Tin Soldier If you love something let it go Rykken Camacho wants to find the seven archangel stones and save his girlfriend well ex girlfriend officially But can he really dig up a secret that s been buried fo

  • Title: Tin Soldier
  • Author: Monica Leonelle
  • ISBN: 9780984234844
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you love something, let it go Rykken Camacho wants to find the seven archangel stones and save his girlfriend well, ex girlfriend, officially But can he really dig up a secret that s been buried for a hundred years His best friend Pilot is mad at him, President Vega is suspicious of him, and Thessa s visions are slowly killing himWorst of all, Brie is getting darkeIf you love something, let it go Rykken Camacho wants to find the seven archangel stones and save his girlfriend well, ex girlfriend, officially But can he really dig up a secret that s been buried for a hundred years His best friend Pilot is mad at him, President Vega is suspicious of him, and Thessa s visions are slowly killing himWorst of all, Brie is getting darker and darker and if he can t solve the mystery, he ll lose the girl he loves forever.What they want and what they need are at odds in Tin Soldier, the thrilling sequel to Silver Smoke.

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      441 Monica Leonelle
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      Published :2018-06-13T04:45:07+00:00

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    1. ***ARE ANY OTHER "WINNERS" OF THIS BOOK FINDING THAT THEY HAVE NOT WON ANOTHER BOOK SINCE? PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU ARE HAVING THE SAME ISSUE, THANKS!***I won this book as a First Read. However, I never received a copy and from what I understand neither did anyone else. I wish that I could take it off my "to read" list, but that does not seem possible. Nor was I allowed to mark it UNRECEIVED. I finally marked it as received so that I might go on to possibly win more books, because since [...]

    2. I have NOT received my copy of this book and I am very disappointed. I mean if you are going to put a book up for giveaway, at least remember you have done it and that the book is finished! there are 1,000 people that are not happy! I am one of them! ******As of January 24, 2013 I still have not received this book so there for I am sick of waiting and just put that i have received it even though i never havery very disappointed in this author :(***********************Feb. 5, 2013I got this in my [...]

    3. Won this book through a giveaway program and never received it. Since doesn't allow us to take our wins off a list and I haven't been able to read the book, I have rated it low. I feel as if the author has cheated us by making this competition in the first place, and until I receive the book with a personal apology, I will never read anything by her again. Don't buy this con artists books! I feel cheated in buying the first one from her after winning this one, never would have bothered if I wo [...]

    4. I'm done being nice! I won this book almost 5 years ago and none of the winners received their copy. I did originally state that and didn't even rate this book. But now I'm fed up and I feel like we were all scammed. Shame on this author for having a giveaway and not giving anyone a copy of the book they won! You are a bad author and I hope you get nothing, but negative reviews to follow! If you couldn't provide the copies then you should have NEVER had this giveaway in the first place! I'm just [...]

    5. I won TIN SOLDIERS (Seven Halos #2) several months ago as a First Reads giveaway. The winners have been contacted by the author and the book is being released sometime this month (May2012) and should be delivered to the winners of that particular giveaway soon.In anticipation, I purchased a copy of the first book (SILVER SMOKE) from in February. It's still on the shelf & ready to read it as soon as I receive this one. looking forward to reading this series.May 29, 2012: I just received an [...]

    6. Well, I won this over 7 months ago and have yet to get it. There have been several communications from the author giving us updates on when to expect the book but the last communication was something along the lines of 'I'm still working on the draft, also needs to go through the editing process.' So then I go to the seven halos website and I suppose it could have been a while since the site was updated but apparently she's currently at 11,411 of her 100,000 word goal. Whatever. You post a conte [...]

    7. July 2013 Sept 2014: Seriously. It's been 31 months since I won this and the author still hasn't released a book she began a giveaway for in 2011. I'm tempted to one star it. Nope. So gonna one star it now.Won this back in February through a GoodReads' giveaway and still have not received it. Srslyn't try to giveaway a book you haven't even written yet!

    8. Downgrading this to a to-read because it still hasn't come. I am also trying to figure out why people are rating it when they haven't even received it, but who am I to say.If anyone is interested in the 'progress' of this book you can check out her Seven Halos website. There is a word tracker down at the bottom of the page and apparently she is still only about 11% done on a book that was supposed to be published last monthvenhalosseries/Just read the first in the series and don't really care if [...]

    9. Well, sign me up with the people that "won" this book on firstreads.Oh, and also never received it.Was this just a publicity stunt to get a bunch of people "to-read" this book? I don't know, but it seems like it to me.IF I ever receive this book, I will read it, and change the status and rating to reflect that. Until then, bad form Monica Leonelle and her publishing team.

    10. Marking this as "read" because I'm really sick of hearing from the author about sending this out and having nothing happen. I won this Feb 2012 in a giveaway here on , and I still have not gotten my copy. Why on earth would an author list a 1000 book giveaway on when it wasn't even close to being finished? I was really looking forward to reading this series - it sounded pretty interesting! I've received the update emails from the author and even contacted her about when I might actually see the [...]

    11. I won this book a year a go on the first read program. But to this day, I haven't received my copy. It's really annoying. I'm just going to mark it as received and put this whole mess behind me.

    12. I won this book as a First Read. However, I never received a copy and from what I understand neither did anyone else. This was over a year ago- Highly Disappointed!!!!

    13. I won this book from ' First Reads program.Like Amanda Kay I have not received my copy of this book or the other books promised to the winners of the giveaway from Monica. And like Amanda since I won and never received this book I haven't won a single book. IN ALMOST TWO YEARS. So like her I will mark it as received in hopes of being able to win new books.It is very sad and discouraging for avid readers to have an author disappoint you in this way. Waiting over a year and a half for a book that [...]

    14. I won this book from ' First Reads program, and it's been six months since the giveaway ended. I had to mark it as unreceived, because I think it's holding me back from future winnings. It'd be great if I could once again have to opportunity to read books that are actually completed and ready to be read. I'm not mad at the author for listing her book when she wasn't even done writing book. It's understandable that life happens and some things are beyond your control. Yes, she did seem to have fo [...]

    15. I have NOT read this book. I 'won' this as a 'first-reads' giveaway but like the other 'winners', did NOT receive this book. I am giving it a negative rating because of this, but I hope that this problem will be fixed in the future even though I have been waiting for a year and have yet to win any other books since I feel as if I need to make this known to just in case this unreceived book is keeping me from winning any other books. I am unable to mark it as unreceived since I did so once a co [...]

    16. ************ I MARKED THIS BOOK AS RECEIVED, BUT I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THIS BOOK ************I won this book back in February 2012, as a First Reads Giveaway. As of December 2013, I have NOT received this book, nor have I read it. After several failed attempts at trying to reach the author, and several emails sent from the author promising to send out the book, I feel that I will NOT be able to give a fair review on it, until this is settled. It saddens me that I have to leave a review like thi [...]

    17. I accidentally marked that I received my copy of this book from the First Look Giveaway, but I too never received my copy. I HAVE NOT read this book. I am assuming that by not reviewing this book it could hold me back from winning books in the future so I just wanted to tie up this "lose end" and write some sort of review. We have also moved so I doubt this book would ever make it to me if even it did ship to me at some point in the future. For those who are still waiting, I hope the author com [...]

    18. It's been over four years since I won this book and I still have not received it. I haven't won any giveaways since, either. I see that many people have had this same experience; like them, I've now marked the book as received (even though I haven't received it) and reviewed it (even though I haven't been able to read it). It's getting a very low rating due to this. I'd be happy to change my rating and review if I ever receive the book.

    19. I was one of the 1000 to win this book last February through first reads giveaway. I still have NOT received this book! Take note: it's now August 13th 2012! Wow all I have to say now I have given-up on it totally! I've come to find out the book is not even finished yet let alone published! *shakes head* This has never happened to me before from a first reads giveaway win and I hope to never experience it again.

    20. Never received this book from the giveaway. Since I don't want a non review ruining my chances of getting another book , this is my non review in a way. Whatever. --I won a copy of this book, but due to what other people are saying, it looks like it is going to be awhile for us to receive it. With that being said, in the meantime I plan on reading the first in the series, which I already own. I'm very excited to receive this!

    21. I guess I will add my voice to 999 other people who "won" this book in February 2012 and never received it. Clearly I've forgotten about it and really could care less about the fact of not receiving it (as I have plenty of other books to keep me occupied (and most likely much better books, at that)) but the fact should be known that it was never received, more than a year later.

    22. I won this book awhile ago. Still waiting on it. I've contacted the author, but I'm not sure where it stands in production. I did read "Silver Smoke" the first book in anticipation of this book. I'll probably have to go back and re-read it. Last year I received another email promising the book, but it's been 2 years since winning and I still haven't received the book.

    23. I won this book several months ago and I have still yet to receive it furthermore I have not won any books since I entered for this one. So I feel that since I have not yet rated it, it is ruining my chances to win other books from authors who actually have a book available for me to read and give a review Which is why i am giving this book 1 star

    24. haven't read it yet, this was just a house-keeping notation for me. Wondering if I'll ever get this book.I'm sad that I still haven't received the book. Of course, my star rating only reflects my being bummed. I'm sure that once I get a chance to read it, I'll give it more stars. Hurry up already!

    25. As of March 25, I have not received my copy of Tin Soldier.As of March 16, I have not received my copy.I am so please to be selected to receive this book, I took the advice and ordered Silver Smoke looking forward to reading them both.Thanks !

    26. Update July 28 2017STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS BOOK!!!!November 2013.I have NOT read this book because I have NOT received it after winning its giveaway. I have given up on ever getting the thing.Very disappointed.

    27. I never got to read this. I won't keep waiting for it, or any of the other books the author offered as replacement. I also won't keep expressing my disappointment in this situation because it helps nothing. I'll just post this as a review, rate, and hope I'll win another giveaway.

    28. Won this book a few years ago but never received it - from what I have *skimmed* I need to review it and mark it as read in order to receive any more books (wish I knew this years ago!). Thus, this reviewever, I never received the book, and I haven't read it yet.

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