Pushing Up Bluebonnets When asked to help identify a young woman who may not survive an attempted murder Abby discovers a possible connection between the girl and a prominent Houston family the questions about her past are

  • Title: Pushing Up Bluebonnets
  • Author: Leann Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780451222831
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • When asked to help identify a young woman who may not survive an attempted murder, Abby discovers a possible connection between the girl and a prominent Houston family the questions about her past are getting stickier than pecan pie Abby s about to learn the hard way that when she crawls out on a limb, she d better be certain there s not someone behind her with a saw andWhen asked to help identify a young woman who may not survive an attempted murder, Abby discovers a possible connection between the girl and a prominent Houston family the questions about her past are getting stickier than pecan pie Abby s about to learn the hard way that when she crawls out on a limb, she d better be certain there s not someone behind her with a saw and a mean spirit

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      322 Leann Sweeney
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    One thought on “Pushing Up Bluebonnets”

    1. This was truly a book that I did not want to put down for any length of time. I was caught up in the story from page one and was satisfied by the end of the book.Great writing, good dialogue, and lovable characters made this book flow for me.I truly want to read more about 'Abby' and her friends/family.

    2. For the first 3/4ths of this book, it was probably my favorite of the series. It seemed to have a maturity beyond that of the earlier books.And then I got to the end. And it made no sense. So I went back and listened to the end again.My confusion is mostly my fault. When the large number of minor characters were introduced early on, some of them failed to make a significant impression. A key character was in this set. And then I spaced out at the wrong time.So, my fault. But only mostly!Anyway, [...]

    3. It was okay I guess. I liked the other books in the series better, even those with weaker plots. Maybe I just got tired of Abby and her perfect detective skills. Everybody she meets loves her and they tell her what a great investigator she is (this happened like 5 times!) Kate is a brilliant psychologist that all men adore. Jeff is manly and reticent and Doris kept on watching cartoons. No novelty here really and not very believable either.

    4. Leann Sweeney has a knack for writing characters who feel as though they could step out of the book and into your living room--and yet still believably have the adventures they do. Then she sets them in mysteries that avoid contrivances and the predictable, and wraps it all up into a satisfying journey and ending. Yum!

    5. Abby Rose is called by a small town sheriff to identify a young woman who had been in a terrible car wreck. The woman had Abby's card. An adoption investigator she researches the woman and finds many secrets that could be very threatening. I like Abby and how she worked out a case that was much more complicated than she could have imagined.

    6. Every book in this series has just been better, and wow, Bluebonnets did NOT disappoint! Talk about a tangled webjust sit back and enjoy the ride!

    7. This was my first foray into the so-called "cosy mystery"-genre and I certainly hope that it does not represent the restThe mystery part of this story was quite interesting up until the big "reveal" which honestly was just so over-thought and overly done that it was just too unbelievable. And while I was not a big fan of main character Abby before that, her reaction to the big reveal was just too much! So unrealistic!And even if I liked the general mystery and most of the story Sweeney's incessa [...]

    8. This is the second of this series I've read/listened to. It was enjoyable, if not more so, than SHOOT FROM THE LIP. Still had a few characters to keep up with, but it seemed easier this time. I really like Abby and her sister, Kate. The relationship Abby has with her boyfriend, a Houston police detective, is a partnership of love and respect. He wishes she wouldn't find herself in so many dangerous situations, but knows she has to do what she must since she's a private investigator. I admire tha [...]

    9. When the police find Abby Rose's business card on the body of a severely injured accident victim, they turn to Abby for help in identifying the young woman. The answers Abby comes up with raise more questions. Abby's specialty is helping adoptees find their birth families, but the woman in question has apparently done this herself. Nobody knows anything about the life she lived between the time someone gave her up and the time she found her family. But her secrets are even stranger than Abby can [...]

    10. I usually don't write reviews after getting to the tail end of the series, because by then no-one will probably care if the fifth one was good or not,truth is that you either check out the first one or have already read some of the books from the series, so one way or another you probably know if the series is something after your taste or not.One thing is sure, I find these southern mysteries especially delightful because of the quirky language. If you can paint a picture with words, then these [...]

    11. The latest in the Yellow Rose series. I do enjoy these cozies, Leann does a good job of making them fun and interesting.In this installment, Abby is asked to identify an accident victim who is in the hospital after a car accident. Her brakes had been tampered with so it's being investigated as a murder attempt. She doesn't understand why she's been called in to identify the young girl whom she has never met but soon finds out that her calling card had been found on the girl.

    12. This was decent for a quick, mindless read. It follows the usual mystery conventions and the heroine is the usual wise-cracking, junk-food-loving slob with a heart of gold. I was OK with all of that right up to the end when the mystery was solved and I just sat there thinking "You have GOT to be kidding me!"

    13. Adoption PI, Abby Rose is called in to assist with identifying a young woman who was a victim of attempted murder. As she delves into the young woman's background, she discovers a bigger mystery. This girl has no past. The more she searches, the more Abby's own safety is in danger.This book has a heartwarming happy ending. I enjoyed the writing style and the lightness of the whole story.

    14. Abby Rose, an adoption private investigator, tries to find the identity of a girl in a coma, who appears to have had someone kill her by disabling her car. A quick read mystery with some slow parts, a decent ending, and a lot of annoying "southern cliches."

    15. I have totally enjoyed this series! This one was much more complicated than the others in the series and yet Abby is still Abby and does spout out an adorable amount of just comical things! I am disappointed that I think I've read the whole series now.but they were all just GREAT reads!

    16. Well written mystery. The intrigue was pretty tricky and the characters enjoyable. Clean language. The 4 stars are for a book in this genre. It's definitely not classic material but quite in-depth for its kind.

    17. I really enjoyed this series. Although the author seems to her moved on to a new series which I have read and enjoyed also, I wish this series had continued, too.

    18. So sad to read the excerpt from her upcoming release and find that it is a different series. Bring back Abby Rose!

    19. solid mystery from a series I enjoy. I skipped a few, so there were some characters I hadn't seen before, but it was still easy enough to follow.

    20. Not as good as the first 4 of this series. Was fairly slow at first, then took off but left too many loose ends as far as I was concerned and accepting a con was too far-fetched.

    21. The story is fine, but I never saw the relationship between the story and the title. Bluebonnets aren't ever mentioned.

    22. I like this author and her character. But this mystery took a twist that made me go "huh?" It didn't feel real or authentic. Too bad, because the rest of the book was good.

    23. Turns out that I really liked this series. The main character, Abby Rose, is a private investigator specializing in adoptions. The books were all mysteries and had fun plot twists.

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