Ad le and Simon When Simon s older sister Ad le picks him up from school he has his hat and gloves and scarf and sweater his coat and knapsack and books and crayons and a drawing of a cat he made that morning Ad

  • Title: Adèle and Simon
  • Author: Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780374380441
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Simon s older sister, Ad le, picks him up from school, he has his hat and gloves and scarf and sweater, his coat and knapsack and books and crayons, and a drawing of a cat he made that morning Ad le makes Simon promise to try not to lose anything But as they make their way home, distractions cause Simon to leave something behind at every stop What will they tell tWhen Simon s older sister, Ad le, picks him up from school, he has his hat and gloves and scarf and sweater, his coat and knapsack and books and crayons, and a drawing of a cat he made that morning Ad le makes Simon promise to try not to lose anything But as they make their way home, distractions cause Simon to leave something behind at every stop What will they tell their mother Detailed pen and ink drawings filled with soft watercolors make a game of this unforgettable tour through the streets and scenes of early twentieth century Paris Illustrated endpapers extend the fun by replicating a 1907 Baedeker map of Paris Ad le Simon is a 2006 New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Book of the Year and a 2007 Bank Street Best Children s Book of the Year.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 9 5 2006Pages 40Reading Level Age 4 and Up

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      134 Barbara McClintock
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    One thought on “Adèle and Simon”

    1. 4.5 stars. What a delight! I absolutely love McClintock's artwork; it really made the book shine. The story is cute, but nothing remarkable--I think it's more a foundation for the glorious artwork (which was, for me, the whole focus of the story). I would have loved this book as a kid because in each time Simon loses something (cat picture, glove, other glove, scarf, hat, sweater) you can find it somewhere in the picture. Also, the tale is set in Paris, which is really neat—Adele and Simon vis [...]

    2. An older sister's struggle to shepherd her careless younger brother home from school provides the excuse for a pictoral tour of fin-de-siecle Paris. McClintock's illustrations are, as always, beautiful, charming, and detailed -- there's almost too much to see on many pages! With kids I would plan on reading it multiple times because I suspect most won't have the patience to look at all the illustrations closely in one go, but there are lots of great details for them to notice on subsequent readi [...]

    3. A cute story about brother and sister Simon and Adele making their way home from school. Simon looses something (hat, scarf, book) at each place the siblings stop on their way home (museums, parks, parades). The story is sweet and the pictures are charming. You can find each missing item in the pictures (great for visual children) and in the back of the book is some information on the various places the children stop (the book is set in Paris, so that adds another charming dynamic).While it's no [...]

    4. This is an exceptionally good picture book that can be appreciated on so many different levels.I adore this book and I’m so happy that I can immediately read Adèle & Simon in America because I borrowed them from the library on the same day.The illustrations are so interesting and intricate. I really loved them. I really enjoyed all the dogs & cats that make an appearance.The story is a lot of fun. It’s about a sister who picks up her younger brother from school, and as they walk thr [...]

    5. A simple, sweet plot. Gorgeous drawings of Paris scenes. Totally missed the "seek and find" part of this book. Loved it.

    6. Adèle & Simon by Barbara McClintock is a beautiful and successful combination of a "search and find" book, a travelogue of old Paris, and a look at a sibling relationship. When Adèle picks up her brother Simon from school, he still has his hat, gloves, scarf, sweater, coat, knapsack, books, crayons, and a drawing of a cat he made that morning. Although Adèle makes Simon promise to try not to lose anything, distractions cause Simon to leave something behind at every stop on their way home. [...]

    7. Though the narrative is fairly simple and predictable, what really highlights this book are the gorgeous illustrations of the neighborhoods and famous landmarks around Paris (only missing the Eiffel Tower.) The relationship between the young boy and his sister is fairly realistic (although they are a bit young to be wandering the city on their own!) and the story is humorous. We really enjoyed searching for the lost items, which are found on each page. Great book to read aloud and wonderful info [...]

    8. It's shameful that it's taken me this long to figure out the allure of Barbara McClintock's illustrations. We have several of her books on our shelf, and finally, with Adele and Simon, I've figured it out. Her round-faced, thick-eyebrowed children are every bit mischievous and enchanting, exasperating and magical as, oh, say, the child who is listening to me read the story. No wonder it's a most-requested bedtime book.This book is beautiful. Just beautiful. And as if the premise and illustration [...]

    9. Pen and ink illustration fit perfectly with this tale of a girl and her younger brother walking home from school in 1907 Paris. The story begins with Adele picking up Simon from school and an inventory of what he’s wearing and carrying… all of which disappear among the busy drawings. In a “Where’s Waldo?” effect, the missing items can be located in the pictures, along with other interesting items… such as the line of schoolgirls from the Madeline books and famous Parisian sights, inc [...]

    10. densely packed pages, beautifully illustrated, with a simple plot that has been amazingly engaging for my sub-two-year-old. A bit pricey, but highly recommended for toddlers with disposable income.

    11. This story is about a little girl and her younger brother, who always manages to lose items when they are out. But the neat thing about the book is that for every item he loses, that item can be found somewhere in the intricate illustrations. Very neat book, with a cool little ending.

    12. My children ( aged 4 & 2) loved this book. We read it before our trip to Paris last Summer and used it as our guide of the city. A lovely book for every age.

    13. This was a fun, beautifully illustrated search and find à la Where's Waldo, but with more of a story. My daughter (age 5) really enjoyed it.

    14. A girl, Adèle, and her younger brother, Simon, walk home from school together through the streets of early 20th century Paris, where Simon keeps losing personal items.The illustrations in this book are all detailed crowd scenes set at famous Parisian landmarks. Somewhere on each page is hidden a lost item belonging to Simon, which the reader is invited to find. Each image is finely detailed, much like the Where's Waldo books, and there is much for the reader to see even if he or she does not su [...]

    15. Every day Adèle picks up her younger brother, Simon, after school. Today he is waiting with his hat, gloves, scarf, sweater, coat, knapsack, books, crayons, and a drawing of a cat he’d made that morning. Adèle takes one look and says, “Simon, please try not to lose anything today.” Then the siblings begin their walk home, stopping at all their favorite spots, saying hello to all their friends. Each time they stop, somehow Simon loses something. While talking to Madame Biscuit, the grocer [...]

    16. From School Library JournalPreSchool-Grade 2–When Adèle meets her younger brother after school, she cautions him not to lose anything on the way home. The children take a leisurely route, visiting friends, a street market, a park, and two museums. Predictably, Simon leaves an item (his drawing, hat, knapsack, glove) behind at each location. Set in Paris during the early 20th century, this simple story is the basis for some remarkable illustrations. McClintock's pen-and-ink with watercolor tec [...]

    17. The story itself is not much more than stringing together adventures around Paris, but the illustrations are so charming. I got this book to help my kids get ready to go back to Paris and they had fun recognizing some of the landmarks, and asking questions about some of the new places they'll see this summer.

    18. This was a fun read about Adele and Simon, who live in Paris. Adele picks up her little brother, Simon, from school and explicitly asks him not to lose any of his belongings. Of course the reader can immediately infer that he will lose several items. Each page takes the children to a different Parisian location. The reader can hunt for Simon's lost item (a more sophisticated version of Where's Waldo). By the time the two get home, Simon has lost everything. However, his good-natured Parisian cit [...]

    19. Adèle picks up her little brother Simon from school. He has a tendency to leave things places, so Adèle warns him not to lose anything on the way home. McClintock lists everything that Simon has upon leaving school. You can imagine what happens next as the siblings explore the city on their way home from school. Simon begins to lose things one by one. The siblings visit an art museum (possibly the Louvre), pass Notre Dame, and pass other Parisian landmarks and Simon keeps losing things. At the [...]

    20. Adèle & Simon is story about an older sister and a younger brother who travel through the streets of Paris after school on their way home. Their travels include an old Paris street market, the gallery of paleontology in the Musèum National d´Histoire Naturelle, the Musèee du Louvre and others. Along the way, little Simon always loses something. Each picture is a seek and find to locate the missing object, such as his mittens, crayons, knapsack etc.This is an engrossing trek through the s [...]

    21. McClintock has crafted a beautiful combination of hide and seek, travel literature and sibling narrative. Adele goes to pick up her brother Simon from school and he has his book bag, his hat, his scarf, his gloves, his jacket, his crayons, his books and a drawing of a cat that he’s made for his mother. He systematically looses everything on their journey home. The genius of the book is that every lost thing is hidden in the lavish, lovingly rendered drawings of Paris and on the page of the boo [...]

    22. McClintock must have gone to Paris – this is a love letter to the city, but definitely not one of my favorite books by her. What I did love was -- the illustration of Madeleine and all the orphans are marching behind Miss Clavel. The end paper map, according to the note on the copyright page, is from a 1907 Baedeker – which sets the scene in beautiful art nouveau / beaux arts Paris. (Although I never saw a motor car, which makes me think it’s set earlier.) Her illustrations are wonderfully [...]

    23. Brilliant! You may not realize until you begin that this is a seek-and-find book. It would be a great one-on-one readaloud with someone who loves poring over details. Adele picks up little brother Simon at school in early 20th-century Paris, and they walk home, Simon promising not to lose anything he's carrying. But of course, one thing goes missing at a time. That aspect reminds me a lot of How will we get to the beach, which is more for the preschool age.Includes an old-fashioned map on the en [...]

    24. Love the cameo of Madeline and all her friends! A wonderful seek and find book complete with an exasperated older sister and carefree little brother. Amazing depth of detail in the illustrations, which of course, makes the seeking that much more fun! Reminds me very pleasantly of Diane Goode's artwork. Probably a lot is the similar time period she also likes to focus on. Also There's a lady knitting something red in the first spread! ;)Hee hee!

    25. Great book, great illustrations. This story follows Adele and her brother Simon as they walk home from school and Simon loses his various articles (crayons, gloves, hat, etc) all over town and in each richly done illustration you have to find where they have gone. It isn't easy - each scene takes up two pages and is FULL of interesting people and details. Oh, and each scene is a real Parisian place - it's really a great book. We love this book! Glad we have the hardback, as it gets a lot of wear [...]

    26. I think charming is a good word to describe this book. Join Adele as she escorts her brother, Simon, home from school. Simon seems to lose something everywhere they go, whether at the museum or the park. The text is too long for the littlest and is a tiny bit tedious at parts but the pictures are wonderful and show a classic Paris. If you and your little one enjoy spotting things in pictures, this one is for you. On each page you can look for the item that Simon just lost, as well as notice the [...]

    27. Just love anything that Barbara McClintock does - her artwork is exquisite. This book makes for a delightful read to share with children one-on-one or in small groups, because as Simon and Adele walk through 1900-era Paris, Simon keeps losing his things. Children will love to search for his missing accessories. My only quibble (and the only thing keeping this from being 5 stars) is that I wish McClintock incorporated some simple French phrases in her book - Merci, Bonjour, Au Revoir. Would have [...]

    28. This is a wonderful little book about a brother and sister on a leisurely walk home from school during which the brother looses various items. The story is simple, the search for lost items entertaining, and the illustrations beautiful--pen and ink with watercolor on creamy paper with wide white borders. The overall effect is charmingly vintage. Additionally, the endpapers trace the children's route on a 1907 map of Paris, providing details about the different locations, landmarks, and character [...]

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