Perfected by Girls Navigating high school isn t easy for Melinda Radford She s the lone girl on the Ashton High wrestling team grappling with opponents who refuse to compete against her a few who want to crush her an

  • Title: Perfected by Girls
  • Author: Alfred C. Martino
  • ISBN: 9781593166007
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Navigating high school isn t easy for Melinda Radford She s the lone girl on the Ashton High wrestling team, grappling with opponents who refuse to compete against her, a few who want to crush her, and a coach who s less than pleased having a female in his practice room At home, Mel s parents forbid her from seeing her new boyfriend, her grandmother insists she start preNavigating high school isn t easy for Melinda Radford She s the lone girl on the Ashton High wrestling team, grappling with opponents who refuse to compete against her, a few who want to crush her, and a coach who s less than pleased having a female in his practice room At home, Mel s parents forbid her from seeing her new boyfriend, her grandmother insists she start preparing for her future by taking a dreary office internship, and her infuriating older brother, who s the varsity team captain, flirts with her best friend, Jade Just when it seems things can t get any complicated, an off handed comment puts Mel at odds with her teammates, her brother, and, worst of all, her coach But through a twist of tragedy and fate, Mel is given an unexpected opportunity to accomplish something no girl in her school s history has ever done something that just may redeem herself in the eyes of her detractors But is she strong enough to handle the pressure

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    One thought on “Perfected by Girls”

    1. Melinda is the only girl on her high school wrestling team. Her older brother is a captain, the coach isn't entirely supportive of her efforts, and to make matters worse, she's not wrestling well. Part of this might be because she is distracted by her new boyfriend, Stewart, and part might be that her grandmother, the driven president of a small business, wants Melinda to work with her instead of getting a fun job at the mall. Melinda is a dedicated wrestler who trains hard, but it doesn't seem [...]

    2. Lost me at the end when the friend thought the names she was as called were no big deal. Way too easily forgiven and forgotten. I don't think that was at all realistic. Interesting to read about a girl wrestling but she came across as not very believable to me.

    3. This book really surprised me. I'm not an athlete, yet Melinda, the protagonist, her best friend, and even her brother are all so believable and likable. I still can't believe a male wrote her to be so authentic. I loved how fierce and funny she was. I really enjoyed it, and I had no idea how it would play out in the end.

    4. A well written book. It was very easy to listen to. My only complaint was that it was somewhat mellow and very predictable.

    5. Initially, I was really enjoying this book. The main character is a female wrestler, and I found that to be a very interested topic. Why would a girl choose to wrestle in high school? In this case, her older brother is a wrestler, and she has just always loved the sport and practiced with him, and she is pretty good—for a girl. She starts the book wrestling exhibition for the JV team, but I think that if I had finished the book, she would have ended up competing at a higher level. The reason I [...]

    6. Characters:I have to say, I was a little skeptical that the author would be able to write a convincing female character. But I can happily say that I feel that Mel was a very believable, and for the most part realistic, female voice. She definitely wasn’t a cookie cutter. And I loved how passionate she was about wrestling. So much so that it got me excited as well, and I’ve never watched a minute of wrestling in my life. I think that’s one of the signs of a good writer, to be able to conve [...]

    7. 4.0 out of 5 stars - YA novel - I totally wish I knew a girl who was interested in wrestling as I would like to have her read this book! There is so much detail here that would likely be appreciated by such a person. Fifteen-year-old Melinda Radford is Ashton High School's only female wrestler. Though she's on JV, she dreams of wrestling varsity with her brother, Cole. Because of her gender, she deals with issues of discrimination and is often misunderstood by schoolmates and adults. In addition [...]

    8. This young adult novel is about a teenage girl named Mel. In this novel, Mel is the only female wrestler in her school and on her team. Throughout this book, she deals with relationships with her teammates, her brother, who is also a wrestler, her best friend, Jade, and much more. I received this book as First Read book. At first, I wasn't sure how I would like this book because it included things about wrestling. I don't know much about this sport and some of the lingo was hard to understand, [...]

    9. Alfred C. Martino’s PERFECTED BY GIRLS is a fascinating young adult novel revolving around girls and sports.Melinda Radford just wants to wrestle for her high school team, but getting onto the team seems the beginning of her troubles. The boys either don’t want to wrestle her or feel her up when they do. The captain and her own brother don’t seem pleased to have her there. Then, a comment to a reporter put her at odds with the entire team. She has to find a way to bring her life into contr [...]

    10. I received this book in one of ' giveaways back in December but had a hard time starting it or even getting through. And maybe that's because I know nothing about and have never been interested in wrestling, but my biggest problem, however, was trying to understand the character of Melinda. I got through the entire book and, by the end, I still wasn't sure how I felt about her. I never disliked her but I never particularly liked her. She seemed very feminine at times and masculine at other and I [...]

    11. Though I'm not usually a reader of YA, I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into the life of young wrestler Melinda Radford. I literally know nothing about wrestling, but I found myself swept away and intrigued by the descriptions of matches and the use of all the jargon. For the most part, I found the portrayal of this young narrator believable, and I was super impressed that a man wrote this character. The only thing I didn't find believable was Melinda's choice of clothing - super high-end cloth [...]

    12. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this book when I received it. I went to my fair share of wrestling tournaments when I was growing up, but it was never the sport that I really embraced. So Martino had a challenge in capturing my attention with this one. Thankfully the voice of the main character was enough to draw me in. From the beginning, Melinda makes it plain that she knows how odd her love of wrestling is and that she understands the problems people have with it. However, we also learn [...]

    13. I like that this book really shows what its like to be a girl playing a male sport, but it doesn't really delve into the characters too much. All we really learn about Melinda is that she wears expensive clothes and likes wrestling. It doesn't really let on how her teammates feel about her being a girl.I didn't like her family too much with the exception of her dad. He brother is an ass and her mom comes off as controlling. She claims to have a great relationship with her grandma but I didn't re [...]

    14. The story itself is good,and deals with attitudes about sports, and girls' involvement in boys' sports such as wrestling. What I didn't care for was the attitude abut teenage sex and drinking. I would like to recommend the book to my eighth grade readers, but would have difficulty because Melinda is a sophomore and can't even drive, yet spends a lot of time describing in detail just how far she and her boyfriend go while sitting in her driveway in his car! She and her friend also have a "two mon [...]

    15. This book was okay. I didn't enjoyed it much, and picked it up in the library just because it was about wrestling. From time to time I was wondering, how this girl can be who she is. I dealt with it because we are all different. Me and the main character have so much in common, because I, myself was the only girl on the wrestling team. However, that was not because I wanted t be around guys, seeking for attention what others thought, but because I wanted to try something new in my life, and lear [...]

    16. I liked this book a lot. The author obviously has a lot of inside info on high school wrestling. Some of that description didn't translate, but that doesn't matter. The characters were likable & unlikable. There's definitely room for this story to be told from another character's viewpoint. That would be cool!

    17. I really liked the girl heroine like story. She seemed so real with all the boy and friend problems. I love the fact that she is a girl wrestler. POWER TO THE GIRL. I found it hard to put down a lot of the time. I will definitely be reading it again!!!

    18. it was an inspiring story i hesitated when i chose it because i wasn't a fan of wrestling but it's not about it at all it's about the circumstances she has to deal with in order to achieve her dream of being a the first JV female wrestler at her high school.

    19. Mmm a girl interested in wrestling ins't very common of YA books, so I'm very excited to see what this book will make of it!

    20. A teenage feminist hero is the hero of this book; hardly depth psychology but you delve into the heroines shoes, that is sneakers, or athletic shoes

    21. Not only a great book about wrestling but really explores the subtle ways in which girls face discrimination in athletics. Good YA read that encourages girls to pursue their aspirations.

    22. This is an amazing tale of a girl trying to find her place in an all-guys sport. It is a really motivating story and a great read.

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