Red Robed Priestess After a life of passion and adventure that has brought her through slavery to the Resurrection garden through the controversies of the Early Church to a hermit cave in southern Gaul Maeve the Celti

  • Title: Red-Robed Priestess
  • Author: Elizabeth Cunningham
  • ISBN: 9780982324691
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a life of passion and adventure that has brought her through slavery to the Resurrection garden, through the controversies of the Early Church to a hermit cave in southern Gaul, Maeve, the Celtic Mary Magdalen, returns to the Holy Isles accompanied by Sarah, her daughter with Jesus Their mission to find Maeve s first born child, stolen from her by the druids tAfter a life of passion and adventure that has brought her through slavery to the Resurrection garden, through the controversies of the Early Church to a hermit cave in southern Gaul, Maeve, the Celtic Mary Magdalen, returns to the Holy Isles accompanied by Sarah, her daughter with Jesus Their mission to find Maeve s first born child, stolen from her by the druids than forty years ago.Since then, Maeve s homeland has suffered it s own trials Roman invasion and occupation The Celtic tribes to the east and south are under direct rule, and the Romans are determined to rout the resistance of the western tribes, resistance fueled by the druids of Mona Just before she crosses the channel from Gaul to Britain, Maeve encounters a man she mistakes for Jesus s ghost This familiar stranger is equally haunted, and the two are drawn into a moonstruck liason that will entwine their lives in an impossible Celtic knot For unbeknownst to Maeve at the time, he is none other than General Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, the newly appointed Roman Governor of Britain.Maeve keeps this troubling tryst a secret even after she finds her long lost daughter Boudica, the fierce and charismatic queen of the Iceni tribe Druid trained in her youth, Boudica married the Iceni king, hoping to rally him to a rebellion for which he has no stomach Now estranged from her husband, Boudica keeps the old ways, sustained by her pride in her descent form her father and Maeve s the late great druid Lovernios.Seeking to circumvent disaster, Maeve travels back and forth from Iceni country to Mona, from the heart of native resistance to a Roman fort on the Western front, steadfast in her conviction Love is as strong as death.

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    1. The whole Maeve Chronicles series is superlative, highly recommended, one of my favorites. I would recommend it for fans of strong women, Celtic fantasy, Biblical reinterpretation, myth and magic, Goddess fiction, the Mists of Avalon. In a nutshell, Mary Magdalen is re-visioned as a Celtic ex-pat and Jesus' wife, a magical and strong and sometimes foolish woman, and her tale spans the course of four well-researched and well-written books. Written with cheek and humor and glory and beauty, all at [...]

    2. I read Elizabeth Cunningham's first Mary Magdalen novel ('Daughter of the Shining Isles'; now renamed as 'Magdalen Rising') about ten years ago, and fell in love.Mary Magdalen as a fiery Celt? Who's telling the story to us, in a very modern-day vernacular? She's fiesty, confident, and fiercely passionate. When I finished up 'Bright Dark Madonna' three years ago, I was ecstatic to read in the back there'd be a fourth book to the trilogy.And while this one doesn't have as much sass like the first [...]

    3. This book had me sobbing almost the entire time I was reading. The author did such a great job of making the characters so "real" - I felt such a loss when I finished the last page. I really enjoyed this series.

    4. I wanted to write a review only after finishing all the books in Maeve Chronicles. I stumbled on "The Passion of Mary Magdalen" purely on accident. I had no idea what I was getting into, the book preview was intriguing and I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know I was walking into my favorite black hole. I am a huge fan of literature that celebrates the feminine Goddess, a woman's inner essence, nature's wild spirit that a woman carries inside her. And Maeve Chronicles is a haven of Magic [...]

    5. 4th & last book of the Maeve Chronicles, and I loved it (although a couple earlier ones are favored over this one. I love that Cunningham takes what is known about Mary Magdalen and the times in which she lived, as well as historical facts, and comes up with an awesome story/stories. I learned from her books (yes, they sent me to the internet to sort out truth from fiction and to get a few additional facts) and I was moved by both their humanity and their spirituality. I'm almost sad that th [...]

    6. The last book of the series has an interesting twist, and a perfect ending. I recommend this series to anyone who likes historical fiction, Celtic tales, or was a fan of the Da Vinci Code. The author makes Jesus look like the human he was, and it's easier to envision him as described through his relationship with Maeve and their daughter, Sarah.

    7. This volume is likely the most emotional in the series with a depth of experience that reflects the wisdom gained with age. This one is bound to be my favorite in the series though reader be warned: graphic depiction of rape, desecration of corpses, battle, suicide and childhood trauma, with trauma like processing of rape, incest and child abandonment.

    8. I have no clue how to even begin explaining how important this series has been to me. I’m so sad I’ve finished it, but I’m happy that I got to read them all. Maeve has taught me so much about the world and about myself, and she’s one of the most unique and fascinating characters ever written. It’s been awesome watching her transformation over four whole books, from spunky teen to bold adult and finally to wise elder, and to watch the characters around her grow and change too. The reuni [...]

    9. And for the final book in the Maeve Chronicles' series, I again found it incredibly interesting and hard to put down. I was again amazed at the research and plausible explanation of events that took place from the unknown or little understood point of view of the peoples whose history was only handed down through storytelling and not "politically written" for the benefit of the "superior military empire" at the time. I applaud her written performance.

    10. Such a fabulous series of books. I loved each one of them and was sorry when the last one ended. I highly recommend this series. I will read this series again, many times to come.

    11. Captivating characters set in biblical times with a unique storyline. Everything came to life off of the pages. Worth reading the whole series.

    12. Elizabeth is a modern day Celtic Bard whose words flow like milk and honey. When I was reading Red Robed Priestess, my husband asked me why I was smiling. Two reasons – first, each word felt like nourishing soul food; second, there was the dry wit of the main character Maeve, the kind of humor that makes you laugh out loud. Red Robed Priestess is the fourth and final installment in Maeve’s story, the life of Mary Magdalen. But be advised, Maeve is definitely not your mother’s Mary Magdalen [...]

    13. For my full review, see here:bookswithoutanypictures.wordpr"Red-Robed Priestess" was one of my BEA finds last year. It imagines a story where Mary Magdalene is a Celtic priestess/witch, and is the fourth book in a series. However, you don't really need to read the first three to understand this one.Maeve (Mary Magdalene) is around 60 in this volume, and she wants to make peace with herself by seeking out her long-lost daughter who was sent to be fostered by a neighboring tribe many years ago. Me [...]

    14. I'm devastated to be through with this series. Contrary to some of the other reviews here, I really loved this ending, and wish it were a lengthier book. I can't imagine anyone searching for these reviews who hasn't already read the other 3, but in the off chance that's you - just read them. Read any of them, all of them. The Maeve Chronicles are impossibly good and difficult to put down. I made the mistake of pouring through them, but I wish I'd had the self control to stop after each chapter a [...]

    15. Of the four books in the Maeve Chronicles series, this was the weakest. I felt sad most of the way through the book. Maeve seemed rather pathetic, willing to accept the unrelenting anger of both of her daughters, which she did not deserve. There was a lot of war and threats of war, complete with graphic battle and rape descriptions, which is not my cup of tea. The other books were fun to read, full of complex and often humorous characters, but in this book, Maeve left all those characters behind [...]

    16. Ironically, even though I would have expected a return of the protagonist, Maeve, to her native British Isles to be a high point in this four-part trilogy (yes, that's right), I thought it was actually the weakest novel. Despite my love of the characters, and Elizabeth Cunningham's wonderful writing, I cannot deny that this book was not a page turner for me. It took me a while to read it, and I had no problem setting it down every night. Unfortunately, I am unable to encapuslate exactly what it [...]

    17. While the first few chapters were heavier going than the usual extraordinarily musical writing I've come to take for granted in this series, suddenly there it was again: Magic. Yes, this book is, as everyone says, full of endings. It is also wonderful, potent, and right. I don't know how on earth she managed to pull off the combining of these two historical heavyweight threads, but she jolly well did. Highly, highly recommended series, all four volumes. A new favorite for this reader.

    18. I loved this whole series. I couldn't put it down and read all four books straight through but this last book and the way she ended it disappointed. The entire series was so rich and full but it felt like the last chapter of the whole series was rushed and just lacked the full body that the rest of the books had.

    19. Latest book in the Maeve series, it brought completion to the prior 3 books. I love her writing style and it is historically interesting to me. Parts of the battle and warring segments were a little too graphic for me however. Overall a good read, but would recommend reading her prior trilogy first.

    20. I'm really sad that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the others. It took me a while to get into it but when I did, I liked it. But then towards the end, it became painful to read. Sometimes you need to end a story when its done and not try to wrap up loose ends.

    21. I'm so happy that Cunningham added the fourth book to the trilogy - it wraps up the story in a most satisfying way. Let's hear it for fierce women throughout history!

    22. Not as interesting and feisty as the previous three, but this book does wrap up most of the loose ends from the Magdalene trilogy.

    23. A beautiful book to end the Maeve Chronicles. I'm sad that Maeve's story has ended, but the whole was fantastic and kept me glued to the pages.

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