THE LAZARUS STRAIN When the Crick Research Institute is broken into the police believe that it was Animal Rights activists taking things a step too far But one of the Institute s top scientists Tim Devon is found bru

  • Author: Ken McClure
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  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the Crick Research Institute is broken into, the police believe that it was Animal Rights activists taking things a step too far But one of the Institute s top scientists, Tim Devon, is found brutally murdered and six research monkeys have been let loose No one seems to know exactly what the monkeys were being used for and government officials arrive a little too prWhen the Crick Research Institute is broken into, the police believe that it was Animal Rights activists taking things a step too far But one of the Institute s top scientists, Tim Devon, is found brutally murdered and six research monkeys have been let loose No one seems to know exactly what the monkeys were being used for and government officials arrive a little too promptly to prevent any of Prof Devon s colleagues from finding out exactly what he was researching.

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    One thought on “THE LAZARUS STRAIN”

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was reading another book when this one arrived, but when I flipped through it and read the prologue, I was hooked and had to finish The Lazarus Strain.The book is edge-of-your-seat and surprised me at the end. Awesome read!(A note on the books I've read and the ratings I give. All the books that I read have gone through a preliminary screening because my time is limited and I have to make the most of it. So, its potential to succeed with me is very high before I [...]

    2. In 1918 an influenza virus, commonly known as the Spanish Flu, killed millions of people worldwide. In order to protect against such an event happening again, a British scientist develops a similar virus and works on a vaccine using monkeys in his tests. Then his laboratory is invaded by animal rights activists, infected monkeys are let loose, and Her Majesty's Government is thrown into a state of panic as they fear another pandemic similar to the one in 1918 might wipe out millions of the world [...]

    3. Another Ken McClure novel that absolutely entertained, gripped, thrilled and pleasured me. It has a prologue that is so informative (non-fictional), that the price of the book could be justified solely for it.As with the author's writing, it is simple, lucid, classical and very smooth. I keep repeating this in most of my reviews of his books, and say so again that his style of English prose writing is something that almost seems to be a misfit for a thriller, and yet it does its job with elan. T [...]

    4. The book is mainly about how the 1918 influenza (Spanish flu) has been taken out of protection of a cold freeze high tech security laboratory to find a possible vaccine to it. However this turns out to be the start of a nail biting action packed medical sci-fi book. It all starts when the laboratory that was working on the vaccine gets attacked, however that isn't the worst of it. The worst comes to be when they finds the scientist that was working on the vaccine is found caged, bleached and dea [...]

    5. The Intelligence community really REALLY needs to read, 'The Lazarus Strain'! The author did a fantastic job of setting up a plot that is entirely possible to be carried out because of the "protect your hiney at any cost" attitude of all elected officials and government bureaucrats. The story is about a police officer who is trying to solve what appears to be an animal rights group attack gone wild on a medical research facility. The research facility carries out medical tests on live animals. T [...]

    6. Dr Steven Dunbar is frustrated by the heinous murder and the trashing of a science facility in Norfolk, UK. Who did it?, why did they do it? forms the main questions of the story which becomes more complicated each time he thinks everything is resolved. Easy to follow plot, even with turns and blind alleys, this is the first Dunbar book I have read and I found it to be an enjoyable thriller. I don't think I will go back to earlier books now that I know where he is in his personal life, but will [...]

    7. What a brilliantly written thriller this is. The story is convincing and the action takes place over a just a few months which allows for a build up of tension. There are scientists found murdered, embarrassed government officials trying not to let information out, terrorist, the lot. The author is a medical scientist and the work is clothed in great conviction but is easily within the non-specialist's understanding. The writing is fluent and the whole story is totally absorbing. I have never re [...]

    8. A very enjoyable Medical thriller! Did figure out the whodunit until very late in the book and that makes it a good read to me! Although, I will say, that once I did figure out it was kinda like Dunbar -- come duh you should have this figured out now :) I will definitely be looking for more in this Steve Dunbar series!

    9. Steven Dunbar must figure out who is behind a recent break in at an animal research facility and work to stop them from what may be the worst terrorist attack of all time. This book doesn't slow down from a minute from the very first page and the writing style is very engaging. I haven't read any other novels in the series or by McClure, but after this enjoyable read, I definitely will.

    10. 3 star science thriller (top 50% of the genre). The 1918 influenza virus is BAAAACKd bioterrorists have it. For my full review, see ScienceThrillers

    11. This medical thriller will keep you guessing until the very end. Even when you think you have it sussed, the twists keep coming.

    12. I enjoyed this book very much. the ending was a surprise to me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes crime stories'

    13. This is the 6th book in the Steven Dunbar series by Ken McClure. I have read 1 - 6. I just downloaded #7 to my kindle yesterday and as with the Lazarus strain I already can't put it down.

    14. Very good reading. Slow at time. But came across as a book to read. Had to stick with it at time wanted to stop reading but the beginning and end provide lots of twist.

    15. This book was absorbing. It sucked me rite in. Great story telling, a must read for those who enjoy being left in the dark at every turn.

    16. My first read of this author. Enjoyable stuff - in fact I finished it in a week which is good going for me!

    17. What could happen if a terrorist organisation had the knowledge to exploit biotechnology ? This thriller extrapolates true events to speculate what might happen.

    18. I really enjoyed this novel. It is the first one I have read by this author, but won't be the last. Like others have said, I saw the ending well in advance, but wasn't completely sure until I was close to the end. So glad Anand, one of my friends, recommended this to me. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes medical thrillers.

    19. Really well written and completely plausible medical thriller. The rating on a movie would probable be either PG13 or R. There is no sex but there are about 28 "F" words . Very good Author. I found out it is the 6th in a series but it wasn't apparent in reading it to me.

    20. Actually I enjoyed this book although it Got a bit boring at some Point, because I was able to guess the end of it. McClure did a great job with Dunbar character, The doctor is exactly the way I would have imagined him. Anyway, nice book for one time read.

    21. Solved the mystery at about the 30% mark, well before the detective. Believable scenario and realistic action, although not as much as I'd expect from a thriller. Actually, it felt more like a medically inclined police procedural. Three stars is the best I can give it.

    22. I really wanted to like this book. It had all the right elements of a very good story. But I found the characters two-dimensional. The dialogues were trite. The plot was very predictable. Just not my cup of tea.

    23. This book was very good and very plausible. I enjoyed the fact that the story stays close enough to reality to be a possibility. I also enjoyed the twists that this book gave. I did figure it out before the end but still enjoyed it very much.

    24. Another great Dr Steven Dunbar medical thriller. Great story, kept me guessing until the end.Looking forward to moving on to the next one.

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