The Glass Word Merle the Flowing Queen Junipa and Vermithrax the stone lion are in snow bound Egypt surrounded by ice mirrors and sphinxes They encounter Seth the Pharoah s dangerous chief priest Why is he offe

  • Title: The Glass Word
  • Author: Kai Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781405216395
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Merle, the Flowing Queen, Junipa and Vermithrax the stone lion are in snow bound Egypt, surrounded by ice, mirrors and sphinxes They encounter Seth, the Pharoah s dangerous chief priest Why is he offering to help them

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    One thought on “The Glass Word”

    1. The third and final book in the Dark Reflections trilogy was satisfactory but not as spectacular as the first two books.The plot thickens, the stakes are high than ever and the probabilty that the whole cast will survive is more than low. Still, I wasn't as captivated by the story as I was before. Somewhere along the lines I grew impatient and wanted it to end. Maybe there were too many POV's, too many things happening at once. I can't say what it was exactly but it lost a part of its magic.Stil [...]

    2. Not good enough ending. Something strange happened during the intervening time I read and finished this series . I grew impatient with it and it lost most of its magic .

    3. I really do not like this trilogy trend that is taking place in the Young Adult writing world. The first book of this series was wonderful! It was such an interesting concept.I couldn't wait to read the second, which was okay. The second book felt like a placeholder--here's what everyone is doing while I make you wait to read my super-awesome climatic ending. Well, I didn't find the third super-awesome, nor climatic. To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. Serafin sacrifices himself for Merle [...]

    4. Wow. So, Meyer wasn't kidding around with that "Dark Reflections" business. There's dark. There's definitely dark. And ye gods are there reflections. "Mirror" hardly looks like a word to me anymore.Thinking positive, the world is still awesome. Great critters and magic and stuff, and I kind of like that the rise of various great civilizations is due to their catching Summer and harnessing her power. And there are some neat little scenes, like the whole chapter where the world is recovering from [...]

    5. ich weiß nicht mal genau, was mir nicht so richtig gefallen hatdie Story und die Wesen waren ganz okay, die Charaktere eher so mehich freu mich aber auf das Wolkenvolk, das fehlt mir nämlich noch von Kai Meyer und bisher konnten mich fast alle seine Werke (zumindest viel mehr als dieses hier) überzeugen :)

    6. This definitely reminds me of His Dark Materials, but even better. I could not put it down. The descriptions, the fantasies, the characters just drew me in. Meyer has some great, original ideas. The great conclusion to a great series.Indeed, the back of the book promised a great battle at the end, and even though it was expected, it was also shocking. Oh my God I can't believe (SPOILER ALERT) Serafin freakin' died! It put me in tears. I love the whit and whimsy of these ideas, especially with Wi [...]

    7. Translated by Anthea Bell.Opening: ICE AND TEARSThe Pyramid rose above deep snow. All around them, the Egyptian desert lay buried under the cloak of a New Ice Age. Very exciting trilogy this. Starts off in Venice, visits hell and a winter ravaged Egypt.#1 The Flowing Queen#2 The Stone Light#3 The Glass Word

    8. This part was better than the last one the beginning was a little slow and then suddenly a lot of questions were answered in one chapter. Personally I enjoyed the book, though a lot of questions are still open for me. I don´t know if this series continues though I still miss some information. Even though this is the case, I did enjoy the world Kai Meyer created here.

    9. Nachdem ich die ersten beiden Bände der "Merle"-Trilogie noch als Hörbuch gehört habe, habe ich mir den letzten Band als Hardcover-Ausgabe gegönnt, um zu erfahren, wie es mit Merle, Junipa und Co. weitergeht. Schade, dass dies bereits der letzte Band ist, denn ich würde am liebsten noch viel mehr über Merle erfahren.Kai Meyer konnte mich mit seinem Schreibstil wieder einmal begeistern. Der Autor beschreibt sämtliche Ortschaften sehr detailliert, sodass ich mir nahezu alles bildlich vorste [...]

    10. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooNOTE: This is the third book in a trilogy, just in case you were unaware, and if you can make sense of this story without having read the first two You're either amazing or scary. Merle, Vermithrax, Junipa, and, of course, the Flowing Queen, have just barely escaped Hell and Lord Light with their lives. Although none of them is, or will ever be, quite the same. Thanks to the stone light, Vermithrax has turned from regular stone to a nearly impenetrable [...]

    11. I was quite disappointed in the third book in the trilogy. The first was outstanding, the second was good, but this last one was not good. Sure, I've read worse, but I've read Kai Meyer at the top of his game, and this book was not the cream of the crop!All the secrets that we'd been waiting to learn about- Merle's Mother, The Flowing Queen's business with Merle, Burbridge's importance to the story, Winter's quest for his love- were resolved rather suddenly. There was no build up.Where's Summer? [...]

    12. (The ending! Was so beautiful! I just—!)I can definitely see why this trilogy draws comparisons with His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. And I think that while this is a huge, hee-yoo-ge compliment, it's also kind of a drawback because His Dark Materials is infinitely deeper. Not that Dark Reflections is bad, on the contrary! There were some genuinely beautiful ideas explored here: the mirrors, the mermaids, the phantoms, but ultimately I felt that the world-building in Dark Reflections wasn [...]

    13. What I Liked. All of the individual story lines make sense now. And I do mean all of them. What this tale ended up being, once you cut through all of the weird world building, was a mystery. A who-done-it and why puzzle full of misdirection and interesting twists. On the whole, I loved the continuing creativity and I enjoyed how it all wrapped up in ways I did not expect. Despite being YA, there was not a sappy, feel good ending either. It was bittersweet, partially tragic but true to the story. [...]

    14. I was quite pleased with the ending of this trilogy. While I think the landslide of plot related happenings that happened in this last book could have been shared with the second book, overall it was very well done. Seriously, this book was shorter than the second, but I feel that way more was happening. However, every story-line was wrapped up, even if a few details seemed like they were missing along the way. Serafin doesn't really receive that much in the way of character development so it is [...]

    15. This is clearly the best of the three as often happens with the third in a trilogy. Many of the details about the characters were being held until this novel as trump cards to add to the drama that plays out through the story. As a result, the characters convey better depth and their motives become more complex, creating a stronger sense of empathy with the audience. Even the writing itself has become stronger with greater aesthetic details, poetic language, and variance in sentence complexity. [...]

    16. Wenn man die ersten Teile gelesen hat, und zumindest nciht schlecht fand, sollte man diesen hier auch lesen. Die Story erreicht ihren Höhepunkt und so macher Charakter konnte mich noch überraschen. Zudem werden endlich alle Geheimnisse und Fragen der ersten beiden Teile beantwortet.Ich bin allerdings nicht sicher was ich vom Ende halten soll. (view spoiler)[ Persönlcih fand ich es nicht so toll. Es sterben die falschen Charaktere- er hat einfach Serafin sterben lassen. Das hat für mcih das E [...]

    17. The conclusion to Kai Meyer's Dark Reflections series, "The Glass Word" wraps up the story of Merle, Serafin, and Junipa as they escape from a hell-like underworld only to find the Egyptian desert buried in snow. The book is full of the interesting mix of mythology and adventure that characterized the previous two installments. Fans of authors Rick Riordan and Meredith Pierce will most certainly enjoy this series. "The Glass Word" becomes confusing at its long, drawn out, and somewhat anticlimac [...]

    18. this was the very first series of Kai Meyer books I bought back then when I was a child it takes the reader on an imaginary journey that makes it impossible to take away the book just for one minute few years later I'm sitting here and I can doubtlessly say that this book hasn't lost any of its magic on me the same girl just a few years older sitting on her bed although its far past midnight and shedding the one or another tear about the tragic end while she is closing the last and final of the [...]

    19. Der letzte atemberaubende Teil der Merle-Trilogie findet mit "Das Gläserne Wort" sein Ende. Die "Fließende Königin" sowie "Das Steinerne Licht" waren die Anfänge und der Mittelteil der Merletrilogie und nun ist es doch soweit gekommen das diese Geschichte, auch ihr Ende findet, und das mit einem krönenden Abschluss und einer großen Menge an Fantasie! Ich kann direkt schreiben das ich dieses Buch sehr gelungen finde und sehr viel Spaß hatte es zu lesen. Leider ist nun wieder eine Reihe abg [...]

    20. Good way to end a trilogy. Did not inspire in me quite the same sense of wonder as the first two books. The things we learned about Merle's background were not surprising, though they were unexpected. (view spoiler)[Likewise the ending. I'm still not sure if I approve of what Serafin did. As a reader, I am glad that Merle lived, since she was THE viewpoint character, but at the end he took the choice from her and I don't know how I feel about that. I will say, though, that Merle's grief was conv [...]

    21. This is the third book in the Dark Reflections trilogy. Merle, with Junipa and Vermithrax, who survived his encounter with the Stone Light are escaping Lord Light and are in hot pursuit of Seth, the former high priest to the Pharoah. Merle is unsure of who she can trust and it weighs on her heavily. Separately, Serafin, the sphinx Lalapeya, the former mermaid Eft and the other thieves are headed to Egypt on a pirate submarine. When they reach Egypt, Winter has arrived. They converge on the Iron [...]

    22. DARN!! WHY?That question keeps popping up in my mind. WHY?(no spoilers, i know. I'll try to be as careful as I can.)Okay *inhale* *exhale*The thrill was never absent. This book might be my favorite one, compared to the first and second. I'm not saying that first and second book was boring. It's just this one is more interesting and intensifying.I can't (not won't because I literally can't) say I hate it because something UNTHINKABLE happened, I LOVE it instead despite that that incident. *sigh* [...]

    23. For what started as such a promising first book, I was really disappointed with how this all turned out. Not so much the story, because the story remained good, though it did make an odd leap at the end. But what I really enjoyed about the first book was how deeply it made me think about ordinary things, and the existential questions it was raising. In The Glass Word, Meyer does what I hate YA authors doing, which is that he hands you conclusions constantly instead of letting you figure things o [...]

    24. Wow, I was not expecting this when I started reading a YA trilogy. Who knew that I would become so caught up in the farflung adventures of Merle who is trying to save her city from an invasion? Heartbreaking choices had to be made, and as I read this on a plane ride, I was echoing poor Junipa, agh! Indeed, is this a YA novel? They mention at the end that this isn't how it ends in fairytales. Gah. Almost reduce me to tears will you!! (This trilogy reminded me of His Dark Materials, also with a yo [...]

    25. OPS! a pesar de que dije que el primero es mi favorito, tengo que decir que este es complicado. Veo que todos los reviews difieren entre el amor y el odio, y quienes lean la saga sabrán entender. Sólo decir que eviten los spoilers porque si no, el libro no tendrá el efecto necesario. En su momento me pareció una porquería de libro, pero supongo que será porque yo quería otro fianl, no me gustó el desenlace. Pero con el tiempo, se aprecia y la verdad, tengo que decir, es un excelente fina [...]

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