In The Name Of Love The author of ten New York Times best sellers including three gripping Crime Files volumes Ann Rule has proved time and again the she is our premier chronicler of true crime Now with brilliant insig

  • Title: In The Name Of Love
  • Author: Ann Rule
  • ISBN: 9780751521092
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of ten New York Times best sellers, including three gripping Crime Files volumes, Ann Rule has proved time and again the she is our premier chronicler of true crime Now with brilliant insight and an unrelenting eye for critical detail, she delves into her darkest files to explore the circumstances that propel the most unlikely suspects to cross society s boundaThe author of ten New York Times best sellers, including three gripping Crime Files volumes, Ann Rule has proved time and again the she is our premier chronicler of true crime Now with brilliant insight and an unrelenting eye for critical detail, she delves into her darkest files to explore the circumstances that propel the most unlikely suspects to cross society s boundaries and commit desperate acts of murder In the Name of Love probes the case of Jerry Harris, a self made California millionaire who, at age forty four, had it all booming businesses, yachts, a a mansion, a beautiful wife, and a voice to rival Elvis No one who knew this well liked, generous man could make sense of his sudden disappearance one October night in 1987 On a final phone call to his brother from his Mercedes, Jerry breathed a muffled oath then the line went dead For Jerry s wife, Susan, it was just the beginning of a relentless eight year search for the truth behind her husband s vanishing Through exclusive access to an FBI agent inside the investigation, Ann Rule unmasks a man driven by malevolence and hidden jealousy to destroy Jerry Harris magnificent business empire She expertly profiles a criminal mind that stopped at nothing in a scheme of greed and violence With the riveting power of a Greek tragedy, Rule reveals the dark underside of an all American success story, and a wife s ultimate triumph of justice in the name of love Including other unforgettable accounts of true crime, this is Ann Rule at her chilling best.

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    One thought on “In The Name Of Love”

    1. The short stories were great, but the main story was amazing and heartbreaking.As a lot of reviewers said, it dragged at times, but that's the way it happened in real life and I guess we needed to know all the facts. I felt really sorry for the Harrises, they didn't deserve anything that happened to them and Susan's ordeal was almost never-ending! It was my first Ann Rule book and I'll definitely read all of her books I can get my hands on.

    2. *In the Name of Love: Danville, CA, 1987 (the murder of Jerry Lee Harris and the completely batshit insane plot to kill his wife)*"Murder and the Proper Housewife": Bellevue, WA, 1974 (attempted murder-for-hire, orchestrated by a woman who felt her best friend would be better off with the best friend's husband's trust fund instead of the husband; n.b the best friend had no idea)*"The Most Dangerous Game": Index, WA, 1971 (sociopath befriends, stalks, and nearly murders two teenage girls)*"How It [...]

    3. Ann Rule is a mastermind when it comes to writing gripping stories about the dark underside of killers, abusers and the like. Unfortunately, there are criminal minds that could be in our world who are driven by jealousy and have a wish to do evil to you or your loved ones.While reading "In the Name of Love", I was reminded of the chilling way my ex-husband was murdered. He too, was a self-made millionaire. He was murdered because of jealousy and greed. That was a new beginning for me in my un-wa [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book. I do have to say one thing:The killer was a complete and utter moron on a level that even *I* have never seen before. Ms. Rule talks at length about Jerry's good luck but I think the killer had much, much better luck.This is the guy who has (apparently) tried to have several people killed. Has tried to steal. Had a bomb put under a car sp to kill his ex (of which, when the bomb didn't go off, still let HIS OWN CHILDREN ride in the car knowing and seeing the bomb was still in [...]

    5. Five tales of cold-blooded murder. The title tale is the longest, going into the disappearance of Jerry Harris, a self-made millionaire with successful businesses and a lovely wife, Susan. When Jerry seemingly vanished into thin air, Susan never gave up hope -- or determination. It would take eight long years to see justice served, and the tale is a very twisted one indeed. The other four are much shorter, all of which have the idea of love, be it selfish, obsessive or the lack of it completely. [...]

    6. I lost this book, or rather misplaced it. If I ever get around to finding it I will finish it since I was 75% done. The main story in the book was long but somewhat interesting. Not Rule's best work. :/

    7. This is my 2nd Ann Rule book. I didn't like it quite as well as the first book but I liked it nonetheless. I listened to this one audio style It was read by Laural Merlington and she does a fine job. 3.75 stars in my ever so humble opinion.

    8. The title, novel length, story was very intriguing! As is usual with Ann Rule's books I could not wait to see what would happen next. Ann Rule always makes me feel great emotions toward the characters, and I particularly like the fact that, while her own opinions on the cases and the people involved in them are clear to see, she is very good at potraying the people without much bias on her part. She gives the impressions that she has gleaned from other people involved in the cases and she does s [...]

    9. One of the early Case File Collections of Ms. Rule is a good one and in this one I think I preferred all the shorter stories. Anyone who reads Rule know that her Case File series feature one story that like a novel or short novel followed by usually a story that would equal the length of a novella, followed by one or two even shorter stories, sometimes the last might be about the length of a short story. This setup and style makes it easier to read through these by giving the reader a break. Nic [...]

    10. The title story is a heartbreaker. An innocent man cut down by greed and jealousy. It definitely seems like a case that was close to Rule's heart and the pain and fear and turmoil of it comes through in every word. A tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Of the other cases, The Most Dangerous Game definitely hit me hard. There are some scary, crazy people out there. Trust no one.

    11. Another well-detailed true crime book from Ann Rule. There is one main story, followed by several short tales. The main story is from over 25 years ago: the murder for hire of a man named Jerry Harris who was a force in the business world in California in the 1970’s and 1980’s until his murder in 1987. His wife Susan never gives up hope that his killer will be arrested. Susan, and nearly everyone else who knew Jerry, knew who killed Jerry, either directly or indirectly, but there is no evide [...]

    12. The main and first story is about a man named Jerry Lee Harris, an entrepeneur. The title of his story is also the title of the book. He seems a likeable jovial guy, who is succesful in life. He and his wife have quite an age difference, but it works out. I can relate to that. My partner is older than me as well, but age tend to fall away when it just clicks between two people. Jerry and Susan have a wonderful life, but one day he just doesn't come home. They find him later, but not alive. He's [...]

    13. I liked this recap of true life murder mystery cases. It read like a script for a Dateline or America's Most wanted type show. You know from the beginning there is a murder and you know who dies. Sometimes you even knew who did it but you had to read the story to get the why, how, and "where are they now" details. The first story "In the Name of Love" took 3/4 of the book so obviously this was the most detailed and drawn out of the 5 stories. Personally, I probably could have been happy with a l [...]

    14. Those that know me will have a hard time believing that this is my first True Crime book. Oh, I might have read one in college or something for a Criminal Justice class, but nothing I remember. About this book though - I enjoyed it. There was one long story in the book and then 4 or 5 short stories at the end. I watch true crime television shows all the time, but this book hit me harder than most of the shows I've seen. It gave so much detail about the characters and their lives prior to the cri [...]

    15. I broke down and read Ann Rule again after several breaks from her. I enjoyed her early books but I have always felt that she "got too big for her britches" so to say. The first story in this book was decent but I was disappointed in all of them to be truthful. As a true crime blogger I know there is often misinformation in the media. My disappointment here was different. In the first story Ann changed the name of one of the perpetrators but since she didn't the others I was able to find informa [...]

    16. I think this book is really interesting if you are into crime scenes and psychology of humans. I think the author makes it incredibly easy to understand but so don't like that she tells you the end of the story before you read it, and I think there were too many stories entailed in the book. Overall good read!

    17. I love the Ann Rule Crime File books! They are always so well written. She provides good information that has clearly been researched in an understandable way. I have read many of them throughout the years, and have to say that this collection is probably one of my favorites. It offered something a little different for the main story-which was about a murder between business partners rather than a murder between a man and woman and a relationship gone wrong. The other cases in the book were rela [...]

    18. This book consisted of 5 different true crimes stories. The first one took most of the book [296 pages of the 414] and I found it too long. Overall the story was okay, but she managed to drag it out where you wondered if the murderer was ever going to be arrested! Real life I suppose! It was certainly a book I could put down and read another. It took me several months to get thru the whole thing, but once the first story was finished I was able to get thru the other 4 stories in a day or so.

    19. There is an enormous gap between this volume of Ann Rule's True Cases and the last one that I read ("A Rose for Her Grave", I think it was) in terms of the writing. Rule does a really solid job in this book - very solid, very satisfactory, really decent. I don't know what her editorial situation is, obviously (who is her editor, how much editing her books get, etc.), but at some point she needed her editor or some editor, somewhere, to point at #4: "In the Name of Love" and say, "THIS, Ann. Do T [...]

    20. I found this audio book at a truck stop, while traveling. She was the only author on the rack with whom I was familiar. I knew it would keep me entertained and awake, while driving. Although this is not one of my favorite Ann Rule novels, I enjoyed it, and she is truly one of the best true crime writers.

    21. Very affecting. Felt like I knew Jerry Harris by the time I finished. Bothered me that such an exuberant man who would secretly provide Christmas presents to a needy family could be killed so senselessly.

    22. This was not one of the better true crime books I have read. To me it dragged on and on at times about the businesses and relationships he had with the 3 main characters involved. I did not go on to read the other stories in this group of books but will at some later time.

    23. Susan had to go through a lot when her husband was murdered by his so call friend. Steve was a greedy guy that killed his friend for money. Then he went after his friends wife to try and get the moneyad Steve is put away for life.

    24. As always enjoyed reading this book by Ann Rule. I had not heard of the primary case nor the smaller cases written about in the book, so it was very interesting beyond when I already know of a case being written about. Thank you again Ann Rule.

    25. Enjoyed this book, true sad story of a guy who has everything who gets done in by his business partner's greed. What I learned, be careful of those you go into business yet. Never underestimate the other guys greed.

    26. The first story in this anthology should have been a book in it's own right, as that the murder of Jerry Harris was a truly compelling and heart breaking tale. Unfortunately the other stories feel shoe-horned in at the end, and as far as true crime stories go, were pretty bland.

    27. Ann Rule is my favorite true crime writer. I have read most of her books, but never one that included additional shorter excerpts from her case files. With this book, I enjoyed both the main story and the shorter segments at the end.

    28. The main story in this book was about Susan Harris being murdered in October, 1987 in Danville, California. And then there were four other quick stories. I really like the way Ann Rule writes.

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