Eerie Queerie Volume Mitsuo Shiozu is put in an awkward position when his mind and body are taken over by the two young women in that he s a young man who winds up acting like the women Hasunuma and Ichi two of his fel

  • Title: Eerie Queerie!, Volume 4
  • Author: Shuri Shiozu 四方津 朱里
  • ISBN: 9781591828617
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mitsuo Shiozu is put in an awkward position when his mind and body are taken over by the two young women, in that he s a young man, who winds up acting like the women Hasunuma and Ichi, two of his fellow male high school students, find themselves attracted to Mitsuo, which places him in an even stranger position.

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    • Unlimited [History Book] ✓ Eerie Queerie!, Volume 4 - by Shuri Shiozu 四方津 朱里 ¿
      234 Shuri Shiozu 四方津 朱里
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [History Book] ✓ Eerie Queerie!, Volume 4 - by Shuri Shiozu 四方津 朱里 ¿
      Posted by:Shuri Shiozu 四方津 朱里
      Published :2018-07-22T07:07:56+00:00

    One thought on “Eerie Queerie!, Volume 4”

    1. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)For a full review of this series, please click here.

    2. Better than the previous volume but nowhere near as good as the first two. It became a little too crazy and silly for my liking - something like Gravitation! - and the last volume dragged way too much with little to no plot.

    3. In my review of Eerie Queerie! vol. 3 I said that I mostly liked it but had huge problems with certain aspects of the stories, particularly aspects of the treatment of Mikuni, Kanau, and Ichi. Gosh, I hope the author fixes those three in the final volume, #4!Uh-huh.*sigh*Guess what?Volume 4 continues on with those characters in exactly the way I dislike, and it resolves almost nothing. In fact, it brought back Itsuki and Shino to unresolve the closure on their story that we seemed to get in volu [...]

    4. This was anodd little series. It implied yaoi love (more like rubbed in the face), but didn't do anything beyond mere flirtatious, albeit sexually-driven, suggestions, nothing graphic (not really). I believe a reviewer called it "shounen-ai"? In any case, I'm just gonna refer to it as "kinda yaoi," especially since the three series I've been juggling (and now nearly completed) are somewhere in that genre: Dictorical Grimoire, Eerie Queerie, and Antique Bakery (last one is almost done). Eerie Que [...]

    5. A vast improvement on the last volume! This one ties up the Mitsuo/Hasunmura romance. Mitsuo's parents move away and our cute young medium moves into the temple with pervy Mikuni. Hasunmura joins him and we get a series of misunderstandings as each thinks the other is crushing on Mikuni. Characters are unbelievably dense, but this is a fun volume with the obligatory happy ending. Not quite as strong as its opening volumes though. Pretty cute and worth a read.

    6. Whilst slightly more interesting than volume 3, it still had far too much Mikuni. The story felt unresolved, and the 'threes company' misunderstandings were a bit annoying, as it became evident that this would be stretched out over the whole volume. The main issue that I had with this series is that I just didn't really care much about these characters

    7. Definitely one of my favorite Shounen-ai (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong) I think that may be because it was the first I brought? still, it's a fun little romp. Just don't take the last book too seriously.

    8. Oh Mikuni, I love to hate your manipulative ass. And I am really jealous that I can't draw sexy guys like this v.v

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