Ireland Rose Balti born Ireland Rose daughter of Irish immigrants must be married by her seventeenth birthday Rose s father finds a suitable husband Captain Camden Lovell twenty seven years her senior Captain

  • Title: Ireland Rose
  • Author: Patricia Strefling
  • ISBN: 9781449721855
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Balti born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by her seventeenth birthday Rose s father finds a suitable husband, Captain Camden Lovell, twenty seven years her senior Captain Lovell takes his bride to Charleston, provides her with a beautiful home on the Battery and good standing in Charleston Society.Three years later Rose is a widow CaptaiBalti born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by her seventeenth birthday Rose s father finds a suitable husband, Captain Camden Lovell, twenty seven years her senior Captain Lovell takes his bride to Charleston, provides her with a beautiful home on the Battery and good standing in Charleston Society.Three years later Rose is a widow Captain Wyatt, her husband s trusted employee is now in charge of her affairs Rose senses he does not like her One day he brings a young woman with child to her and a secret that must be kept A little girl is born, and Rose becomes a mother Captain Wyatt offers to marry her in name only to protect her from Charleston society gossip, but she is determined she will not marry a second time for protection She will marry for love or live alone.Just three months later, August 31st, 1886 the city of Charleston suffers the worst earthquake of the century Her beautiful home is in shambles Rose has no choice but to return to her parents birthplace in Ireland The only record she has of her Irish ancestry is in her mother s Bible She and her infant daughter take the next ship to Ireland She has begun to hope she has finally found happiness when Captain Wyatt comes with news that shatters her heart.Every person Rose loves is taken away Her faith in God is shaken There is a plan for her, but she can t see it Captain Wyatt breaks her heart, not once but twice.

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    One thought on “Ireland Rose”

    1. I have entered to win this book everytime you do a giveaway. Please grant this leprechaun her wish of the book? Give this eire descendent the final rose=) (Is that sappy enough to win the book?;]

    2. This is a Christian Historical Fiction but I wasn't overwhelmed by the "Christian" side of it. I also think that maybe a younger audience might enjoy this better, so perhaps it should be classified as YA. Little Miss Ireland Rose is quite an emotional girl. She is lost and confused and always crying. She cries when she first arrives, she cries when she reads letters, she cries when her maid comforts her, she is ALWAYS ALWAYS crying. Perhaps that wouldn’t bother you but it did me. Her parents m [...]

    3. I thought the first two-thirds of the book deserved a solid 3-4 stars. I was enjoying the story, and really thought it would go somewhere. There were a few storylines that I was waiting to see play out (like the love letters; getting ahead of myself, but talk about an anti-climactic let down!).So why the 1 star review? (Warning: I ended up swearing near the bottom.)What woman in her right flipping mind would raise a child for a full year - we had to sit through how many chapters of the author ne [...]

    4. My first thought when I saw the book Ireland Rosen by Patricia Strefling was that it was a pretty book - the cover imagery really makes you feel like you are going to be reading a lush romance! I received this book free as a first read and was impressed as soon as it appeared in my mailbox. The book did not disappoint - for fans of historical romance set in America, this is a worthwhile read. The story begins with an arranged marriage between seventeen year-old, Baltimore born Ireland Rose (Ros [...]

    5. originally appeared on:Bookshelf ConfessionsIreland Rose, titled from the heroine of the storyIt’s quite a weird name.;)I always love historical romances.d this time the story is set in Ireland and Charlestone.It’s quite fascinating really, how she found love in Captain Wyattcially the story behind Wyatt and his first love, I won’t say morebut it’s really a wonderful coincidence, and just like Rose I’m so into the lovers letters, even if it sounded as a one-sided-conversation…Honestl [...]

    6. This historical romance brings history to life beautifully through the author's main character Rose. The story relives the 1886 Charleston earthquake which is almost symbolic of Rose's life. Her small world is shaken and torn on more than one occasion. First by becoming a widow. Secondly, by being scorned by society for making a decision of the heart. Then again when her heart is broken. But she seeks strength and wisdom. She continues to hope for happiness despite her many trials. "Ireland Rose [...]

    7. An epic journey. Loved the sweeping story, Ireland Rose takes you on a journey through the streets of Charleston to the green hills of ireland. From the proud moments of her growth to the bittersweet moments that comes in everyone's life. A truly beautiful character inside and out. A highly recommended read.

    8. I know there is a problem when I find myself editing someone's work and highlighting errors. The story was very transparent and you could see where it was heading from the beginning. I was disappointed that I used my option to borrow on this book. I'm glad I didn't pay for it though.

    9. More like a .5. Mainly because there were so many grammar errors that it got on my nerves. It was annoying and distracting. I'm usually not this fussy about grammatical errors, since I also have this problem as well. BUT. This is a published book! Patricia Strefling or her editor, or whoever!! I don't care who! should have had the decency to double check her grammar before publishing. It shameful to have to say that I couldn't enjoy a book as much as I could've because it was a mess of dialogues [...]

    10. SUMMARY: A Sweeping Historical Romance:Baltimore-born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by her seventeenth birthday. Rose's father finds a suitable husband, Captain Camden Lovell, twenty-seven years her senior. Captain Lovell takes his bride to Charleston, provides her with a beautiful home on the Battery and good standing in Charleston Society. Three years later Rose is a widow. Captain Wyatt, her husband's trusted employee is now in charge of her affairs. Rose senses [...]

    11. Oh boy! Where do I start? As I read the first part of the book I thought I would be rating a 2 or a 3. It was kind of slow, not way exciting and had so many errors it was unbelievable. There were several times when she called characters by the wrong name, she missed puncuation (especially quotation marks), it made me wonder if it was edited at all. And then came the ending and that sealed the one star rating for me. What mother on the planet would hand over her baby that she has loved and raised [...]

    12. Ireland Rose by Patrician Strefling is a historical fiction. Met parents went back to Ireland to die. Before ber father left he married Rose off to his friend who is 27 years her senior, for protection. He was a widower. He treated her kindly but never missed her or was never intimate. While in London Capt. Lovell caught yellow fever. He was very sick. In bed for about 9 months. On the return voyage they were caught in a hurricane and Lovell caught pneumonia. He took to bed and the doctor was ca [...]

    13. In a marriage of convenience, Ireland Rose Lovell finds herself with lots of time on her hands while her sea captain husband is at sea. She gets involved in volunteering at one of the local orphanages. When her husband dies shortly after returning home from London, she's at a loss. A friend of her husband's asks her to take in a young girl. When the girl gives up her baby, Rose suddenly finds herself a mother. But what her heart longs for the most is love. Will she ever have someone who loves he [...]

    14. A freebie I got for my Kindle. I would give this a one or two star rating, but only because of the editing, not the actual storyline. The story I liked well enough. The editing was horrendous. By far, the worst I have ever seen in a Kindle book. Granted, it was free, but I do not expect e-books to be released to the general public with numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Also, at least two times in the book characters were called by the incorrect name (Miranda for Mathilda, Ava for Eva, et [...]

    15. It was free on kindle and I thought it would be a light read. Light is an understatement. Can't think of much to redeem it. Characters were shallow. It seemed like someone sat down and wrote it all in one sitting, never retreading what they wrote to see if it made sense. There was ominous foreshadowing that lead to nothing, numerous grammatical and typographical errors, instances that refer to a character saying something they didn't say, characters whose name changed in the middle of the story, [...]

    16. This is my third time trying to win. Please let this Irish lass win. I am kissing my four-leaf clover for good luck!

    17. A great historical gem. Reminds me of Gone with the wind. The story kept me guessing. Loved the locations too.

    18. I have heard tale of this book when I was in Baltimore last. I live only a few towns over in Durrus! I cannot wait to read this!

    19. Free Ebook She's a young wife, married to a much older man. It's a marriage of convenience and then he dies. She has a guardian, but he's an angry sea captain. So many things happen to her before she finds love and a family of her own

    20. This is good historical fiction. Changing lives, finding courage, facing the rules of society, and loving others as yourself, all make the characters believable. I read a paperback. The typos bother me but don't disrupt the story.

    21. A quick and enjoyable romance read, but there are better depictions of post-Civil War Charleston, if you're looking for historical fiction of the period.

    22. I really struggled with this book. I kept thinking it would get betterd in parts it did. Then it went back to being a struggle.There are a several spelling and punctuation mistakes, some head-hopping happening, and a bit more telling rather than showing, which was rather distracting.Also it was rather slow going. For some stories slow is good, like a meandering tale that gently draws you in and wraps itself around you. This one is more like filling in time until the next action scene and all I w [...]

    23. 20 year old Ireland Rose is a widow in a world that is not her own but her late husband's. When her husband's trusted confidant, Captain Aston William Wyatt, shows up at her door with a pregnant orphan, Rose assumes the worst of his already shady character but takes the girl in nonetheless. The baby is passed off to Rose, who now desires nothing but motherhood. Taking her baby girl, Rose escapes earthquake devastated Charleston and heads off to her homeland of Ireland, where she will suffer loss [...]

    24. You know, I've read my fair share of god-awful self-pubs. But nothing quite reached the level of do I put this nicelyt-goodness Ireland Rose maintains. I bought it back when I was still deluded by the idea that self-published books would actually be as good as their premises make them out to be, and so the book dwelled on my kindle for 1 year, eight month and two days. Yesterday, I finally finished it after three month and four painful days of reading. Do I even have to mention that I resorted t [...]

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