Dreams of the Compass Rose Nebula Awards Preliminary Ballot Nominee The world is shaped by two things stories told and the memories they leave behind The Compass Rose universe an ancient milieu where places have no names

  • Title: Dreams of the Compass Rose
  • Author: Vera Nazarian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2002 Nebula Awards Preliminary Ballot Nominee The world is shaped by two things stories told and the memories they leave behind.The Compass Rose universe an ancient milieu where places have no names, cities spring forth like bouquets in the desert, gods and dreams walk the scorching sands in the South, ice floats like mirror shards upon the Northern sea, islands that2002 Nebula Awards Preliminary Ballot Nominee The world is shaped by two things stories told and the memories they leave behind.The Compass Rose universe an ancient milieu where places have no names, cities spring forth like bouquets in the desert, gods and dreams walk the scorching sands in the South, ice floats like mirror shards upon the Northern sea, islands that do not exist are found in the East, death chases a thief on the rooftops of a Western city, immortal love spans time, and directions are intertwined into one road we all travel You come to this place when you wonder, and sometimes, only when you dream What is the nature of evil When a young warrior of a dark race finds himself bound in servitude to a beautiful cruel princess, his loyalty becomes entwined with something horrifying and mysterious than endless night falling over the ancient desert When a courageous young servant reveals her hidden wisdom to the madman conqueror of the world, her fate is joined to a nightmare suspended beyond death and outside the universe Two souls from different times their destinies connected through hundreds of other lives and generations, through soft whispers of the wind, through ancient truths that lie buried in an island between worlds Both souls enslaved through dream and desire in an endless conflict between truth and illusion They can only be set free by the wonder of the Compass Rose.

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    1. Book Info: Genre: FantasyReading Level: I’d recommend this for any age that can read itRecommended for: I’d recommend this for anyONE that can read itTrigger Warnings: Some minor violenceMy Thoughts: The language in this book is lyrical and lovely, comprising a montage of stories and legends about the world of the Compass Rose. It’s a fascinating exercise in true world building, from the ground up. Not only are the parameters of the world culture being built through these loosely connected [...]

    2. This is a good book. How good, you ask? After reading the first few chapters, I set the book aside and e-mailed Vera Nazarian, asking if she would consider writing a Compass Rose story for an anthology I was editing for DAW. This isn't a traditionally structured novel which moves from A to B to C. Rather, it moves from Z to G to 16, then comes back to B and C. All of the stories are set in the richly developed world of the Compass Rose, and all of the stories do interweave to tell a larger story [...]

    3. Dreams of the Compass Rose is old fashioned storytelling in the grand style of Arabian Nights or Catherynne M. Valente's "Orphan's Tales". There are tales within tales that overlap and create a rich tapestry defining not just the story, but the history of a world. Each "dream" is told as a separate story, and can stand alone, but they are much richer when taken into consideration with the surrounding stories. The overarching tale is that of the creation of the goddess known as "Risei" and her su [...]

    4. It is the secret ambition of many a contemporary fantasy writer to create a classic – a book that can stand with Dunsany, or Morris, or Tolkien, or Peake, and hold its head up high. Few of those contemporary writers, however, will attempt to write their stories as if they are free verse poetry, lost children of the Arabian Nights, or perhaps a misplaced myth cycle. The risk of embarrassment is too high.Vera Nazarian has dared, however, and in finding her own voice, she offers us a new poet of [...]

    5. Downloaded the e-book while it was free for a limited time from Smashwords.-----------------------I love how the stories are interconnected and how those connections aren't always obvious from the very beginning. I love that moment of, "Oh! So that's how this story fits with the others." The language is lovely and finds the right balance of poetic prose and not going overboard with flowery descriptions. The stories and language have a very dreamy quality that I like a lot.One thing that bothers [...]

    6. DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE is well-named: each story is an episode and all the episodes weave in and out of one another until the story is complete. Well, maybe not complete. Like a dream, there are just enough misty bits to make the dreams also weave in and out of the reader, as well. I subtracted one star because I found the quality of the writing uneven, though it's damn good even at its least. The best is SO good, though, the lesser quality stood out by contrast. LET ME BE CLEAR: Every story [...]

    7. A word of warning before we get to this review. I'm what you'd call a linear reader; also: a profoundly shallow person. I like my plot points to come in bulleted Powerpoint presentations, and my mysterious, meaning-of-life riddles to come with those little upside-down answers at the bottom of the page.Dreams of the Compass Rose was not what you'd call an easy read for me. I prefer my Point A to go through the alphabet before reaching Point Z. But that doesn't happen here. Instead, we get a luxur [...]

    8. “All stories have a curious and even dangerous power. They are manifestations of truth—yours and mine. And truth is all at once the most wonderful yet terrifying thing in the world, which makes it nearly impossible to handle. It is such a great responsibility that it’s best not to tell a story at all unless you know you can do it right. You must be very careful, or without knowing it you can change the world.” The words of Nazarian's character reveal a profound truth about the storytelle [...]

    9. Dreams of the Compass Rose by Vera Nazarian is a wonderful collection of intertwined stories that explore humanity, godhood, what is right, and what is illusion. It drew me in with a strong storytelling voice, sometimes using an overt narrator and sometimes just the tale unfolding.In a way, the style reminds me of the older fantastical fiction like Tales of the Arabian Nights, at least in the beginning. This isn’t a modern fantasy where the magic has its own physics, and yet much of it follows [...]

    10. Review first published on my blog: memoriesfrombooksDreams of the Compass Rose is a long collection of stories that creates a mythological world of the Compass Rose and surrounding terrains. It has gods and goddesses, humans, and those in between. The stories start off standing alone, but as the book moves along, the stories and the characters start to tie together. The cross references and links become stronger and clearer the further a reader goes into the book.The Compass Rose is a place, a t [...]

    11. Once again, a mystical, lyrical, magical book from another time. Reading it was a bit like rummaging through a basket of yarn and knitting something of a ridiculous number of colors that soon starts to take on a recognizable cohesiveness and in the end all the pieces and colors fit just right. Unlike The Cobweb Bride series, this book isn't at all linear. The lessons here are like gossamer and I feel like it could take a lifetime to extract them fully, almost like when you wake up from a vivid d [...]

    12. Wow. What a lovely story. It's still mulling around in my head and I just don't think I could give a review that would show justice to the intricacy of this story. Really well-written, amazing world-building, fantastic characters, what else can I say? A great fantasy read! I highly recommend it!!Thank you very much Vera for the opportunity to read this book. I am in love with everything you write!

    13. Dreams of the Compass Rose By Vera Nazaarian Is comprised of 14 colorful dreams, spanning continents, and many generations. Each dream will stand alone but is also and interesting part of the whole. I loved this book and am so glad I had this chance to read it.Review copy supplied by the author as part of LibraryThing's Member Giveaway program.

    14. The content more than lived up to the great title and lovely cover art. Really liked this book. Drew me in from the beginning. I particularly enjoyed the way characters reappeared in other stories making a cohesive collection of stories, each of which stand well on their own. Recommended.

    15. At first I was a little bit confused because I didn't realize it was short-stories (albeit all tied together). Once I got into it though, I loved the stories it told - haunting and lovely and full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) philosophy. Excellent.

    16. I LOVED this book! It reads a lot like The Arabian Nights. The non-linear plot line was a little confusing at times, but it is still an excellent book. I didn't want it to end.

    17. This book reminded me of a book of fables from somewhere far away. The characters come and go throughout the stories. There is no specific time order which may add a little confusion for some reader who are used to a linear format. I was not really a fan of this book but I could easily see how others may be.

    18. Where are we? Well written but told in a series of short stories tied together by characters. I did not care for this form.

    19. A gorgeous, lush, exotic cycle of 14 short stories, beginning and ending with the city of Aramantea: In "Amarantea" Grandmother tells her grandchildren about this ruined city and in "The Story of Time" we see what exactly happened to it and to the Compass Rose. The other stories do not follow chronologically in a straight line, but we do meet recurring characters. We read of a vast desert; an unsinkable ship and its woman captain, Lero; death and the thief who stole her "shimmering" scythe; the [...]

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