Summoning the Night MAGICAL TRICKS DEMONIC TREATS After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat Arcadia Bell is back to normal Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a

  • Title: Summoning the Night
  • Author: Jenn Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781451620559
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
  • MAGICAL TRICKS DEMONIC TREATS.After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons She s gearing up for the busiest day of the year Halloween when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community The influential headMAGICAL TRICKS DEMONIC TREATS.After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons She s gearing up for the busiest day of the year Halloween when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she s dating red hot Lon Butler, the Club s wayward son, she can hardly say no Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members children But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers and she d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.

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    One thought on “Summoning the Night”

    1. Guess what, folks! It is entirely possible to write good urban fantasy without relationship drama or love triangle drama. Who knew?! Well, I did, and I guess Jenn Bennett did too because that’s what she delivered. After the sweet beginning of Cady and Lon’s relationship in Kindling the Moon, I thought they would surely start having second thoughts, realize that their age difference and Lon’s teenage son are too much to handle, or at least that one of them would be attracted to another pers [...]

    2. Read my review here and enter our badass giveawaydassbookreviews/arc-revior you can read the review below!It’s about damn time. An urban fantasy novel that has……A solid, stable couple as the main characters. Lon and Cady are a couple. A real, honest couple.Hold on there is more……The main characters communicate to each other rather than act on assumptions. Lon and Cady don’t make life altering decisions based on assumptions about their partners. If they are confused, suspicious, hurt, [...]

    3. I am really torn about how to approach this review. On the one hand, the story is pretty good and the plot is solid. The characters all well-written and the pacing is spot-on. On the other hand, the author seems to have some moral blind-spots that are deeply troubling.As with the first book, I really like the romance between Cady and Lon. They're in a more solid relationship, now, and Bennett does a good job handling a mature relationship without resorting to the typical slew of miscommunication [...]

    4. I wanted a bit moreI enjoyed the first book and frankly, I expected a bigger BOOM from this one. Yeah, it was a good read and all that, but I just wanted more.I liked that it was fast-paced and really easy&fast to read but it's still just agood book, not agreatone.

    5. Great series! Love the world of Earthbounds, savages, demons and of course magicians. Hints as to Cady’s providence and genetic makeup still to come, as she gets to grip with her Moon child abilities. I like the way Jupe has as big a part in the stories and how Cady fits so well into Lon and Jupe’s lives. Looking forward to the next one!

    6. 4.25 - 4.5 starsImpressive Mystery!After reading Kindling the Moon I was ready to dive into Arcadia's next adventure with Lon and Jupe, but I wanted all the books before starting Summoning the Night. It was definitely worth the expense and wait. (Good luck finding Binding the Shadows(book 3)! has the remaining mass paperbacks at $19. BtS is out-of-print, and is selling the like it's a precious shovel during the Gold Rush!) Anyway, I have all four books on my keeper shelf - read and unread - an [...]

    7. “Oh, really? Is that why he’s hot and bothered for Arcadia here?” Kar Yee tossed an accusatory glance my way. She was well aware that honesty wasn’t one of my strong suits. “Probably,” Jupe confirmed. “My dad says he likes her so much that if she kicked him in the balls, he’d just thank her.”Jenn Bennett has done it again, she's managed to suck me into another one if her Intoxicatingly Magical Arcadia Bell Books. Last year I was blown away with Kindling The Moon, and so it came [...]

    8. 3.5/5Summoning the Night, the second Arcadia Bell novel, is undoubtedly a fun UF romp. Cady, Lon and Jupe are slowly becoming a family, and I particularly loved reading about them as a family unit in action, so to speak. However, there were some things that I found frustrating about this book, among which are: Cady's reticence to learn about her Moonchild abilities; her very questionable bartering decision in the first third of the book, which made my eyebrows go up up up, even if it was alluded [...]

    9. Summoning the Night is the second book in Jenn Bennett’s Arcadia Bell series. It follows Kindling the Moon and is just as good as its predecessor; with this book Bennett has cemented this series’ place on my “snap up on sight” list.The main plot this time around is that Cady is manipulated into doing an investigation for the Hellfire Club. The teenage children of Hellfire members are vanishing, and the club’s leader, Ambrose Dare, believes the culprit may be the same man who was behind [...]

    10. Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett was an awesome read. I literally read the book in one day; I could not put it down. Excitement, edge of your seat action, and a few Indiana Jones-type moments made this book one of my favorite urban fantasy reads of this year.This is a cool world. Earthbound demons (as opposed to summoned demons) live in plain sight. The humans (savages) are not aware of their demon neighbors. Earthbound demons have a “knack” or special talent. These knacks vary from heali [...]

    11. Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass ChicksKindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett was my second most favorite read of 2011. Seriously people, it is amazing. It is a debut book by a new author and it’s written so well you can’t believe you are reading a first book. (And if you haven’t read it yet, then I haven’t been loud enough about how incredible the book is!). Seeing how much I loved LOVED book one, you can only imagine how high my hopes were for book two. Remember, book one was my number tw [...]

    12. Review after first read-through, October 12-15, 2013:4.5 stars - Great!I really enjoyed this book. It was/is an excellent sequel to Kindling the Moon. :) This entry in the Arcadia Bell series saw Cady and Lon working to solve the disappearances of local children. Jupe is at risk, so they need to work fast to save him and the other kids.This mystery relates to disappearances 30 years prior, when Lon was a kid. This development added richness to the storyline, which was already a suspenseful one. [...]

    13. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyLook out Mercy, Rachel, and Sookie, the urban fantasy genre has a fierce new heroine in Arcadia Bell! Bartender and magician Cady made her mark on the genre with 2011’s KINDLING THE MOON and with SUMMONING THE NIGHT she is rightly taking her place alongside some of the big names. The worldbuilding full of magic and Earthbound demons is refreshing and exciting, the pace relentless, the romance subdued and sizzling in turn, and the characters engaging a [...]

    14. This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.Jenn Bennett's debut, Kindling the Moon, was one of my favorite urban fantasy releases of 2011. Her protagonist Arcadia Bell's world of magic, good humor, family and community are what I've dubbed, "Urban fantasy with heart."Whenever I love the first entrant into a series as much as I did Kindling the Moon, reading the sequel is rather stress-inducing. What if it doesn't live up to the first in the series? What if it's a one-hit [...]

    15. “That’s right.” Jupe arched his back and stretched like a cat, then smugly pretended to crack his knuckles. “Step aside and watch the master go to work, people.” SUMMONING THE NIGHT was even more amazing than I thought it would be. I think I seriously forgot how much I just loved the first book in the Arcadia Bell Series, Kindling the Moon. Yeah. That totally must be it! I couldn't put down SUMMONING THE NIGHT since I started and I read half the book in a night which I never do! That h [...]

    16. Jenn Bennett has done it again. She wrapped me up in Cady's world and made me love it even more than I thought I could. I was madly in love with book 1, you know. Seriously. Madly in love. I wanted a Lon of my very own. I wanted to be a fly in the wall when Jupe walked into any room. I was cheering as Cady came into her own. And book 2? Oh, it's made me fall in love with all those guys even harder. I'm just tickled pink to be back in their world - eating their food, playing with their hedgehog, [...]

    17. ~* 3.5 Stars *~Kicking Butt with Cady and Co.If Arcadia Bell thought surviving her parents' Machiavellian plot was going to allow her to get back to the life she was living before they tried to sacrifice her to a ritual slayingwell, she was right. Mostly. She's settled back into her job at her tiki bar, and her relationship with Earthbound demon Lon Butler is progressing nicely. So is the one between her and Lon's son, Jupe. They're almost like a family.Thing is, just because Cady is able to rel [...]

    18. What makes me like this series?Well for starters, the characters I can't remember another UF series who has a "family" as it's main characters: Cady (Arcadia Bell), Lon Butler and Jupe (short for Jupiter), Lon's son. They may not be a conventional one, but that's what they are.In fact i don't think i would enjoy this series as much as i do, if there wasn't a Jupe on board. The almost fourteen old kid is just insanely adorable, with his big mouth and his frizzy curls ;)The dynamics between him an [...]

    19. *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Full Review to come*There are a bunch of positives. Jupiter (Jupe) Butler gets a huge chunk of story time, and his relationship with Cady is growing by the book. Another is the fact that Cady is actually realizing that being with Lon and Jupe is pretty much like having her own little family unit, and she really doesn't seem to mind it after being alone and on the run for so many years.I really, really don't much care for Ambrose Dare (Head of the Hellfire Club) [...]

    20. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cady, Lon & Jupe!This second installment well and truly sealed my love for these characters. The dialogue and interactions between our main heroine Arcadia and her guys, Lon and Jupe, are still refreshingly realistic and full of humor and heart. Now having said that the plot, for me, had a couple of small inexplicable holes in it that pulled me out of the story momentarilybut not enough that I didn't enjoy the book. I'm hoping some of my head scratching questions will be add [...]

    21. Summoning the Night is a good second novel in the Arcadia Bell series. Once again the thing I liked best about it is the growing relationships between the characters, especially the growing bond between Cady and Jupe. I will say that this one felt slightly repetitive with (view spoiler)[ Jupe being kidnapped once again (hide spoiler)] but the rest of the story was completely different. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    22. 3.5 starsThis series is really good and I really do not know why I waited so much (almost two years) to read the second one. Yes, it's not the best urban fantasy ever, but the world building is good (as far as UF go, obviously), the magic is intersting and the characters are good.And Arcadia has an hedgehog as pet!!!!! *_* Soooo cute!And Jupe is simply fantastic!

    23. Originally posted at smexybooks/2012/05/review-Favorite Quote: “That sexy Jesus thing again? You’re a filthy girl, you know that?”Arcadia Bell is back and finding trouble once again in Summoning The Night. After almost being sacrificed by her parents in Kindling The Moon, Arcadia (Cady) is back to business as usual and getting her bar ready for Halloween. When the head of the Hellfire Club comes to her and Lon for help in stopping a serial killer from 30 years ago, they will have to use al [...]

    24. ***3 1/2 stars, rounded up to 4***Originally posted at Addicted2HeroinesBut there was only so much worrying you could do before you just had to accept what life throws at you and move on, because some things were going to be out of your control and others can't be fixed or changed.I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this rating, but this installment of Arcadia Bell just didn't blow me away like its predecessor, Kindling the Moon, did. This story opens up with Cady watching Jupe while Lon i [...]

    25. Arcadia Bell has a new life with her parents gone – and the beginnings of a new family with Lon and Jupe, despite her ongoing nervousness about the age gap.But kids are going missing – Earthborn demon kids like Jupe. And it seems descendants of the Hellfire club owners are the ones who are being targeted – again, like Jupe. The kidnappings mirror a previous series of kidnappers 30 years ago. As the most powerful witch the demons of the Hellfire club know, she’s quickly recruited to help [...]

    26. Demons and witches and bad guys oh my! Jenn Bennett has done it again. "Summoning the Night" is an other great read in the Arcadia Bell series and I gobbled down every incredible word. I must say that I truly enjoy how every character in this series has baggage, but yet the plot comes together so beautifully and uniquely. Let's face it, there are not too many series out there involving a single woman dating a man with a teenage son who is both precocious and precious.Cady and Lon have been progr [...]

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