-world" fanatics. All of this is [...]

    28. First things first: I need to mention I received this book in a giveaway.A young university professor Christine Grace is stalked by a mysterious being Greachin. She does not know even about Greachin's existence, but she notices strange occurrences happening to her (hard not to notice when you end up completely naked behind a trash bin as a result of one such occurrence). There is also a mysterious star which appears in the sky recently and is only visible from Bloomington, IN where all action t [...]

    29. The description of this book, from the author, states that, " doesn't dumb itself down, so you need to be a top-notch reader to really enjoy this one." Look, I'm not blowing smoke up my own ass when I say that I *am* a "top-notch reader." I read incessantly, across genres and styles. That being said, there's a difference between a book being nuanced and layered and being a structural mess. The POV jumps were clumsy, often with little to no idea of whose head we're in. (The Kindle edition had a p [...]

    30. Brilliant Just BrilliantThat was my reaction to Red Tash's This Brilliant Darkness. We have a philosopher, who feels out of her time and element, she cannot believe that anyone loves her even though she is loved by virtually all who meet her. We have her lover who desperately wants children and family. There is a damaged and grief stricken physicist from the U.K. Simon, a lost child sheltered by monks and devoted to God and gifted/cursed by visions. Greachin, a twisted, fragmented, psychotic int [...]

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