Romance of the Three Kingdoms Vol China s greatest classical novel compiled in the Ming Dynasty

  • Title: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Vol. 1
  • Author: Luo Guanzhong
  • ISBN: 9789971947941
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • China s greatest classical novel compiled in the Ming Dynasty.

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      119 Luo Guanzhong
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    One thought on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms Vol. 1”

    1. So the cut finger and the blood written decree are all forgotten, eh?Gentle Reader, I implore you -- if you desire to read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to please avoid the budget edition offered by . Printed on demand, the edition is clumsily formatted and the type-setting is clunky. The paper is cheap. There are but a handful of notes on a text detailing events which occurred in China some 1800 years ago. How could anyone expect the text to be self-understood? Well, simply doesn't care. T [...]

    2. I've had this book for a couple of years. I kept meaning to read it, but it never got far enough up my TBR stack.Until I saw Red Cliff. Admittedly, the shortened international version.Man, that movie is great. Go see it. Now!(Strange how my top three movies are all international and not US made).The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Chinese medieval saga or like a Viking saga, at least if I had to compare it to works in the West. The style is very similar to all those Arthurian stories as well [...]

    3. Well, so much for that. Quit reading about 2% in. Couldn't get over how boring the prose was. Maybe I'm reading a bad translation. Every single page went like this:X was rebelling against Y. So they fought. And then Y retreated. And X lopped his head off.Y wanted revenge on X and so he collected 500 men and hoofs and attacked X. And so they fought. And X lost and retreated.Very skimpy on details.Moral of the story: Eunuchs are very hard to kill.

    4. "This exciting new translation will appeal to modern readers who find the twists and turns of Game of Thrones so compelling."I think I just died a little inside.

    5. Oh my god, this is THE best historical novel EVAR. Don't be deceive by the title of the novel, this is not a story about some romance and love crap, it is a story about epic battles between the three kingdoms of ancient China. Those battles are so epic to the point that it is like those three kingdom are performing a beautiful show with each other which probably explain somewhat about the title "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". One example battle was the famous Chi Bi battle (otherwise known as " [...]

    6. Since some two centuries ago, there has been a Thai classic translation rendered from the Chinese classic “San Kuo Chih Yen-i” [สามก๊ก in Thai first published by Dr Dan Beach Bradley's printing press in Siam in 1865 (B.E. 2408) (enpedia/wiki/Dan_Bea thpedia/wiki/%E0%B9%)] and part of the story depicting Ts'ao Ts'ao's loss at a naval warfare (โจโฉแตกทัพเรือ in Thai) was once assigned to lower secondary school students including me to read and study for [...]

    7. In my opinion, to really enjoy this book, you need to know some personality about the main characters in it. For those who played the game (like myself), you will definitely get a feeling of the potential for each person in this novel and the choices they make (e.g. Liu Bei's decision to refuse to take over dying Liu Biao's throne because he got high charisma issues or Lu Bu's unstable loyalty and patience that proves his lack of intelligence)Nonetheless, if you don't have a clue of any of the c [...]

    8. THE CHINESE THREE MUSKETEERS----FROM THE WORLD LITERATURE FORUM RECOMMENDED CLASSICS AND MASTERPIECES SERIES VIA —-ROBERT SHEPPARD, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong is one of the timeless Classics of World Literature and may be approached initially by thinking of it as a Chinese equivilant of the "Three Musketeers" saga of Alexandre Dumas. When we think of Dumas' classic we immediately call to mind from the book or film the immortal oath of brotherhood of D'A [...]

    9. Whew! I finally finished it! This book has 120 chapters, more than 200 characters, and 300 place names, all in Chinese. It's like reading the Iliad, Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur, and War and Peace all rolled into one and served with a Chinese sauce.The scope of this Chinese national epic is astonishing. By three-quarters of the way through, all but one of the main characters had died and the story followed their sons and grandsons. The story follows 113 years of Chinese history from the decline o [...]

    10. I haven't read all the books in the world, but I'd still argue that this is probably the best novel ever written. What it is, is a dramatisation of a relatively brief era in early Chinese dynastic history. Since it is rooted in real-life events and people, and also because of its epic scope, it definitely contains universal themes that are appreciable by everyone, regardless of age, culture, or time. However, in order to appreciate it to its fullest extent, I think some background knowledge of C [...]

    11. [Note: While I am posting this under the first volume, this review really is about the whole of the novel]First, I should point out that I am writing this review six months after finishing the novel; and while I took some notes when reading it, details are starting to get a bit hazy and I apologise if what follows is even more vague than usual. As with the previous Great Chinese Classics, both date of composition and author of The Three Kingdoms (also known as Romance of the Three Kingdoms) are [...]

    12. It's hard to give commentary on a work deemed as classic and yet literary style quite foreign from western canon. I wasn't a fan of the prose. Any reader familiar of historical fiction will find the same things with this book; it's difficult to judge its uniqueness for this literary piece is of age. However, like all classics, this book welcomed me into Ancient Chinese culture, society and history despite its fictitious genre. The human drama was nothing short of realistic and intriguing. But to [...]

    13. This story is just really difficult to read because the translation does not help the story flow naturally for English readers. I struggled to maintain my interest in Lu Bei, Cao Cao, and others. Honestly, these political-rebel-warlords are fascinating. But the storytelling could be edited. I know, I know. It's a classic Chinese novel. It's one of the four classics. You can't alter a classic!I hear you. But you know, I picked up one of the manga series done about this story. It wasn't terrible. [...]

    14. I tried and tried, but I gave up. I can't remember that last time I gave up on a book, but this one did it. I read about 230 pages, and I couldn't take it any more. And please understand - I've read more than a few massive tomes, including "Ulysses", plenty of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, and others which I've loved to various degrees. Even the ones I didn't necessarily enjoy still offered me enough to see them through to the end. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" couldn't. I completely understand thi [...]

    15. Again, the trouble with British translators is that they use Cantonese spelling for everything, which really threw me off when I was trying to figure out what cities they were conquering or attacking and my mental map of China was totally thrown of kilter. But with the help of google and a bit of translating (-king=jing, etc.), I was able to somewhat decipher the locations. That aside, this was a better translation than Dream of the Red Chamber; it flowed nicely and it was much more enjoyable to [...]

    16. I won't make any friends among lovers of Chinese classics, but I couldn't get through this. I acknowledge an incomplete read and a poor translation diminishes the cred of my review, but a good novel must have basic elements and readable prose, neither of which were present here.The characters were shallow, uni-dimensional and card-board. They're either very good or very bad, sometimes they switch. But there's little texture to them. The plot repetitive, monotonous and tedious. It came across as [...]

    17. I would have to say that this is one of the greatest historical fiction books that I have ever read. It not only focuses on amazing battles with honorable heroes but also on domestic issues such as court corruption and politics. Although this is one of the few sources we have about China during the Three Kingdoms era, it is so descriptive and detailed that it provides so much detail. I remember going to school everyday in China and listening not to music, but instead to a radio broadcaster readi [...]

    18. One time I decided that I would look into the story that inspired the Dynasty Warriors video games, which at the time I spent a significant amount of time playing. I read an edition that was available entirely online and free, so I guess I might question the translation, but it was cool to immerse in a period of history that they don't exactly teach you about in your high school world history class. Trying to write these thoughts five years later it's tough to describe what I liked about it. It' [...]

    19. I have heard this story from my parents countless times over the years and I have just realize that I have been playing a game called Dynasty Warriors, which is based off of this book "Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol.1" I have looked around the internet and found out that this book is ancient! There may be some fiction throughout this book, but it contains historical events that are somewhat real, just with a little drama in the book. The book is very long, but enjoyable. Things that I didn't [...]

    20. Tough going. Two stars for the ability to write an epic and translate it. Lost stars for too many charecters (where did you come from? have you appeared before? I'll try to remember you. o dear you've been killed off? What other name do you have? doesn't someone have same name as you? ) and no who's who or map to help the reader. Some touching interesting moments but lost in the monotonous battle after battle. Who were these people I had been so excited to read about and get lost in their epic? [...]

    21. Finally done with this one!It's true that you need a lot of patience to finish this book; part of it is interesting, part of it is not exactly boring, but I had trouble keeping up with the many characters, that I didn't know what was going on. That was frustrating!The thing is, I've only finished half of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". There's still a second book to read, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. I need to recuperate. Too much war for me

    22. I believe that everyone who can finish this book can at least analyse surrounding people more easily 'cos this book gives us not only enjoyment and great illusion of historian Chinese worriors but also knowledge and some skill to read people's mind from their action. No matter how each character's actions are analysed or interpreted, they are all benefits for readers. So, I think the more we can read it, the better for ourselves. (Don't be afraid if you can read it more than three times!)

    23. It's very long and often full of tedious military machinations, but it's also punctuated by exciting, gruesome, tragic, and otherworldy moments--so I think it's worth it. On to volume two!

    24. (NOTE: This is a review for all three volumes of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms)I had been aware of this epic of Chinese literature for many years, but first developed a serious interest in reading it after having watched the excellent Chinese drama adaptation made in 2010. That gave me the impetus to pick up the first volume and give it a go. Some words of caution first, from one who has now read all three volumes. This is a book that very much requires you to juggle hundreds of names in you [...]

    25. What I thought was originally a mess of a book, I gave it more time to get me, the first few chapters are hard going but eventually, the story takes shape. I loved the dynasty warrior games and so was surprised to find this book had some real depth to the characters. The story chugs along at a decent pace with betrayals and backstabs galore, even the 'hero' of the story does some messed up shit and it feels fresh even though this book is super old. If you can make it past the first few chapters [...]

    26. i am listening to the book via Podcast from 3kingdoms. excellent rendition for English speakers with no social or historical context for the book. great reader and helps you followby explaining the things you're likely not to understand. Great job. i'm enjoying the book

    27. Learned a lot of lessons from this first volume, like the importance of having trustworthy advisers, and to never cut a wizard's head off.

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