Redlaw They live among us abhorred marginalised despised They are vampires known politely as Sunless The job of policing their community falls to the men and women of the Sunless Housing and Disclosure E

  • Title: Redlaw
  • Author: James Lovegrove
  • ISBN: 9781907992056
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • They live among us, abhorred, marginalised, despised They are vampires, known politely as Sunless The job of policing their community falls to the men and women of the Sunless Housing and Disclosure Executive SHADE Captain John Redlaw is London s most feared and respected SHADE officer But when the vampires start rioting in their ghettoes, and angry humans respond wiThey live among us, abhorred, marginalised, despised They are vampires, known politely as Sunless The job of policing their community falls to the men and women of the Sunless Housing and Disclosure Executive SHADE Captain John Redlaw is London s most feared and respected SHADE officer But when the vampires start rioting in their ghettoes, and angry humans respond with violence of their own, even Redlaw may not be able to keep the peace Especially when political forces are aligning to introduce a radical answer to the Sunless problem, one that will resolve the situation once and for all Redlaw is New York Times best selling author James Lovegrove at his very best.

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      117 James Lovegrove
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    One thought on “Redlaw”

    1. A vampire story based in England. Redlaw is a Shadie (part of an organization policing vampires, who are put on "reservation" type areas. Add corrupt politicians and corporation owners, and you get a crisis. Good story, no romantization.

    2. Policing the Damned They live among us, abhorred, marginalised, despised. They are vampires, known politely as Sunless. The job of policing their community falls to the men and women of the Sunless Housing and Disclosure Executive SHADE. Captain John Redlaw is London’s most feared and respected SHADE officer, a living legend. But when the vampires start rioting in their ghettoes, and angry humans respond with violence of their own, even Redlaw may not be able to keep the peace. Especially when [...]

    3. Future where vampires are a reality not a myth. They have been either thrown out of their countries or have been placed in designated safe areas. Redlaw is a member of SHADE, basically a group of cops who keep vamps in their "ghettos" and humans out of those same places. The vampires are kept in check by SHADE and by deliveries of cows blood to satisfy their hunger. There are a series of riots during these deliveries that Redlaw begins investigating which leads to corrupt politicians, greedy bus [...]

    4. At a glance:Plot: * * *Characters/Character Development: * * *Grip/Feeling: * * * * *Original concepts: * * *Summary/Verdict (Not an average): * * * A few words about the bookHello my friends! Vampires live among us, but segregated to walled areas called SRA's and referred to as "Sunless". For London SRA's, SHADE is the organization tasked with protecting the human population from the Sunless, but also protect the Sunless from human persecution. Captain John Redlaw is SHADE's best officer, a mix [...]

    5. It says a lot about a book when the positive review blurb on the front page is for the author's other book and not specifically the one it's printed on. Slick SOBs, the publishers and everyone else who does this should get a gold metal for most mediocre marketing ploy! But by all means, continue to do it. Cause it probably works.Well, I really was looking forward to this book. I thought Redlaw's concept was awesome. Hell, just the name itself is cool. The whole idea about vampires being treated [...]

    6. First off, let me say that, although I gave this a 2, it is not a bad book. Unfortunately, it is as far from being a good book as is excusable.Also, just to keep things into perspective, I have to say that I read this after finishing Sergey Vasilievich Lukyanenko's series of Watches. It had a lot to live up to. & it failed. In more than a handful of ways.I said that it is not a bad book so, let me first say what's good about it: the action and the pace. Specifically the second one. Pace. It' [...]

    7. I attended a con recently, and they were giving out this book for free at the badge pickup table. I figured I might as well read it.You can't judge a book by its cover, but that cover can prepare you for what's within. Like here: the cover artist gave Our Hero the worst "douchebag bro" frown and a ridiculous body. Instead of looking tough, he just looks like Frankenstein's monster with a much smaller head. Also, the review on the cover is for a different book—was the publisher hoping that the [...]

    8. Redlaw is a vampire story with a difference. The premise of the story is that vampires have become numerous and spread across many countries and are known as the Sunless. In Britain they are restrict to specified nominated areas (SRA) and are not allowed outside of these. Here they receive regular deliveries of cow’s blood as a by-product of existing slaughterhouses and within the SRA are permitted to ‘govern’ themselves although there is not much of this going on. Over a period of time a [...]

    9. I liked this book, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really thought through. There were these little things that made me feel as if it was a cartoon, or a hastily put together story. For example, the guy had been a "vampire hunter" sort of thing for 15 years but he knew almost nothing of vampires. We had to find out with him during the book. But how is it possible that he hadn't known all this earlier. And also there was this problem in the book, that while they were delivering the cow blood to the v [...]

    10. In Redlaw, vampires are now metaphorically identical to poor, huddled masses of refugees being taken advantage of by venal (conservative) politicians and sociopathic rich people. Beat on by law enforcement and rightwing thugs, forced to live in squalid tenements on government assistance, vampires have no voice, no championEnter Redlaw. Without diving into spoilers, Redlaw has a choice: be the same as the everyone else, or see the light and see vampires as victims. (Despite their tendency to want [...]

    11. Lovegrove writes smooth, surprising, muscular prose that's a joy to read. The guy's a pro.This story does have a lot of drawbacks, though. There aren't a lot of characters at all so the environment is somewhat sterile, and although the Sunless dilemma does clearly echo the anti-immigrant drama in the UK, it never really develops any relevant depth or emotion. Lovegrove's (or his characters') pontifications about politics and social justice feel ham-handed and elementary. The central plotline is [...]

    12. Imagine mixing a British Dirty Harry with Men In Black (only with vampires, instead of aliens). The story’s solid, convincing, and keeps you wanting to know what comes next. The characters were well thought-out and the plot (while simple) has its share of surprises. I’ve gotta get my hands on the next book because I want to know what happens next. What I admire most about the author's tale is that he fights the temptation to make this guy into a superhuman badass. Redlaw's just a man . . . a [...]

    13. Not a bad book, but very predictable. Other than the different take on vampires in general, there was nothing overly exciting or interesting about the story. Despite several confrontations between the main character, Redlaw, and various villains, and a few riots, the action felt very lite and tame. There was a lot of personal growth drama, but it seemed to stop the story more often than it moved the story forward.The ending was very TV/Action movie incomplete.Not sure if I will look for the sequ [...]

    14. Ah Redlaw you are so old school! I loved you, if anyone remembers the policing of the old shows like The Professionals or the Sweeney, Redlaw reminds me so much of these British classics.He's old school and a believer to boot, in a world with little morals or belief - other than in the greed is good school of thinking.Loved SHADE, and the Vampires here are an interesting blend of creature and also something other.Great work, and I can't wait to read more of Redlaw.

    15. I realy wanted to love this book but couldn't. It was a bit too shallow in character development for that. The action kept things going but I found the characters a bit cardboard. I want to say "You can tell a man wrote this book." but that would be too dismissive since it is an interesting story and the world contained within the book is interesting. I just was not happy with the way the characters were left without any depth.

    16. Very disappointing. I could tell pretty quickly that this wasn't going to be a great book, but I hoped it would at least be good. It wasn't. It wasn't even adequate, although I suppose if you really like tough guy cops and vampires then this might be for you. I've reviewed it for The Zone here: zone-sf/wordworks/redl

    17. This is a tiny bit silly, I was not surprised by (any? most?) of the plot twists. I also think they talked too much and in too tight a time frame. It was okay for a plane read, which is why I picked it up, so mission accomplished.

    18. To me, this book was like a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I liked it, but couldn't help but wish it was something more, or different - or there was chocolate sauce. If you like grim, actiony stories with stoic lone gunman heroes, you'll probably like it.

    19. This book hit me from page 1 , John Redlaw Policing the Vampire society. The story hits the ground running on great story and excellent action . The characters are very in depth and not boring at all . A great start to what could be an excellent book saga

    20. Yes, another vampire tale but they never get old and this was a fun, couldn't put it down read. Definitely see potential for this to spin out into a series and/or film.

    21. This is a simple, unpretentious urban vampire novel. I enjoyed every moment of it.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    22. A good rollicking riot of a story, that I rattled through over a weekend. Hardly subtle, and sticks the knife in to all sides of the political and corporate spectrum. Most importantly, fun.

    23. Really enjoyed Redlaw and found it completely engrossing. It is, however, very much a pulp novel with a graphic comic feel rather than a literary novel.

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